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I sincerely wish I could just ignore Privacy Policies and ‘Terms of Use’ pages.

I really, truly do. It would make life so much simpler and would ease anxiety levels tremendously!

Perhaps the fact that they need to have a privacy policy in the first place is a bit unnerving.

I understand that sites need the privacy policy so they can exist because everyone is worried about what is going to happen to/with their information – and with good reason!

Does Privacy Matter?

It seems everyone wants a piece of us. Well, truthfully they really ONLY want a piece of our pay envelope, us they couldn’t care less about. It’s just that we, unfortunately stand between our pay packet and those greedily sucking it dry.

I wish I could find the Privacy Policy of a company I read a few years ago in which they declared, (I loved it!), TRUTHFULLY:

“We will do anything we want with any information you choose to share with us or that we gather from your computer during your visit. We do not intentionally infiltrate your computer, but what we find we will use in accordance with our policy outlined above. If you don’t like this, tough. Go away.”

I mean, sure, it’s blunt and would scare me away, but, it’s TRUTHFUL, unlike most of the policies which are mired in legalese and ambiguous statements.

But, when you hit statements, like the one below, from Google’s Privacy/Terms of Use Policies, you know there is no such thing as internet privacy.

“Google Play”: Special legal privacy protections for users may apply in cases where law enforcement or civil litigants ask Google for information about what books an individual user has looked at.

Yes, they have ‘special legal privacy protection’, but between you, me and the judge; they protect Google NOT us…

And, yup, they (Google+) store the last five pages of any book you read, as well as a complete collection of everything you’ve read or purchased. (I noticed they also collected information from ANOTHER website, not associated with Google+, I was logged in to, and recorded what I’d read THERE. Just thought you might find THAT interesting…) Not sure which part of the “Special Legal Privacy Protection” rule they invoked for that, but until they recorded it there was no issue…

This recording of our reading habits will help law enforcement, HOW? (Well, all right, if you are accused of blowing up a building and the last book you read was ‘How to Build a Better Bomb’? I can see the relevance, but I don’t see why Google should need to store that; re-creation Forensic Scientists can (easily) de-construct the computer and see what I last read without Google feeling the need to pretend it’s because of Law Enforcement, or so my account can be synchronised.)

BUT, it’s this statement below that makes my blood boil (and should ‘tick-off’ everyone).

“Add-ons developed and provided by Google may communicate with Google servers and are subject to the Google Privacy Policy unless otherwise indicated. Add-ons developed and provided by third parties are the responsibility of such third parties and may be subject to third party privacy policies. For example, a version of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in is preinstalled with Chrome. Adobe’s website at provides more information on Adobe’s privacy practices with regard to Flash Player, and you can learn more about disabling Flash Player or any other plug-ins.”

So, Google installs this program during PRE-installation of a product and they (GOOGLE) are NOT responsible for their (in this case ADOBE’s) privacy policy???

You give me a ‘freebie’ I don’t ask for and tell me my computer experience will not be as enriching if I choose NOT to use it and yet don’t GUARANTEE the product is safe; DON’T guarantee it’s conducting itself in a way that is inline with your policies; and suggest Icheck out their policy’ before using the product???


Sorry for yelling (and swearing) but I’m hoping program developers (particularly Google’s) are listening.

I know they are not and don’t care about my concerns – heck, if you want to be private, don’t use the internet, right??? Such a cop out.

They don’t want to create programs that don’t let NSA, CSIS, SIS (or MI5), keep careful tabs on us so they dress it up under the disguise of “personalised ads”. (PO Personal Opinion.) At least I am still ahead of them on that and have not seen a single ad that even ‘kinda’ interests me…

I must be doing something wrong…

Human Element

Or they’ve already got enough cookies and markers stuffed in my computer to track me any and everywhere. I’m thinking this is probably the correct response. (PO)

Have fun and say “hi” to the authorities as you pass them lurking along the information highway greedily misdirecting traffic; tell them I say ‘hi’, too… ‘cause I’m not speaking to them!

