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10/05/12, 8:08 AM

Okay, installed firefox. Wow, there are a lot of windows and places and options to set. Thank goodness they all

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seem to be in a kind of ‘useful’ layout. (So far.)

After installing and checking through options and setting what I want; at least for now, I began to use some of the features. (Good idea, no?)


  • no back or forward button (had to add to toolbar along with zoom.)
  • position of the home button (have moved it to the more familiar place on the left.)


  • Trying to reinstall a program that is out-of-date and FF SAYS it downloaded, but even with ‘search’ I cannot locate it. Have decided to disable the plug-in. If I can’t find it, it’s obviously not going to work anyway.


  • Lets me know what plug-ins are ‘out-of-date’ So kewl! (Especially since it took me TO THE SITES, when I clicked, and explained EXACTLY what I was supposed to do to rectify the issue! I REALLY REALLY like that feature! Too many times a program will inform you of a ‘kerfuffle’ and then TELL you to fix it, but not EXPLAIN WHAT or HOW to fix.)


  • so far, I can’t see what’s going to trip me up…
  • I think another thing I dislike about add-ons? The description NEVER REALLY describes WHAT the app is!

A few ‘apps/extensions’ I chose to install.

  1. My security bar (that goes with all of the browsers)
  2. A clock, Simple Timer 1.12; for the ten minutes I tried Vista I really liked the ‘wall clock’ this is nothing like it, but still gives me back my seconds, which I really like!
  3. I added Cheevos – more because it looked interesting than any other reason. I have NO IDEA what it’s supposed to so, except it promises to teach me about various parts of my browser in a fun way. Sure it will… we shall see… (Only after looking through THOUSANDS of add-on pages, did I discover this is a GAME! it may or may not be kept… I’ll let ya know.) I’m up 65-points. I have NO IDEA what I’ve done to stimulate my point growth. Every once in a while I see some brief ‘blip’ of a banner that says something, before disappearing. I THINK they have something to do with it because I noticed one, looked at it and up to the ‘score’ and it went up by the number indicated. (5-pts). STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT TAUGHT ME??? (UPDATE: I’m up to 155 points, and I STILL don’t know what it’s taught me; will disable when I remember how.)
  4. Film Info & reviews… ’cause it kinda promised all the reviews without having to search (Just enter movie name, choose the sites you want to return results and click ‘go’. And all the sites you chose open up in separate tabs (or whatever your setting do). It’s gonna get one shot at pleasing me. Eh, not as useful as I’d envisioned. I’d like all the reviews to pop up on ONE bill-board.
  5. A ‘theme’. Areos BIG. I love it! Except that it is, well, BIG. But not in an ‘out-of-scale’ way. It ‘feels’ right. I love the colour. (STILL liking the theme, going to be sad to see it gone and have to go to one of the other two.)


Peeked at my blog… a few seconds after opening it/loading Firefox: a warning bar at the top:  “A few extra plug-in’s are required to display all of the media on this page.
SHAKING HEAD; either I’m about to sue Firefox when I click ‘install’, or it’s going to be okay and it’s just a matter of a few tiny fragments of code that are arguing who should have control. As long as the one that agrees I should have control wins; everything will be okay. Otherwise, FF ain’t even making it past the gate.
(Adobe Flash..?? Now, would it have been so hard to have either, included a drop down peek at what the MISSING PLUG-IN was, or, placed it on the message bar in the OPTION button???) (Still wondering why I didn’t get a message telling me to update; that’s what its supposed to do by default. (Maybe it’s as confused as me with all these new browsers!))

Still unable to comment on some posts in WordPress.

In conclusion, for today, I am not too fond of this browser either. What is going to suck, is that I am going to have to keep ONE of them. Or give up blogging. And, as you can tell, I’m waaaaay too chatty to give up talking.

So, I begin the week. I’ll send my thoughts at the end. Hopefully one will come out a clear winner. Other than IE.

luv khrys…

FOLLOWING UP AS I GOT REAL… BUSY, yeah, that’s it, busy…

Okay, at least the other two browsers didn’t flare up and come with warnings that what I had just installed (and handed my life over to) is a terrorist.

HUH??? (Yes, I anticipated your confusion.)

One day after deciding Firefox could have the same chance as IE and Chrome, namely to be the ‘default’ browser, Bill Mullins‘ blog, alerted me to a security issue.

