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I’m optimistic it satisfies a simple reading niche in your day and you do not put much pressure/expectation on me to deliver a weighty, pious or staid piece. (Sometimes it happens…)

I never know what the topic will be; I really tried to categorise so readers will be able to discern if this article might interest him or her, unfortunately I find myself consistently writing about the topic du jour; and not necessarily the ‘world’s’ topic. No more often than not it is something that has irked me or caught my attention and I feel like weighing in with my puny opinions.

I thought about an ‘opinion’ blog, but that could get very depressing, very quickly. Or quirky; quirky I could handle; persons not accepting my opinions? Not seeing things from my perspective? Refusing to accept what I write as fact? That would be just unconscionable… *smile*

The Closet is too Small!

The Closet is too Small!

 What I need is that secretary I fired a couple of years ago to resurface. She was pretty good; I mean she did lose that one life-altering file, but well, accidents happen… She keeps trying to remind me that she truly is a decent person and the closet I’ve locked her in is getting cramped, what with all the work I keep feeding her under the door.

Still, she has been more focussed and far less forgetful lately. It is possible SHE will know how to make sense of Win 8.1. There is the possibility I may release her to resurface and talk some sense into 8.1… (The more I think about it the more I wish she was a separate person so she COULD make sense of 8.1…LOL)

So if I can divert your mind for even a few minutes and leave you with a smile; a ‘ponderance’, some useful advice or an opinion, I feel I’ve done my job…

How about you? Do YOU feel you have gotten something worthwhile for wasting 5-minutes of your valuable time reading my babble? I hope so; I do intend to continue…


Tomorrow will be a little different; I have compiled a list of articles I’d like to share all in one spot, just in case you have nothing better to read!


I’ve been playing with Win 8.1 for a few days now. I am NOT a fan. (Maybe I just don’t like change?) I have been avoiding this upgrade for months now; I don’t know what caused me to accept the notices that kept annoying me… I suppose I don’t like change for change’s sake; if you follow.

They (MS) are so proud that they’ve offered us back our “start button” in the form of a link that drifts you to their new ‘charms’. 

Photo of desktop showing MS 8.1

This is the new ‘START’ button… Yup, yup it is…

Charms are what used to be known as ‘program shortcuts’; or possibly a better term would be ‘program folders’.
I find them, or rather the NAME, highly condescending.
‘Charms.’ Was it chosen to ‘charm’ us into thinking they were cute? Was it chosen in hope that we would be charmed by them? In my case, epic fail. In yours? Who knows; you may find the name ‘charming’. So, basically the same as Win 8; NO START BUTTON.
Oh! But when you upgrade, they, (MS), offers you many new apps that make the heartbreak of losing all your files and photos and programs much easier to handle.

Like a Recipe App. (Called ‘Food and Drink’.) Uh-huh. An app that includes ADS with your recipes. I want this WHY? It has all sorts of sections to categorise their stuff. Oh! Sorry, spoiler alert! Yah, it’s organised for the app not for you; sorry, should have mentioned there was going to be a spoiler. There’s oh, heck, check out ANY recipe program on the market, they’re all basically the same and MS doesn’t have anything new to offer with this app except their choice of ads. NEXT…

An app I MIGHT find interesting if I can get the bells to actually SOUND, is the Alarm app. An alarm; laps (???) and stopwatch. I seriously doubt I’m going to use a LAP timer, I suppose if it were in my phone it’s possible… OH! WAIT! I already HAVE one in my phone… Well, the alarm thing-y seem good; again, IF the bells will sound.

There were others. Let me think, (or cheat and peek). Right. The ‘Helps & Tips’ app.. Anyone have a good reason why this was included? I checked it out. I have to say that not even if you were the stupidest person on planet Earth could you find this app helpful. Really. Either that or I AM the stupidest person on the planet because I can find zero redeeming qualities for this app/program.

The Reading List. Can you say ‘redundant’? Say it twice and you’ll be approaching the waste of programming… ooops sorry…. waste of apping(since we don’t have programs any more, I suppose we don’t have programmers, but this is just a jump in logic that I have; not sure anyone else is on board yet…). I mean, find something you don’t have time to read now… Why were you looking for it for in the first place? But, still, I get it, you find an article you don’t have time to read, or want to reread and don’t want to bookmark the page, you can now stuff it into this app and it will hold it for you like an overstuffed trash can; and, as long as you install it on your PHONE (or mobile) you can share those bits that you saved. (Of course, if you are using your laptop, *sigh* or desktop *double sigh*, you can’t share. You’ll need to do it the regular way: bookmark the page and share the address…) App included, WHY? (They already have One Note to do this?)

