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Wow! It’s almost 7 a.m.! I’ve been up for three hours! WHY? It’s Sunday. No need to get up early. Church begins at 10:30, but by that time I’ll be sleeping (or wishing I was sleeping) again. 

English Language Book cover

Mother Tongue… Are you SURE???

I’m reading a book titled,The Mother Tongue; English & How It Got That Way”, by Bill Bryson. You could be excused for thinking that you were going to be able to read this book, I mean: ENGLISH? 

Ok, just for fun, here’s an ENGLISH sentence, (Kentish dialect, in about the 15th century), that I’ll bet 100% of Christian readers out there know and probably about, oh, say, 80%? of the rest of the literate world would recognise and be able to put it into context. 

“And vorlet ous oure yeldinges: ase and we vorlete(p) oure yelderes, and ne ous led na3t, in-to vondinge, ac vri ous vram queade.” (Page 60) 

Okay… all together now… “HUH?!?” 

Firstly, a note. The (p) is actually a ‘p’ overtop/overlapping of a ‘b’. I’m not quite sure how to get that character, or even what the name of it is. Does that make any difference? Did it help you at all??? 

The ‘3’? Uhm, well, it is/was a 3. It extended down a little beyond the ‘bottom’ of the line, but, uh, ya, it is/was a 3… (no more help there.) We’ll come back to this sentence later, (I want to tease you with it for a bit; humour me!) 

This book, (of which I’m only about half-way through) is actually interesting. In a dry sort of way. The first chapter was truly amusing. (Well, to me, anyway.) And then it gets down to the meat. I prefer dessert.

Having said that, it really is fun to read how English almost wasn’t! How it was only with (typical) British stubbornness that English came to be at all.

How we went from guttural sounds, Ugh; Uh; Ya; Ye; Yi; (Sounds like teenagers to me!) to sentences: “Me go food”; “You come”; “Me Hungry”; (still with the teenagers…) and the like; to real words: “axed for mete and specyally he axed after eggys”. The response? She replied that she “coude speke no frenshe.” (page 59) 

I’m looking forward to getting through the rest of the book so I can learn more inane facts and follies! 

That line above? It’s the last sentence of The Lord’s Prayer; “And forgive us our trespasses…”

NOTE: Although, I believe the author is wrong. My own interpretation of this seems to be, “And forgive us our debts/trespasses as we also forgive our debtors/trespasser’s, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one,” Wonder how I can find out who’s (whose?) correct?

His book, I guess he’s correct… lol!

luv khrys…



My brain is fried… (as you will see… LOL) these are 6 of the multitude of messages I popped out yesterday… I think these were the only intelligible ones!  

