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Windows 8…

I just wish they had offered the choice! This may work well for their purposes, not so much for the general masses. (I have mass, and I consider myself a general (pain/nuisance…))

I am using Windows 8 because it arrived preinstalled. I don’t have the brains to figure out how NOT to use it and choose another operating system. (IS there another operating system?) That and I swore to myself I was GOING to learn it. Maybe ‘swore’ is a little strong… I determined that I could learn this. (I’m not sure WHY I decided this…)

It’s snowing outside and here I sit, inside, trying to figure out why this program or that program isn’t where it is supposed to be. Oh, gee – D’UH…gotta install it first… *sigh*. I should be making snowballs…

I REALLY do appreciate that I can listen to music now. It does make writing a lot harder, (listening to music)

(So does this flippin’ keyboard! Ack! Have to learn a new placement of keys and a different pressure to hit the keys with… That and figure out WHY the @ symbol is where the “ is supposed to be…???) REALLY, IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME FIX THAT I’D REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Thanking you in advance… (Update: between writing that and getting extra-cranky, I have managed to build a work-around for this issue… Clever when I need to be, ‘eh?)

I have discovered how to turn off “live-view”. Apparently, Windows-8 assumes I want to have everything open and constantly moving. I think they also want me to click the tiles to reach the pre-installed programs. I want to figure out how to DELETE e-Bay. For the rest, well, they are okay. I’m not deleting them yet. I haven’t figured out WHY I’d want them; but for now they can stay in the grid.

As I said I figured out how to turn off ‘live-view’, and how to make all the boxes the same size so it fits into a smaller space. (I also figured out how to make the Trash Bin HUGE… LOL… it’s the only thing on my desktop and it’s enormous! You could see it from space!)

What do I like about my new computer? From the time I press ‘Power’ until I type my password? TEN-seconds. From Password to ‘ready-to-go’? FIFTEEN-seconds. Yep, definitely an improvement over the other; power on, go make coffee, empty dishwasher, wipe counters – password time… take the dogs for a walk, make a coffee, fix breakfast… hit e-mail… 30-minutes of exercise… return; downloads and upgrades? Ahhh…fudgicles & ice cream! Go back, finish another hour of exercise (gotta get it in somewhere!) hit download e-mail, go shower… FINALLY I can start to work…well…after deleting the gagillion spam-mails…

But, is speed a good compensation for not being able to find or work with any files? Can someone please find those 65-photos I downloaded? Or wait… no, I can find them – I want to work with them and upload the video to YouTube (sorry, private access only) but all I can do is view it! I could do that before I downloaded it!

Now, now, now... what else do I LIKE about my new computer…? The screen is huge! 23-inches… or something, cause it’s wider than tall. But I can’t figure out how to turn down the brightness… (I figured out how to turn the overall brightness down to the lowest setting but white pages still nearly blind me! – can’t figure out how to fix that and still see the screen…)


The speakers are awesome! I can drown out the rest of the noise in my office… including the phone if I’m not careful…lol! I can say I’m looking up one particular story that I’ve been working on for nearly ten-years… maybe longer? Some of the songs in my play-list have re-opened the ‘wounds’ and I think I’m ready to finish it.

Like… I have been able to set up a cloud… (watch and see if it don’t rain…) I need to transfer certain documents from the previous computer here… I’ll let you know how that goes. (Don’t expect a miracle… Unless you’re expecting me to be alive at the end of the transfer, then by all means expect away… *smile*)

LIKE... I have a wireless keyboard and mouse now… Still debating the mouse but the keyboard is a big step up…

LIKE... Not sure what else. Too early for a full evaluation. Haven’t yet been able to access everything… I DO have a long list of dislikes, but I am TRYING to keep an open mind. I REALLY don’t want to make a replica of the old computer; I WANT to embrace the newer…albeit crappier…interface… So far? All I want to do is “enter” FACEPLANT

See you in a week… I should have reset all the passwords and permissions by then… And, Mr. Mullens? AVG? 4-hrs, still whipping through files… Really hope that’s different on/in here…

luv khrys…

PS: Drowning in permission slips… (Do you read every privacy statement and all the terms and conditions…? Maybe you should… or not, do you REALLY want to know what you’re going to eventually end up clicking, “yah, go ahead, put a monitor on my head and follow me around, if it means THAT much to you…”)


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