Scan App. Not sure what this does at all. I have a scanner. Why do I need another one? Or an app that scans for me?

Sound Recorder. What’s wrong with the one I have already? If I am recording sound for any REAL purpose, I already have a sound recorder that is far superior to a ‘free one’ and, if I’m NOT recording sound, specifically, why do I need one? Another uselessly bundled prograpp…

(Like that? My newest word-invention. Prograpp… so they’d be prograppers… Hey! If MS can make up words, so can I!!!)

Printer Control. Uh-m… pretty sure I control my printers just fine, thank you; don’t see a need for an app to become the middle man.

Google something or other. Haven’t opened this one yet, just noticed it. I suppose I’m going to need it, right? Uh-huh. I’ll let you know… (waiting on pins and needles, aren’t you?)

And OH! forgot the Calculator App… so useless I deleted it first off! I mean, it didn’t even recognise the keyboard and only provided for the mouse… really? Really? *sigh*…

These apps and the trouble to traipse back through all the settings, because, OF COURSE! MS is CERTAIN I wanted all my settings reverted to their favourites, *sigh* (’cause it’s so much more polite than what I’m REALLY thinking…) drove me batty and are NOT helping the migraine I am still dealing with!

The single thing that has me worried though, is the little blurp, when you are finally allowed to take YOUR computer back; about not being able to ‘sync’ your files until you provide a security code. I screwed up and entered the wrong e-mail address for the code to go to and MS, in all its wisdom assumes that a mistake is as good as an attempt to circumvent procedures and does NOT provide for a correction. I have a double protection on my e-mail; do they ask for the secondary security measure? NOPE… they go straight to, “You “F’d” up go to jail, go directly to jail; do not pass go; do not collect $200.” (I wonder if my ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card will work here?)

As far as I understand things, because it won’t permit me to change the BACKUP address (not that I’m changing it; just correcting the one I entered) I have one option: Let MS shut my account down for 30-days. This apparently ensures that no one else is using my account.

It also ensures that I won’t be using my account. And, since MS insists that my computer be strangled… errr… tied to a hotmail/live/outlook/something they can trace… I am not at all certain if the warning; something to the effect that I would have 7-days to complete this directive before Bill Gates send minions to infiltrate my computer and render it useless until I comply with their extortion demands…; will actually render my computer useless for 30-days, something to which, I assure you, had it been included in the warnings before I downloaded 8.1, would NOT have resulted in my downloaded of the fascist operating system. (I don’t even really know WHAT 8.1 IS.)

To this end, I think I have one, maybe two days left before the proverbial stinky-stuff hits the spinning apparatus and flings odoriferous-pucks throughout the land, infecting everything with the unpleasant odour of bully-ism…

Fingers crossed…


PS: I’ve also just noticed that when I try to comment, occasionally the window freezes and I am forced to shut down and start again. I’ve no idea if this is a WordPress issue or a Win 8.1 issue; or, could it possibly be, something else???

So, once again I tediously try and figure out why my computer hates me… Enjoy your day! *smile* 

Insanity: When the law is so far from reality you shake your head and throw your hands in the air.
(Thanks to Tech Thoughts Daily Net News for this.)

Photo of water pipe burst

Thar’ she blows!

We were number 18 to “call in” the sinkhole starting in the centre of the front street that goes past our home. Or, technically it’s the side street, because we face the cul-du-sac, but that won’t matter to you, so… on with the tale!

Water pipe burst and water was shooting straight up like, (I assume) Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

Cops showed up and blocked the street until the city works could get their trucks back on the road. Happened just long enough after quitting time that nearly everyone had already left and was three-quarters of the way home. I really feel for those guys; having to shuck a hot supper and hot shower for the overtime.

While waiting, of course, a crowd gathered. Nothing like a minor catastrophe to bring the neighbourhood together. The kids thought it was kewl! I mean, it’s not every day a geyser opens up. Cops at both ends of the street had their work cut out for them!

What I need to ask is, “Why do some people assume the barricades don’t apply to them? Are they somehow immune to the effects of tumbling down the widening hole? Or is it they develop wings and transport over top?”

As our home sits on the corner and, conveniently this time the barricades were set up directly in front of us, we were able to watch as car after car tried to negotiate passed the police barricade. I think the cop was getting ready to use his weapon there were so many!