VinDiesel MovieShots

Vin Diesel in many Guises…

  • *hugs*… and welcome to all the new persons who have joined! (I’m beginning to think I need to stay away; this group grows so much each time I disappear! Hmmm… are y’all tryin’ ta tell me something? – Just in case ya are… I’m hard of hearing… *grin*) I am still not here… (I know I know; I do a real good imitation of being here, don’t I? LOL) Just have to check in and share the love!… Is there any news? Photos?… *sigh*… no? Okay… I’ll be back asap… *HUGS* FOR Mr. McBride… thanks for keeping up with the admissions…lol NOW… EVERYONE… INVITE TWO FRIENDS… AND THEN TELL THEM TO INVITE TWO FRIENDS…and so on…and so on… *hugs* luv ‘one very tired and achy’ khrys… 
  • And now my fears have been founded… *grin*… Hello Mr. Diesel… Welcome to the group that bears your name… one of many, I know… but it’s still kewl that you visit us all… in your way… thank you for sharing yourself with us… (for those who don’t know it…he is online currently… I have slowed to a crawl and wondered why… I really still do not mind crawling… lol except I miss so much… (and everyone thinks I’m ignoring them, or too busy to speak to them… *sigh*…)) the invitation is still open… any time you’d like to come in your ‘official’ capacity… we here would be crazy giddy with excitement! (Now, who was it who said I’m talking too much… *grin*… so I step aside and go in search…) Come out; come out where ever you are… *hugs*… luv khrys…
  • Awe this is so much fun…. I’m sittin’ here in *HURRY UP and wait* mode… anyone for chess? (slowest game I know how to play…) Arrrgggghhhh!!! (No, I’m not on board the Royal Fortune flyin’ the Jolly Roger) I’ve been sittin’ here for ten minutes… wondering if maybe I should shut down?… Ya think? and then… BAM! I fly like the wind to…WHERE??? Ya, okay… click ‘home’… (and look for the Ruby Slippers while I’m at it) Hurry-Up and wait… And wait and wait and wait… (I cut and pasted… had to have something to do while I waited for FB to catch up…) I think I’m going to play in Pinterest… but I don’t know what to be Pinterested in right now… oh! PIRATE SHIPS! Okay… going on a picture hunt… lol… come on FB… hurry up already!!!  
  • …Okay so now I’m inketchup mode… ya know… where FB flashes though stuff so fast ya wonder what it was you just agree to…? I am in need of some help on how to view videos created using the Canon EOS Rebel T2i… and would appreciate any useful info as I am completely camera illiterate! (They have info for the T1i and T3i… but mine clearly says T2i; of course it does…*sigh*) Specifically I need to know how to view videos created using the damn thing! (Even THEIR own help doesn’t recognise it assigns it… TH…something; C, I think… (Good choice, but wrong application…LOL) So, if you are knowledgeable about such things…be a sweetheart and HELP! *hugs* …luv khrys…  
  • Wow…lots happening today! Mr. Diesel, thank you for sharing your updates! You can, if ya want, share them in person… we’re okay with you visiting… really! *grin*… I don’t know where the Diesel Starships are right now… they were taken out of commission for a few weeks…Earth Day and all… Maybe we should visit Universal and speak with them about the delay in releasing the movie… But, anticipation is a good thing… so is patience… *yeah, right*…we want Riddick!… *goodnight VinAngels…* luv khrys…
  • Okay… I just can’t compete with Mr. Diesel… I try but there has to be some kind of phenomenon… I would MUCH rather have my computer run slow and enjoy the aftermath of his visits, than to not have him visit at all! (I also need someone to blame for my computer slowing down…LOL!) It would be kewl to find out what the connection is and why I seem to be affected nearly every time… Still… a connection, however tenuous?!? I’ll take it!!! LOL… In case you missed the point… have a safe, non-violent, happy evening/night/morning/day/afternoon… and remember Light a Candle(see somewhere in my feed for the reason) *hugs*… luv khrys…

And that is how my morning was spent yesterday in FaceBook… There was a lot more to it, but I just felt like sharing this… Especially section 2… If anyone is aware of a site/blog/page… Anything that can/might give me some useful advice regarding this wonderfully complicated piece of innovation I would be very thankful… *hugs* 

And now… Sorry I’ve bored ya! But some day’s writing is a chore… (well, okay not exactly a chore, but staying on topic is…) 

Have a super day…
I’m not sure where this is going tomorrow; I’ve been wrapped in the finishing touches on my latest novel… And am completely STUCK… Just ONE lousy chapter to finish… And it’s NOT the last one! (go figure, eh?) I do not know how to write that dang arrest scene! Research is driving me batty! I’m taking a few days off! (Maybe I’ll go, get arrested and figure it out!… Research, there’s got to be an easier way than experience! LOL) 

Have a great day!
luv khrys… 

OH, PS: Yeah, I co-administer Mr. Vin Diesel and Mr. Vin Diesel over in FB; come on over and join us… HE shows up quite frequently… (I co-administer lots of pages and groups… don’t quite know how I get roped into it… so if you’re interested in lots of diverse subjects… well, FB is full of ’em… lol)


Angel and Chaos are two creatures of the night I had the ‘good?’ fortune to meet through another’s eyes. They are her pets; her muses, if you will. She graciously shared them with me as they came to me in a dream; they are playful, vicious, watchful and loyal. Her name is Erin, you might wanna check out her blog, Whispers in the Dark, as I believe she is the next Stephen King/J.K. Rowling/Rosemary Rogers all rolled into one, and we will soon have to pay for what she offers us freely… OH, if you DO visit her, PLEASE encourage her. Leave a message… Remind her to get busy…we’re waiting for the next installment… (You can also visit her on FaceBook, just sign in/up and Whispers in the Dark is waiting for your reading pleasure…) 


The panther stalks the path. Soft pads soundless against the sand. Pale moonlight washes over sleek, muscular black. Restless. A gust of wind rattles the leaves on the Aspens, their song raspy, dry. Her ears perk forward, she sniffs. Nothing, just the water, lapping at the shore. 