What policies have you come across that make you scratch your head and say, “What’s the point? Here’s my first born, blood-type, DNA sample and link to everything I MIGHT EVER ‘like’…”






Okay, I got a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card today. (My husband wrote it for the Doctor; tellin’ him not to worry ’bout my BP.)

My blood pressure was spiking; I have a migraine that is ready to take the top of my head off and I had an appointment with the Doc.

I’m not sure WHY I did it yesterday; I really ought to have known better. When you have a Dr’s appointment, NEVER do anything to raise your blood pressure before going to see him or all he’s going to do is focus on THAT! *sigh*

(Of course, I have the type of blood that, as soon as it knows the Doc is going to put that cuff on me, shoots up and may as well become a flippin’ volcano!)


Today’s blood pressure fiasco actually began yesterday (I started to tell you this…) when I, for some reason unknown to mankind, decided that FINE! If MS isn’t going to stop PESTERING me to upload/download/install 8.1 I might as well as get the deed over with.

(I seriously think the blood pressure cuff and MS are in cahoots; should check into what they donate to…)

So, I BACKED UP my computer. (Yeah, learned my lesson from the LAST update!) Then I backed it (EVERYTHING in my computer) up (again) to a removable drive. Then I disconnected the drive and told it to behave while I messed up the system; I hope it was listening.

Then I closed everything; performed the ‘checks’ as suggested. Found only one issue (or so it SAID.) Searched, the only way to mitigate the issue 8.1 ‘discovered’ was having to purchase a new program; not happening on my finances. The one I have works perfectly well and does not require updating or replacement as far as I am concerned.

Everything happy? Okay, read the agreement and policy.

Why do they bother? A simple,

“We will do whatever the h*ll we want with your information and if you want to continue using your computer just click ‘I agree’ and be prepared to have your life put under a microscope. Or leave; we don’t want you if you’re not willing to hand over your first-born,”

would suffice. Honestly, just reading what I was going to be giving away boggled my imagination! It’s not much WONDER MS is attacked so often. Maybe if they’d just STOP trying to be EVERYTHING?

So, yup, blood squirting from my ears, I pressed update. It tells me I can use the computer while the update is taking place and it won’t affect the download at all… SURE…

I chose to go lie down and relieve the pounding in my brain. Migraines are really no fun.

I peeked after two hours; four hours; six hours… At least my head was resting and I stopped vomiting. (TMI?)

After NINE hours it was shouting at me that, “if I didn’t hit the restart button NOW, it would do it for itself in 6:59; 58, 57, 56…” I clicked restart, then went back and laid down for another two-hours.

YIPPEE!!! It’s ready…

Or notNow it wants to VERIFY me as being the same person who created the e-mail address and has been the ONLY person using the computer for the past year. REALLY? (First-born gone, now they’re aiming for the second?)

  1. Okay, fine.
  2. Enter e-mail.
  3. Request “code”.


Wrong e-mail for recovery. I know that; but it is too late, I’ve clicked okay already! Sh*t!

You know what? It’s nearly eleven pm; I started this sometime around 6:30 this morning; I have a raging migraine and damn it, this can wait until morning! How do I shut the thing down?


Finally spotted the little, “I’ll do this later,” link and clicked it. Then, instead of just shutting down, as I KNOW I should have, I HAD to test to see what this 8.1 had done to my computer. Changes were/are everywhere. I tested one program; more by accident than design, and thought it was going to start up and everything would be fine. Then it stopped, refusing to continue without the disc; NOT the program I had been warned wouldn’t cooperate when the update was complete… What other surprises await?

After bleeding out (yeah, red computer now…) I couldn’t take the shock. I found shut down; shut down and went to bed, tears hovering. (Yeah, sensitive and EASILY upset… my head hurts, back off… *smile*). I decided there was nothing I could do. If everything was gone; it was gone. I have a backup. I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry over spilt milk. (But I swear I was ready to empty the damn cow!)