Terrorist number one, take your seat please…

Just after I installed it as the ‘default browser’, OF COURSE.

“Yippee”, thought I… “5-seconds in and I’m already vulnerable.” Thanks Mr. Mullins…I think…

I read what I could find…not many were talking; (& when they did it was WAY over MY head!)

I chose to do nothing. Firefox was advising…nothing. I checked and rechecked the settings and I STILL don’t know what I’ve got. (I’m sure it’s a cold, not a virus…)

Follow up blog links… so it’s…fixed?

Okay, back to the choice

I’m actually believing I will try this Opera one… but in the interim, I shall vacillate between IE and Chrome. I do want to be able to see the postings in the reader, so I shall keep Chrome, not as default though, I don’t like the apparent security issues. I shall replace IE to its place as head honcho. Default browser. Firefox failed to impress me. It did have bells and whistles, and they were kinda kewl, but I need a solid foundation and I still believe IE has that. Just, apparently not for everything… So, Firefox will be relegated to the delete box… Until something else I do requires its unique ‘whatever’ to work.

Unscientific? ABSOLUTELY! Does it matter? Not to me. Who benefits? Me. Conclusion: I win!







Ordinary things or hum-drum days can be the best for finding things to laugh about.
Take, for instance, yesterday. Nothing special, nothing pressing. So what do I decide to do? Hmmm… yeah, not that!

I decided to see WHY I was unable to access my blog (for the fourth or fifth month in a row.) I actually decided to try it the day before (?) by posting a HELP I’M DROWNING message in the Help Forum. I had a wonderful lady (I think, the picture looked feminine, please forgive me if I am as blind as my doctor keeps insisting I am!) whose online presence is TimeThief.

Now, I will admit to some skepticism here. I mean, TimeThief? You gotta wonder if what you’re being fed is just to waste your time. However, I enjoy clever names and assumed the name was chosen for the amount of time the computer steals from her, not what she steals from me… I could be wrong…

Anyway, after navigating the fiery dragons, ogres and minions who are intent on keeping me from enjoying WordPress, I found myself staring at the Help message I’d left, with TimeThief’s lengthy, but inclusive suggestions for ‘unlocking’ my experience. (IE: Getting my reader so I could read; getting my blog unclogged so I could blog and simply letting me back in to enjoy the playground.)

Unfortunately, I had, in the previous months, tried all of her suggestions at one time or other. Talk about frustrating. The next poster, Macmanx, begged me to re-try the other browsers out there. (Also one of TimeThief’s suggestions.)

Okay, fine. It didn’t work before, but, I am truly BAFFLED. (I mean, if a glitch is going to rear it’s ugly head; why do it mid-sentence, so to speak?)

So, yesterday I spent the better part of the day seeking and searching and reading reviews about various browsers. (A job that would have been made so much simpler if I could have search WordPress’s database of blogs, but I digress, again…)

There are WAY more browsers out there than I imagined! Even some that, while I had HEARD of their name, I had no idea THAT’S what it was! (In fact, if the reader promises not to roll their eyes; hey! I saw that! I will admit to having to re-open the e-mail to check what it was the engines were known, collectively, as. (Browsers.) Okay, you can roll your eyes if you must.)

After perusing several, I decided that IF the top three weren’t going to do it for me, then it just wasn’t going to happen. (I don’t recall which one I tried in the past so it’s anyone’s guess… No prizes; just guess…)

  • Chrome
  • FireFox.
  • I.E.. <don’t know, but when I searched, saw an attention-grabbing note from CNET, that IE8 is only for XP now… interesting.>

  • Or, the link sent from MacManx, Browse Happy, which contains these and Opera.

Okay, I already have IE so I headed out to capture those elusive other two. Both are free. (Actually, I laughed so hard I had to go pee when I saw them comparing prices. NONE of them cost a penny. I began to have my doubts…)

Firefox downloaded and politely asked if I wanted to ‘Run’ or ‘Download’. I chose download. I am not the brightest person and for some reason, things don’t work the first time and it’s best if I have the tools on hand to re-start. (You’ll see I was right in a few minutes…)

It downloaded in less than 2-minutes. Woo-hoo.

Okay, now Chrome.