She descends along the shadowed corridor, warily, ears and nose twitching. Restless. 

Standing in the thicket, black-eyes peer, waiting patiently. The soft-sand shore is narrow and long. A mile or more before closing into dense brush. The fresh water lake, the only one on the planet, is enormous. All life is sustained from this single source. And something isn’t right. A shiver ripples over her; she licks her lips. 

A pack of Gypsy-Hogs waddles cautiously from under the brush; two take up sentry duty while the rest drink thirstily. A crackle in the dry underbrush causes her to turn her head. She watches with interest as the massive, lone wolf stalks down through the shadows, inching closer to the Gypsy-Hogs. The Gypsy-Hogs, unaware of their fate, happily slurp away until one of the sentry’s shrieks a shrill warning. 

She smiles, her lips curling back, her teeth deadly points of white calcium gleaming in the clear moonlight, as the Gypsy-Hogs scatter, their high-squeals echoing across the vast open lake. The wolf’s snarls and crashing in the brush suddenly cease, as a spine-tingling shriek pierces the night-wind. She settles in the brush, licking her paw. The wolf will eat well tonight. 

She smiles at the large Gypsy-Hog crushed under her other front-paw, as it so unfortunately chose to run straight towards her in its attempt to flee the wolf. She, too, will eat well tonight. 

She lets out a mighty roar that shakes the trees and echoes long up and down the lake. Restless.    

“Young and restless; runnin’ outta control…;
young and restless…; headin’ for the… overload…”


Comience como usted desean continuar;
Begin as you intend to continue… 

PS: Not exactly a dream sequence, but inspired by the shadowy-visions I received in a way I can only describe as unconscious consciousness… They have since returned, bringing other visions and sharing their antics… I am busily trying to send them back to Erin on a more permanent basis, I think she needs their care more…
TOMORROW… I have no idea… I’m busy re-writing The Elevator, I may bring you the parts I choose NOT to use… *grin* (maybe you can convince me to use them/it… I hate to waste 7,000 – 10,000 words…)


I DON’T THINK THIS WILL GET FINISHED TONIGHT; AND I know IT’S GONNA NEED REVISIONS … esp. since I see it started in caps… *sigh*… 

We were challenged by M.M.C. to create an ambulance scene… (WWE…WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENTAlthough I am taking Wikipedia and Google’s word for this; nowhere on their (WWE’s) front page does it ‘un-acronym’ (like that? new word today) WWE.) 

I am not sure that I can do an ambulance scene justice, but, as one never to shy away from a challenge, (esp! a writing one; no matter how ridiculous!) I shall give it my best effort and try not to leave you gapping or gasping or scratchin’ your head… 

I will appreciate feedback so I know what or how one of these should/could go and exactly what I may do wrong so the next one will actually, maybe, make sense… (If continuing a wrestling match into an ambulance can be said to make sense… LOL) (errr… this apparently needed clarifying: I will NOT be writing more… unless for the game itself… *hint-hint*) 

Let’s see…who was it he (M.M.C.) wanted fighting?…

Well, for the sake of argument, let’s just call them Wrestler One (WO) and Wrestler Two  (WT)WO and WT… (You can substitute whomever you want…) 


“Whoa! Ladies and gentleman, we have WO lifting WT…IS he? OH my GAWD! He’s tossing him off the top of that ladder… Oh Folks! This is serious! WT is lying there… he’s not moving! Here come the first aid guys… WHOA! did you see that! WO just booted WT in the head! Folks someone has to grab that man and pull him outta there! WT is haemorrhaging!” 

Fans watch, in shock as WO is held back by six, big guys… Paramedics work like crazy on WT

“Let’s see if we can get a mic in there… Is he okay? Is he gonna be okay?” 

WO: “F*ck YOU! WO you are a dead man! As soon as they let me off this thing!” 

WT responds in a taunt: “Baby! You wanna piece of me, get off that thing and fight like a man! Sissy!” 