Today, my blood pressure has been riding the cusp of explosion and raging. I have managed to restore MOST of my settings and delete the new apps MS decided I MUST want. (Yeah, no thanks; well, maybe that alarm one…)

Nearly fall off my chair when I see the request to save everything to the web. MS’s ‘secure’ – yeah, right, space. I read the notice twice to be sure I was reading it correctly. The default selected to save everything to the web, NOT my computer. (Yeah, YOU are probably aware of this, I was not.) I chose the other option. I don’t require my documents to follow me around. I work on them using ONE computer. I don’t trust web-based storage. Too easily compromised. For now it’s free; what about after they’ve got all your documents and you cannot live without it? Yep, not going to get caught in THAT web.

So, now I have most of my computer back the way I like it. Still unable to do some things and it does p*ss me off. Especially when it tells me I don’t HAVE admin permissions. I AM THE ONLY PERSON USING THIS COMPUTER – WHO ELSE WOULD HAVE THE DAMNED ADMIN. PERMISSIONS?!? (Yeah, I know; I don’t operate in the admin. account all the time, but when updating or installing? I HAVE TO.)

Now, if I understand the world correctly, I have seven days before MS again gets its panties in a bunch and threatens to cut off my left arm. At this point, from all things I can understand and have read, I shall lose the use of my e-mail address for 30-days while they confirm my identity to use the account. Again.

I updated to 8.1, WHY?

THESE are the things I need to know before deciding to update. Not how much ram and whatnot. I’d feel far less stressed (and my doctor would be much happier) if updates would give HONEST, clear directions as to what the update is going to do.

I now have a prescription for happy-pills… they should knock me out, taking care of the migraine – unfortunately not MS! My blood pressure was surprisingly low… the doctor didn’t scold – much… (I’m keepin’ my get-out-of-jail-free card for next time…)

Anyone else have a horror story for MS 8.1I pray not…


There’s a little (or BIG) box at the bottom that may or may not contain advertising – I really don’t know – I don’t control it. But when I clicked to find out what it was, this is the blurb shown:


The site you just visited is part of
There are two reasons why you might see ads on a site:
The site is part of the WordAds program and has elected to show ads to earn money from their site.
The site is one of the sites hosted on that has not purchased the No Ads upgrade, and we are running ads to cover the costs of operating the site for the user. We run these types of ads sparingly in an attempt to interfere as little as possible with the experience of reading a site. There’s more info about our approach to ad serving in this blog post.
In both of the above cases, the ad you saw could be coming from a number of ad partners including, but not limited to: Sharethrough, Visible Measures, or AdSense. The ads change depending on factors like your location and the type of site you are visiting.
If you are a user and you would like to permanently remove all ads from your site, please take a look at our No Ads upgrade.
If you saw an inappropriate ad, please report it to Please include the address of the site (e.g.,, the date/time the ad appeared, and a screenshot of the ad.


Now, okay, I am in agreement. If I am not paying for the site, ads are a way for WordPress to help mitigate their costs hoping readers will press the advertisement they place below (HOPEFULLY) my content. Really though, what say do I have of where they place it or what it will promote?

I am already involved with another site that espouses so much rhetoric about how they do NOT want ‘inappropriate’ ANYTHING and yet, I have not seen one advertisement directed at me (because they say they are all algorithm’d to show ONLY what our interests are). What am I treated to on the sidebar of advertisements? Whores plying their trade. Or young Asian (insert nearly any ethnicity here) girls. Or sexual aids; ads to videos that of course I want to view – after all they are aimed directly to/for ME!

So, for one, I hope that these ads will be more tasteful and none that make me decide I shall have to remove my blog. No, I’m not a prude, but if I don’t ask to see it; or give an indication that it is within my interests, then, presumably it is not in my readers interests either. I could be wrong. I apologise if I am.

What prompted me to motion, though, is the hoops they (WordPress) expect you to jump through to report offensive advertisement.

I believe if WordPress is ALLOWING these ads then they’d better do some diligence in keeping records of which ad was placed with which blogger and when.

I feel that reporting an offensive advertisement should include the site it was viewed on, (that makes sense). You should include the day and approximate time you viewed it. But as for a screen shot? No offense but that is asking for a casual viewer to do WordPress’ work for them. They hired the ad; they took their money; they set up the rotation for them, chances are they already KNOW what ad is getting the complaints.

