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Who knew?

“So, what,” you yawn?

Come on!

  • These were from a PACKAGE! Store bought, frozen waffles! In MY freezer… something wrong somewhere…
  • Still, convenient… if you’re tall enough to reach the ‘conveniently wrapped’ packages from the bottom of the chest freezer… (step stool helped.)
  • Struggled opening package; what is this plastic made of anyway? Use scissors. Try to pull only two out (suggested serving size), four tumble to the counter.
  • Push two into toaster; two back… back! Back I say! Back… in package.

    Tastes better than it looks…

  • Tossed remainder in kitchen freezer.
  • Set toaster to high (it doesn’t brown all that well any more) and push ‘frozen’ button.
  • Flush. (Who coined that term; ‘flush?)
  • They are HOT when the pop – be careful!!!
  • Decide to coat waffle in jam; one in raspberry, the other in strawberry.
  • Holes are deep enough to count as mini-canyons! Put jam away in fridge… hey? I wonder…
  • Pull out CANNED WHIPPED CREAM… (what is the world coming to; who did the shopping last???)
  • Tilt head, grin and… swirl whipped cream on top of jam!
  • One swirled from the outside-in, the other from the inside-out…
  • Took photo, cause they were so purdy…

Actually a really satisfying, FAST dessert to finish off practically any meal, ‘cept maybe breakfast…? LOL. 

Thinking the addition of chocolate drizzled over top of the whipped cream would have been perfect. Well, at least I have something to look forward to! 


Fancy, ‘eh?

And for a ‘fancy-shmancy’ dessert add some toasted almonds or fresh berries!
Who wasn’t prepared for the girls to show up for tea?! Fancy ‘em out! LOL
I think I’m going to keep some frozen waffles in my freezer and whipped cream in my fridge!
I’ll NEVER be able to keep chocolate… 

Sweet-tooth satisfied,

PS: Store bought waffles tasted okay; don’t know how they’d taste with syrup… Store bought whipped cream needs to be served and eaten quite soon after spraying. Falls within 15-minutes… Still, I suppose, if I had fifteen minutes I would have made home made waffles to start with!

Okay, you got me; I had 15-minutes to spare… I was looking for a quick ‘snack’… this just happened! But if you don’t have time to spare, or burned the dessert for the dinner party… I think it would make a quick save!

Time change at the end of Daylight Saving Time...

(Credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, I know, it happened a few days ago. I’m just coming to terms with it now.

I understand the perceived need to have a ‘longer day’ when farming communities needed more daylight to operate and get crops in. Or during war, so more of our waking hours were spent in the sun and less with the moon.

No, WAIT! No, I do NOT understand the theory behind Daylight Savings Time.

Where is this ‘bank’ and how long have I been saving up hours??? I’m ready to spend them now…

That idea makes about as much sense as taking an hour off the end of our day and adding it to the beginning. Did ANYONE change their schedule? No. Our alarms are still set for the same time. Our bosses, (well, yours does; mine’s given up…) still expect us to show up at the same time. Schools will certainly be phoning if your kid isn’t there at the last bell.

And STILL we delude ourselves that we’ve actually SAVED time.


All I see is that now, instead of getting light at eight a.m., it gets lighter at seven. So much for my sleep in. And instead of having time after work to go play, it’s dark by four-thirty rather than five-thirty. So much for that romp in the park.

Now, I am okay with this timing (darkness hovering when I would like light) if it would stay put. But nooooooo. Just as it, and I, get all settled down, along comes April and they reverse the program. Now we REALLY are SAVING time.

We get up an hour later! Yippee! Sleep in time! Except, oh. It’s Spring! Who wants to sleep in?! Daylight starts around four-thirty, birds are up by six. Then they dump the time change and WHAT? Birds are up at five? So much for sleeping in. Guess someone forgot to let them know about the time change. Carrier Pigeons, maybe?

Exactly WHO (WHOM?) does this continued reliance on an archaic system benefit? I would rather keep my inner clock working on its pattern without hiccuping it twice a year for something that has NO advantages, and, as far as I can tell, is actually HARMFUL.

How many insurance companies will tell you, “Be extra cautious this week; statistically crashes and injuries rise by 50% or MORE the week following the change.” (And we ain’t talking hot flashes here!) SO WHY DO WE INSIST ON CHANGING TIME?

Does it REALLY matter? Do WE really use this ‘extra time’ for anything OTHER than confusion and fogginess?

I heard this saying about four years ago, and I think it sums it up VERY appropriately:

A Wise, Ancient, (Native) Indian Saying:


Time change, an archaic program for a need which no longer exists. Yet dumping it? Will cost…NOTHING. So we couldn’t possibly afford it. Thank you for your time, have a nice, longer/shorter day/night…

luv khrys…

PS: I apologise for not keeping up with posts and responses. I am so happy to have you reading my ramblings and I hope I do entertain; perplex; motivate or cause discussion at the very least… BUT as I am trying that NANOMO challenge, which should really be called ‘How-Long-Before-You-Figure-Out-The-Novel-You-Have-Decided-To-Work-On-Is-Stuck-In-Quick (slow?)-Sand-and-You-Are-Sinking-Fast’ But I guess that title was either a) taken or b) too long… (HLBYFOTNYHDTWOISIQSAYASF… yep! Definitely TOO long… LOL)
Anyway, I want to say… I am reading and catching up and writing short notes when I find a moment. This challenge is fun and I am determined to complete it. Even if all I have is a rough draft novel, ready for publication, but with caveats! And a coupon for a FREE copy of the REVISED version when it’s ready… Least I can do. (Either that or I’ll donate ALL the proceeds to the NANOMO foundation… that might be less stressful!)

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