Even after the city works arrived there were still idiots in the crowd. As the worker prepared to lift the lid off the overwhelmed grate to start the flood headed the right direction, the kids naturally pushed forward. Some of the parents were smart enough to realise the danger and pulled their kids back; the worker politely asked the rest to step back so they wouldn’t get sucked down the storm drain when he opened it. All but one complied. That one actually pushed her kid forward and peered over his shoulder. The worker asked her, directly, “Please get your kid back.” 

Swirling waters

Swirling Waters

Well you would have thought he’d told her to leave planet earth!

Her “Harrumph!” and loud, “Fine!” as she dragged her kid away, leaving entirely; had the rest of the crowd shaking its collective head and asking, “Did we just witness that?”

Some people think the rules just don’t apply to them. I wonder how she would have reacted if she hadn’t removed her kid? When the grate was removed it almost took the heavyset worker off his feet and actually sucked one of his tools down in the whirlpool. The remaining kids thought that was kewl, too!

Back to the traffic. Now, just to note, this burst pipe/sinkhole is at probably the perfect spot on this road. There is an easy diversion one minute maximum, that puts you back on the road a block further along. Still, many cars attempted to pass the barriers.

FYI, the entire street was blocked, crosswise, with work trucks; asphalt equipment; police cars! Did I mention the police cars?

Road Closed photo

Road Closed

Still, all night long, (yes, it took until the gray rain-heavy clouds brightened this morning before the work was done and the barriers could be removed…) anyway… cars; SUV’s, trucks; you name it! tried to past the roadblock. When they were successful, they drove literally five turns of their tires at MOST before they had to turn their vehicle around and, red-faced, sneak back around the barricade and follow the detour.

Why do SOME people believe the barricade was put there for everyone but themselves? Have they EVER been handed a ‘get-out-of-logical-thinking-free’ card? (Are there any of those?)

The road is fixed; the geyser is gone; and the new river flowing where the front street was has been quelled. Wonder what I’m going to do for excitement now? 

I suppose I’ll get ready for a weekly game of DnD… I was attacked by an alligator? Crocodile? last week… I survived. I’m watchin’ the swamps a LOT closer now… lol 

Praying the road stays fixed; they’re calling for torrential downpours throughout the weekend and into next week; may you have great weather and sunshiny people in your future! 



Have you made your New Year’s lists?

Do you know what bad habits you picked up during this year that you want to change? Or things you want to stay very much the same?

Why do we knock ourselves out thinking that January 1, is some kind of ‘magic’ number?

Like the day itself can motivate and push us into that better person we long to be?
Congratulations to the few who will make their lists and stick to them. They have probably done so since they were born, so it’s no big surprise when they announce at the end of the year they ‘did it!’ (It’s still an accomplishment!)

Others never even made it out of the starting gate. January? Already? Well, I’ll start tomorrow. Others tried all year, picking different starting gates until here we are, back at the original gate…

It is a vicious cycle. Vicious because we feel that if we don’t have the self-control to force ourselves to do something for our own good we feel like we’ve let everyone down. Vicious because of our friend, who sits there and maliciously, (but most likely unknowingly) slyly berates us and tells us were no good; if THEY can do it, anyone can…

So not true… as we know, not everyone is equipped for the same purpose… (There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. – ! Cor. 12:4-6 NIV)

So, write your list if you must, but, instead of things you want to change about yourself, write things you LIKE about yourself. Promise to encourage those traits to take the front seat and all those other things you don’t like? They’ll be sitting in last year’s pile… (Just don’t get ‘proud’ of your ‘good traits’; nothing spoils a good thing more than a braggart…)

May you have an awesome New Year’s celebration and may God bless your hopes and dreams and guide them to fruition.

“‘“The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.”’ (Numbers 6:22-25, NIV)

and God’s people said…

Happy New Julian Calendar Year

…and welcome to those Mayans who will now need to rely on a new calendar…

luv khrys…

PS: I love lists…

Time change at the end of Daylight Saving Time...

(Credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, I know, it happened a few days ago. I’m just coming to terms with it now.

I understand the perceived need to have a ‘longer day’ when farming communities needed more daylight to operate and get crops in. Or during war, so more of our waking hours were spent in the sun and less with the moon.

No, WAIT! No, I do NOT understand the theory behind Daylight Savings Time.