Anyway, sorry that you will be plagued by ads in that little square, (according to WP, ‘not often’), because I simply cannot afford to pay for a no-ad blog. And do please report offensive ads.


Windows 8…

I just wish they had offered the choice! This may work well for their purposes, not so much for the general masses. (I have mass, and I consider myself a general (pain/nuisance…))

I am using Windows 8 because it arrived preinstalled. I don’t have the brains to figure out how NOT to use it and choose another operating system. (IS there another operating system?) That and I swore to myself I was GOING to learn it. Maybe ‘swore’ is a little strong… I determined that I could learn this. (I’m not sure WHY I decided this…)

It’s snowing outside and here I sit, inside, trying to figure out why this program or that program isn’t where it is supposed to be. Oh, gee – D’UH…gotta install it first… *sigh*. I should be making snowballs…

I REALLY do appreciate that I can listen to music now. It does make writing a lot harder, (listening to music)

(So does this flippin’ keyboard! Ack! Have to learn a new placement of keys and a different pressure to hit the keys with… That and figure out WHY the @ symbol is where the “ is supposed to be…???) REALLY, IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME FIX THAT I’D REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Thanking you in advance… (Update: between writing that and getting extra-cranky, I have managed to build a work-around for this issue… Clever when I need to be, ‘eh?)

I have discovered how to turn off “live-view”. Apparently, Windows-8 assumes I want to have everything open and constantly moving. I think they also want me to click the tiles to reach the pre-installed programs. I want to figure out how to DELETE e-Bay. For the rest, well, they are okay. I’m not deleting them yet. I haven’t figured out WHY I’d want them; but for now they can stay in the grid.

As I said I figured out how to turn off ‘live-view’, and how to make all the boxes the same size so it fits into a smaller space. (I also figured out how to make the Trash Bin HUGE… LOL… it’s the only thing on my desktop and it’s enormous! You could see it from space!)

What do I like about my new computer? From the time I press ‘Power’ until I type my password? TEN-seconds. From Password to ‘ready-to-go’? FIFTEEN-seconds. Yep, definitely an improvement over the other; power on, go make coffee, empty dishwasher, wipe counters – password time… take the dogs for a walk, make a coffee, fix breakfast… hit e-mail… 30-minutes of exercise… return; downloads and upgrades? Ahhh…fudgicles & ice cream! Go back, finish another hour of exercise (gotta get it in somewhere!) hit download e-mail, go shower… FINALLY I can start to work…well…after deleting the gagillion spam-mails…

But, is speed a good compensation for not being able to find or work with any files? Can someone please find those 65-photos I downloaded? Or wait… no, I can find them – I want to work with them and upload the video to YouTube (sorry, private access only) but all I can do is view it! I could do that before I downloaded it!

Now, now, now... what else do I LIKE about my new computer…? The screen is huge! 23-inches… or something, cause it’s wider than tall. But I can’t figure out how to turn down the brightness… (I figured out how to turn the overall brightness down to the lowest setting but white pages still nearly blind me! – can’t figure out how to fix that and still see the screen…)


The speakers are awesome! I can drown out the rest of the noise in my office… including the phone if I’m not careful…lol! I can say I’m looking up one particular story that I’ve been working on for nearly ten-years… maybe longer? Some of the songs in my play-list have re-opened the ‘wounds’ and I think I’m ready to finish it.

Like… I have been able to set up a cloud… (watch and see if it don’t rain…) I need to transfer certain documents from the previous computer here… I’ll let you know how that goes. (Don’t expect a miracle… Unless you’re expecting me to be alive at the end of the transfer, then by all means expect away… *smile*)

LIKE... I have a wireless keyboard and mouse now… Still debating the mouse but the keyboard is a big step up…

LIKE... Not sure what else. Too early for a full evaluation. Haven’t yet been able to access everything… I DO have a long list of dislikes, but I am TRYING to keep an open mind. I REALLY don’t want to make a replica of the old computer; I WANT to embrace the newer…albeit crappier…interface… So far? All I want to do is “enter” FACEPLANT