Click download, go to service agreement, (read agreement; yes, I read Firefox’s as well, but they didn’t make it a condition of downloading the product.) Click ‘start download’ in neat little box in corner. (Did I say little? I mean the one that took up half the page. No missing what you were supposed to do here!)

Waited; and waited; and waited; and waited; and waited. (Okay. Honestly? I made a coffee, returned a phone call; went to the bathroom, forgot what I went there for… LOL, ok, sorry…)

Finally, I shut down window, re-opened and re-started the download. Yep, worked, but still had to accept the agreement (which worries me, it is supposed to pick up right where it leaves off if a download gets interrupted); gee, I hope the agreement didn’t change in the few seconds it took me to re-start the download…

Chrome was far less polite than Firefox. It barged it’s way in and began filing grievances with all the components of my computer. It DID ask me if I liked the location it chose to call home. Looked like a good neighbourhood, so I agreed. It sent in contractors and builders so quickly, if I had changed my mind it would have been way too late. (I hoped they pulled their permits…)

Even still it took forever to install. (Okay, forever, for the purposes of comparison took approximately 5-minutes.) AND it placed an icon on my desktop without asking.

No, no, no. Very childish gesture; it’s like AVG’s taking over the default search engine. Really? C’mon now folks; those kind of pranks should be beneath you by now.

So, AFTER deleting the desk icon, I searched for Firefox. The little minx had hidden itself in the wrong darn folder. Can’t blame it though, darn! T’was my own fault. Drat’s! (See, keeping copies of stuff for a reason!)

I then installed Firefox. Very seamless. It asks a few questions; like where do you want me to go? AND Do you want the whole enchilada or just your choices? Very polite. I did something right, cause it installed.

Now, which one am I going to test first?

Well, if you’d been following my… hmmm, where did I write that anyway? Okay, so you could be forgiven for not following me; ever since WordPress let me down, I’ve been rather a loose cannon.

So, I’ll end the suspense. I am going to preview and use Chrome first.

For the next week I will curse my way around the web and see where I wind up. I must admit though, I’m already leaning towards IE. So shoot me.

What I like about Chrome.

  • Day one: So far, the ‘delete browsing history since the beginning of time’ feature is nice. (See note in ‘What’s Broke’.)

What I’m not fond of, but it’s a design feature, so really, that’s taste, not functionality; still important, but not critical.

  • The slide and HUGE button-like configuration on the, I think, history profile? Maybe something else, but whatever; I do not like. Personal choice, I get it.
  • The address bar and search bar are one and the same. UGH!!!

What’s broke.

  • Finding the ‘delete browsing history since the beginning of time’ feature. Would be convenient if it were located on the browser ‘bar’.
  • The fact that the delete all does NOT delete Chrome’s choice of favourites. I am stuck with them. I will NEVER use them (again) I did view them, had to know what they were, after all. But now I just want them GONE.
  • The ‘incognito’ button. Excuse me? It hides me, but not from the site? How is that hiding me?
  • Having to download ‘apps’ for everything and not having certified ‘safe’ and ‘functional’ apps? Not kewl. I really don’t trust those things. I mean, c’mon, if I can make one? Do you trust me? (I mean, I wouldn’t INTENTIONALLY create a virus, but I wouldn’t put it past me to UNintentionally create one.)
  • The size of the search bar. You know; the place you enter the address you wish to go to. It’s like the length of the Wall of China, for cryin’ out loud!

What I despise and am willing to purchase a Jericho or a Smith & Wesson to force the developers to remove/add if they wish me to consider keeping this browser.

  • Add a zoom button.
  • Delete all even delete’s what the developers consider crucial to my life. If I don’t want it. Delete it, thank you.
  • So, if you are interested, I will report back in a week and let you know what I think of this browser. (I might do it sooner if anything spectacular occurs!) Unless I get locked out. Again.


PS: It worked! Thank you TIMETHIEF for taking the time to respond AND to push for staff assistance! I am in your debt! And thank you MACMANX ever so much for INSISTING I try the browsers again! I am humbled and in your debt as well.

Bless you both!

luv khrys…

NOW, if this will work correctly, ’cause the pictures wouldn’t (Why do they insist on going where THEY want instead of where I place them? I mean really, Firefox next to IE??? what’s the point???) I will TRY and place a few of the suggested articles that WordPress feels are related to this topic… I hope they’re right. For YOUR sake…

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