Where is this ‘bank’ and how long have I been saving up hours??? I’m ready to spend them now…

That idea makes about as much sense as taking an hour off the end of our day and adding it to the beginning. Did ANYONE change their schedule? No. Our alarms are still set for the same time. Our bosses, (well, yours does; mine’s given up…) still expect us to show up at the same time. Schools will certainly be phoning if your kid isn’t there at the last bell.

And STILL we delude ourselves that we’ve actually SAVED time.


All I see is that now, instead of getting light at eight a.m., it gets lighter at seven. So much for my sleep in. And instead of having time after work to go play, it’s dark by four-thirty rather than five-thirty. So much for that romp in the park.

Now, I am okay with this timing (darkness hovering when I would like light) if it would stay put. But nooooooo. Just as it, and I, get all settled down, along comes April and they reverse the program. Now we REALLY are SAVING time.

We get up an hour later! Yippee! Sleep in time! Except, oh. It’s Spring! Who wants to sleep in?! Daylight starts around four-thirty, birds are up by six. Then they dump the time change and WHAT? Birds are up at five? So much for sleeping in. Guess someone forgot to let them know about the time change. Carrier Pigeons, maybe?

Exactly WHO (WHOM?) does this continued reliance on an archaic system benefit? I would rather keep my inner clock working on its pattern without hiccuping it twice a year for something that has NO advantages, and, as far as I can tell, is actually HARMFUL.

How many insurance companies will tell you, “Be extra cautious this week; statistically crashes and injuries rise by 50% or MORE the week following the change.” (And we ain’t talking hot flashes here!) SO WHY DO WE INSIST ON CHANGING TIME?

Does it REALLY matter? Do WE really use this ‘extra time’ for anything OTHER than confusion and fogginess?

I heard this saying about four years ago, and I think it sums it up VERY appropriately:

A Wise, Ancient, (Native) Indian Saying:


Time change, an archaic program for a need which no longer exists. Yet dumping it? Will cost…NOTHING. So we couldn’t possibly afford it. Thank you for your time, have a nice, longer/shorter day/night…

luv khrys…

PS: I apologise for not keeping up with posts and responses. I am so happy to have you reading my ramblings and I hope I do entertain; perplex; motivate or cause discussion at the very least… BUT as I am trying that NANOMO challenge, which should really be called ‘How-Long-Before-You-Figure-Out-The-Novel-You-Have-Decided-To-Work-On-Is-Stuck-In-Quick (slow?)-Sand-and-You-Are-Sinking-Fast’ But I guess that title was either a) taken or b) too long… (HLBYFOTNYHDTWOISIQSAYASF… yep! Definitely TOO long… LOL)
Anyway, I want to say… I am reading and catching up and writing short notes when I find a moment. This challenge is fun and I am determined to complete it. Even if all I have is a rough draft novel, ready for publication, but with caveats! And a coupon for a FREE copy of the REVISED version when it’s ready… Least I can do. (Either that or I’ll donate ALL the proceeds to the NANOMO foundation… that might be less stressful!)

I’m afraid…

I’m afraid we won’t be able to restart our business… successfully… (I guess that’s a fear and risk all business owners accept: failure.)

I’m afraid we’ll lose everything and wind up living with family or (slightly better?) in subsidised housing and living on welfare…

I’m afraid I will stop writing and lose that source of income…

I’m afraid we won’t be able to find jobs (should all fail), at even minimum wage; or the ones we find, our health won’t let us keep…

I’m afraid our health will fail…

(I’m afraid that all this might occur even if we stay put!)

I have many fears…

I do trust God, so these fears don’t constantly overwhelm me, but every so often I can’t help but fear. I pray I will keep handing it back to God and not hold on, treasure, cherish or hoard my fears. God can. (His compassion is beyond measure. He can fix, heal, guide, lead, show, comfort, amaze, open and close doors… HE CAN.)

Romans 5:1-2 ~ Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access through faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

I wonder if God has a fear?

I wonder if that fear is that not everyone will enter Heaven and He will have to let some go to their death?

2 Thessalonians 1:8-9 ~ He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might.

I know if I had that kind of power, I would be terrified of using it or of HAVING to use it. It would depress me and make me very sad and I would cry for a very long time…

Yes, I am afraid. It would be a lie to say all is perfect just because I know God or trust in Him. All is perfect when I trust in God simply because whatever He chooses is perfect!