See you in a week… I should have reset all the passwords and permissions by then… And, Mr. Mullens? AVG? 4-hrs, still whipping through files… Really hope that’s different on/in here…

luv khrys…

PS: Drowning in permission slips… (Do you read every privacy statement and all the terms and conditions…? Maybe you should… or not, do you REALLY want to know what you’re going to eventually end up clicking, “yah, go ahead, put a monitor on my head and follow me around, if it means THAT much to you…”)

10/05/12, 8:08 AM

Okay, installed firefox. Wow, there are a lot of windows and places and options to set. Thank goodness they all

English: Mozilla Firefox word mark. Guestimate...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

seem to be in a kind of ‘useful’ layout. (So far.)

After installing and checking through options and setting what I want; at least for now, I began to use some of the features. (Good idea, no?)


  • no back or forward button (had to add to toolbar along with zoom.)
  • position of the home button (have moved it to the more familiar place on the left.)


  • Trying to reinstall a program that is out-of-date and FF SAYS it downloaded, but even with ‘search’ I cannot locate it. Have decided to disable the plug-in. If I can’t find it, it’s obviously not going to work anyway.


  • Lets me know what plug-ins are ‘out-of-date’ So kewl! (Especially since it took me TO THE SITES, when I clicked, and explained EXACTLY what I was supposed to do to rectify the issue! I REALLY REALLY like that feature! Too many times a program will inform you of a ‘kerfuffle’ and then TELL you to fix it, but not EXPLAIN WHAT or HOW to fix.)


  • so far, I can’t see what’s going to trip me up…
  • I think another thing I dislike about add-ons? The description NEVER REALLY describes WHAT the app is!

A few ‘apps/extensions’ I chose to install.

  1. My security bar (that goes with all of the browsers)
  2. A clock, Simple Timer 1.12; for the ten minutes I tried Vista I really liked the ‘wall clock’ this is nothing like it, but still gives me back my seconds, which I really like!
  3. I added Cheevos – more because it looked interesting than any other reason. I have NO IDEA what it’s supposed to so, except it promises to teach me about various parts of my browser in a fun way. Sure it will… we shall see… (Only after looking through THOUSANDS of add-on pages, did I discover this is a GAME! it may or may not be kept… I’ll let ya know.) I’m up 65-points. I have NO IDEA what I’ve done to stimulate my point growth. Every once in a while I see some brief ‘blip’ of a banner that says something, before disappearing. I THINK they have something to do with it because I noticed one, looked at it and up to the ‘score’ and it went up by the number indicated. (5-pts). STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT TAUGHT ME??? (UPDATE: I’m up to 155 points, and I STILL don’t know what it’s taught me; will disable when I remember how.)
  4. Film Info & reviews… ’cause it kinda promised all the reviews without having to search (Just enter movie name, choose the sites you want to return results and click ‘go’. And all the sites you chose open up in separate tabs (or whatever your setting do). It’s gonna get one shot at pleasing me. Eh, not as useful as I’d envisioned. I’d like all the reviews to pop up on ONE bill-board.
  5. A ‘theme’. Areos BIG. I love it! Except that it is, well, BIG. But not in an ‘out-of-scale’ way. It ‘feels’ right. I love the colour. (STILL liking the theme, going to be sad to see it gone and have to go to one of the other two.)


Peeked at my blog… a few seconds after opening it/loading Firefox: a warning bar at the top:  “A few extra plug-in’s are required to display all of the media on this page.
SHAKING HEAD; either I’m about to sue Firefox when I click ‘install’, or it’s going to be okay and it’s just a matter of a few tiny fragments of code that are arguing who should have control. As long as the one that agrees I should have control wins; everything will be okay. Otherwise, FF ain’t even making it past the gate.
(Adobe Flash..?? Now, would it have been so hard to have either, included a drop down peek at what the MISSING PLUG-IN was, or, placed it on the message bar in the OPTION button???) (Still wondering why I didn’t get a message telling me to update; that’s what its supposed to do by default. (Maybe it’s as confused as me with all these new browsers!))

Still unable to comment on some posts in WordPress.