God asks us to come to Him, honestly and openly. This sometimes means shouting, ranting, raving. Accusing and bitter. Angry and scared. And, when we have laid our anger, fear, accusations; when we’ve exhausted ourselves and given it all to God, then, and only then, can He begin to show us all the wonders of our fears, anger and accusations. He can heal us and remove our sin.

Life ain’t easy and it ain’t gonna get no easier when you follow Christ, especially cause the Devil ain’t interested in you until you turn and begin examining this ‘Jesus stuff’.

Before you hear the word, you are in his (Satan’s army) whether you signed up or not. As the WORD begins to be revealed, and you begin to think of things in a new light, Satan gets REAL SCARED, and throws everything he can at you to show you Jesus isn’t the way. His lies are very clever; designed for YOU alone. He also knows your weakness, your fear, your anxieties, and he relishes in using them to keep you from believing. Just like a bully. Only he is so much more subtle and conniving. He will twist JUST enough of the truth that you begin to doubt. And the seeds of doubt are the beginning of your downfall.

2 Thessalonians 2:9-10 ~ The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

DON’T DOUBT GOD. Even when all seems lost. He is there, just believe and continue praying. Read Job, and see how he suffered and yet, it isn’t until he speaks his mind to God that God responds. (There’s a WHOLE lot more to this story than that simple analogy, please read JOB (not job), and see God’s mercy, grace, omnificence and omnipotence.) 

Proverbs 1:7 ~ The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. 

Lord, please forgive us/me for hurting You. For causing You so much pain. Turn our/my hearts to trust You and follow and lead by Your example. Forgive us/me Lord for we/I am a sinner steeped in ugly festering wounds, and yet You will cleanse us/me, heal us/me, draw us/me close and call us/me friend. Forgive us/me. Thank You for Your mercies and grace. In Jesus name. Amen. 

luv khrys…

PS: I seem to be on a ‘roll’ with religion, bear with me, I know God is going somewhere with this… I haven’t been handed the map yet, so I’m just along for the ride… At least, this is a ride I can enjoy having someone else at the wheel for!

Don’t you hate days like today? Beautiful, bright sunshine; low-humidity; slight breeze billowing drapes; a few fluffy-white clouds dancing through the clear blue sky.

Those lazy dayz...

*gone…just gone…*

Everything is finished. No laundry or baking to worry about. The dusting and vacuuming are done. Even the windows are sparkling, (well the ones not in the dog’s line of tongue…). The garden, spruced up on the weekend, so only a few chores, like watering remain, which, as it’s passed six am, is done. (Automatically too…) The cat is out in the damp grass chasing the birds. The dogs have been out and in, and out, and in, and out… (I’m not lettin’ ’em back in!) Even supper is already prepared as I tossed yesterday’s leftovers in a pie-crust, covered them with mashed potatoes and now it just waits baking later today.

Days like this don’t come around too often, and I feel that I should be out doing somethinganything! Yet, I have that niggling suspicion that I’ve forgotten something rather important. Like a milestone anniversary or a birthday of a dear friend, but I can’t figure out, for the life of me, WHAT I’ve forgotten. (I guess that’s why it’s called forgotten… otherwise I’d remember and we wouldn’t be having this discussion…)

I checked my e-mails, all two hundred spam notes…lol. I’ve been through my notes and agendas and can find nothing *starred* for today. Can it be really true? I have a (whispering) day off?

Hmmm… So this is what retirement is going to look like… I’d better start planning now, and not for the financial side but for the TIME side… Who am I trying to kid?! I will never retire… maybe I won’t take assignments, but I doubt I’ll stop writing…

Still, while I enjoy writing and living inside these little world’s I create and develop, there comes a time when I have to face reality and actual people I haven’t made up. Maybe I can retire to a remote island? Hurry up, buy those books; send me those writing assignments…PAY ME… *grin*

I think I may try to figure out why I cannot get any of the blogs I have ‘liked’ to show up. Therefore, I am sorry I’m not reading you! I am trying; I don’t know why the reader isn’t bring any up… (Have you not written???) However, even then, SOMETHING should show up, correct? *sigh* Me and technology just don’t get along very well. We’re both control freaks…

Well, I am off to see what I can do. I can’t sit still or do nothing… I’ll go insane! (No, thank you very much; I’m not quite there yet…) Heading out to enjoy the day… I’m betting I curl up in the backyard, on the swing with a great book and even greater cup of steamy coffee… which, if I’m REALLY lucky? will turn to Irish coffee by the end of the day. I wouldn’t look for anything intelligent from me tomorrow…LOL! 

luv khrys…

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