In conclusion, for today, I am not too fond of this browser either. What is going to suck, is that I am going to have to keep ONE of them. Or give up blogging. And, as you can tell, I’m waaaaay too chatty to give up talking.

So, I begin the week. I’ll send my thoughts at the end. Hopefully one will come out a clear winner. Other than IE.

luv khrys…

FOLLOWING UP AS I GOT REAL… BUSY, yeah, that’s it, busy…

Okay, at least the other two browsers didn’t flare up and come with warnings that what I had just installed (and handed my life over to) is a terrorist.

HUH??? (Yes, I anticipated your confusion.)

One day after deciding Firefox could have the same chance as IE and Chrome, namely to be the ‘default’ browser, Bill Mullins‘ blog, alerted me to a security issue.

Terrorist number one, take your seat please…

Just after I installed it as the ‘default browser’, OF COURSE.

“Yippee”, thought I… “5-seconds in and I’m already vulnerable.” Thanks Mr. Mullins…I think…

I read what I could find…not many were talking; (& when they did it was WAY over MY head!)

I chose to do nothing. Firefox was advising…nothing. I checked and rechecked the settings and I STILL don’t know what I’ve got. (I’m sure it’s a cold, not a virus…)

Follow up blog links… so it’s…fixed?

Okay, back to the choice

I’m actually believing I will try this Opera one… but in the interim, I shall vacillate between IE and Chrome. I do want to be able to see the postings in the reader, so I shall keep Chrome, not as default though, I don’t like the apparent security issues. I shall replace IE to its place as head honcho. Default browser. Firefox failed to impress me. It did have bells and whistles, and they were kinda kewl, but I need a solid foundation and I still believe IE has that. Just, apparently not for everything… So, Firefox will be relegated to the delete box… Until something else I do requires its unique ‘whatever’ to work.

Unscientific? ABSOLUTELY! Does it matter? Not to me. Who benefits? Me. Conclusion: I win!

For some reason I was unable to post on this, No ‘F’ Words Given, blog (actually I use to post quite regularly to TechCrunch, not sure why my browsers (all of them apparently) won’t let me post anymore.)

Which forces this blog.

A ‘rebuttal’ of sorts to their ‘rebuttal’ of sorts, No ‘F’ Words Given, regarding many of their READER’S objections to their using the “F” word TWICE in consecutive posts.

The writer, Alexia Tsotsis, smugly points out, at the end, she did not use the “F” word ONCE during this rebuttal; and pats herself on the back.

English: A metaphorical visualization of the w...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a huge objection to her ‘so-called-wimpy-a**ed-attempt-to-placate-HER/TECHCRUNCH’S-readers’; IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO READ YOUR ARTICLES, PLEASE TELL ME; I’LL TAKE YOU OFF MY ‘BLOGS-I-LIKE’ LIST.

The article begins by lambasting the EXCEPTIONALLY large volume of complaints they <TechCrunch> received from their READERS. (Although, they/she seem/s to think these people just walked in off the information-highway, saw the blog and decided to shout ‘foul!’)

Nowhere do I see an apology. Just the defense of their use of the “F” word in the headline of their articles.

The truth is that even one F-word isn’t okay when people are looking to get up in arms about something, and I know because I’ve published one F-word-headlined post (one in my whole life) and it was received in exactly the same fashion as these two, with a barrage of phone calls and emails and tweets: “That’s crazy! You’re crazy!” I still have to hear about it at parties. Pasted from

To this, please gentle reader, turn your head; it is now that my bi-polarity

swearing in cartoon Suomi: Kiroileva sarjakuva...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

comes full circle and boils over:


This TRUTH you present didn’t warn you that people are NOT ready/willing to see such childish journalism?

We don’t require big fancy words; nor do we ask for gutter-speak, we, or at least I, tune in to receive interesting feedback or cutting-edge information. Not to be sworn at. (And, yes, as you point out, NOT to receive cookie-cutter re-hashing of press releases. If a journalist/bloggist/writer is friends with an industry professional, then they should take even MORE care to be UNBIASED. Not foul-mouthed.)

“You still have to hear about it at parties.” Well I guess it’s true, it’s not who you are, but what you’re remembered for. (I actually misspelled remembered and in retrospect, the misspelling may actually ‘suit’ the sentence better, namely: ‘reamembered’ Fitting, no?)

Your attempt, A. Tsotsis, to pervade ME (ME being your readers who took the time to let you know their opinion) as an uneducated Neanderthal Religious icon is pathetic. (Weren’t aware that’s how it comes across?? Read your article again.)

Certainly, if/when I voice an opinion on verbiage, I would expect to be taken seriously; or at the LEAST politely; definitely not cookie-cuttered and tossed! Now, (as I stated earlier) I was unable to post my outrage at seeing those headlines, but I did write a very long blog.

I deleted it when I viewed your rebuttal, in favour of this one. Apparently there were quite a few others who were able to voice their disgust/outrage/mirth.

The other bit of feedback I heard was that these posts weren’t thoughtful, or smart or somehow damaged the TechCrunch brand because they used swearing or weren’t 100% positive. Bollocks! Pasted from

BOLLOCKS? REALLY? You disagree with the large volume of readers that in choosing to allow lowly, gutter-snipe words to degrade the article it hasn’t damaged your brand? You decide that WE’RE wrong? You choose to belittle and brush your hand, as if to say, “Puh-leeeeeeeze. Grow up.”

Well, Ms. (Mrs?) Tsotsis, I invite you to do the same.

You DO realise its not a contest, right? If we, as readers, receive THIS type of treatment, we don’t HAVE to sit and listen; we can, and will turn you off. Yes, it DID lower your brand. Grow up, admit that it was unnecessary, and wrong. Apologise like a big girl and understand that if you P*SS-OFF your readers, your job no longer exists.

Try writing the “F” word into a week’s worth of blogs and see what the viewer count shows. Try it for two weeks; after all, you don’t seem to feel it’s an issue.

My guess is your readership will shrink significantly and your demographics will change. No longer will you have intelligent people following you. Think the barrage of so-called ‘non-sense’ regarding the “F” word was ‘childish?’

Wait until all that is following you IS children.

I certainly do expect you to apologise. I expect that, in a non-too-future-blog, an actual apology for treating this like ‘fluff’ will be present. I certainly DO NOT expect to see the “F” word or the “S” word or any other profanity in your headlines. Sometimes, okay, I will grant in the body of the blog/article, those words speak clearer than others; but not in the headline. That’s just pathetic.

I am only ONE reader who was unable to post my red-flags. I wonder how many others also wanted nothing more than to spout off, but for what ever reason were prevented as well? And how many friend’s they’ve e-mailed?

Any publicity? Sometimes. Preventable or damage-control? Possible. Continued ‘head-turning’ and ‘blindly-ignoring’? Death sentence.

Sorry folks, occasionally, I get REALLY angry.
I hope I haven’t offended anyone, PERSONALLY. Professionally, I hope my anger fell in the right places.


Smiley face 2

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PS: I invite rebuttals and disagreement. EVERYONE is entitled to THEIR opinion; whether it’s wrong, or mine! 

Truthfully, I don’t expect everyone will agree with me; nor agree with my arguments. That’s okay. I will still take remarks seriously. (In the manner in which they are presented.) Thanks for listening to my RANT…

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An eccentric blogger with a pen and a thousand ideas

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

Pastor's Ponderings

Finding our way back home

toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)


Jennifer M Eaton

Author, Weaver of Tales


sharing a world of ideas and topics


Sudden, unexplained, unattended death and a families search for answers

Percy Chattey Books

Author of Thrillers: Genre: Murder, Mystery & Crime

Adriana Cortazzo

Intuitive Yoga Teacher

Rooted in Hope

Glenda Mills

Graphomaniac - Elizabeth West

On writing, editing, and other stuff I want to talk about

To Be Aware

It's all about disbelieving your thoughts

Cradle of Seats

whits and atoms of christian conversations

~Cruising through my Life~

journey since 1989...

Nail Your Novel

Nail Your Novel - Writing, publishing and self-publishing advice from a bestselling ghostwriter and book doctor


My life in a few and not so few words

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