CAMERA PAN:   The paramedics push and strap WT to the stretcher. Six OTHER big guys, dressed in black, looking like undertakers, carry the heavy, heaving wrestler out to the ambulance as we follow along, announcers trying to get their interviews. WT shouting: “WO is a wuss…”

Suddenly we hear a mammoth shout; mixed cheering and jeering. A figure comes flying through the curtain and down the loading bay ramp. WO shoves the paramedic to the ground and grabs the luckless WT by the throat, his fingers clutching as several people are now entering the fracas attempting to pull WO out… 

We see WT rip the leather restraint as his arm flies up knocking WO to the ground. WT wastes no time in pulling the other restraints free and comes up swinging! The two race up the ramp; back flip up and on top of the sturdy ambulance… toppling off…

Silly; silly; silly...


“Oh folks! We gotta brawl in the parking lot… no, WAIT! WT has jumped into the ambulance! WTF? Now WO is in there too; hang on as we get the cameras around here…” 

Cameras move to show: Interior of cube-van ambulance and we see…WTF? Two wrestlers, shooting themselves full of drugs? 

WO: Yeah, you wait WT, in another minute I ain’t gonna feel no pain and then you’re in for it!” 

WT: “Not if I can shoot faster!” 

LMFBO… an ambulance match… again, why?
luv khrys… 

PS: This was written; tongue-in-cheek, as my opinion on Ambulance Matches (in a certain video game.) It was supposed to show the absolute absurdity of these types of ‘events’. It was NOT written with the belief the wrestlers (PRO or amateur) shoot drugs or anything of the sort. Simply take it for what it is… a filler of space on a Sunday morning… (And showing how dumb some video game ideas can get… (To be fair, I believe it was ‘blown-out-of-proportion by a real-life incident?)) 

Okay… happy Sunday… my brain had a good time last night!

I have Fuzzy Brain…

I want to say that it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling. I really do. But lying is so very hard for me. Well, unless I’m writing a story, then, well, I guess it’s not really lying, I’m caught up in another world; another time space continuum; a place I believe exists and, therefore does. So, what happens there is not really lying, because it’s what is expected… if you follow. Yeah. I didn’t expect you would. *sigh* 

Back to topic… do I really want to? WAS there a topic? LOL… Damn! *pardon my French*… (I wonder if the French say, “Pardon my Anglais?” LOL) 

Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot - Condition Critical, 1984, CBS Inc.

The bells they are ringin’;
Or is it in my head?…

Oh, no… some call it paranoia…
Oh, no…I don’t see it that way…

Whips and chains don’ feel no pain…
What’s gone wrong? 

I think I’m goin’ outta my
Head over heels… 

*Quiet Riot CONDITION CRITICAL… Yeah, I don’t have their permission to post that, I hope they don’t wanna sue… (I ain’t worth nothin’)… 

Black And White Falls

Tell me, who puts a viewing platform BEHIND the trees?

Walked up to the falls a few months ago. Long, vertical… *gasp gasp gasp*… then they (being the Park Board, I guess) puts the “Viewing Platform” right BEHIND a large Cedar tree… *Whose bright idea was that, Homer?* And it’s MY fault? How…? *sigh*… Still, an hour in the fresh air and forest was… nice… (Great walk, spoiled by a little white ball…) 

(SEE, too hard to follow my train of thought, eh? That’s okay, it eventually glides to a stop at the right station and everyone gets off safely…) Usually… 

Wonder if there’s a limit to how long a note can be? Must be. Wonder if I’ll hit it? LOL 

Hope, BC.

Site of the 1965 Slide, Just North of Hope, BC.

The sun poked out around noon. For a brief visit. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to the sun, so the cloud cover was a blessing for me. The pile of rocks looked suspiciously like the mountain we climbed twenty years ago… Just as desolate. (Although, then we found, after traversing the monumental mountain… there was a fricken path that we could have taken… no climbing required! *Fudgicles ‘n Ice Cream!* We weren’t fooled this time. We stayed on the tarmac and just looked!) 

Dead Fish

Mother Nature at her worst...

The dead salmon along the lakeside I could have done without. I thought animals in the wild ate EVERYthing? *GROSS* 

The perfect property I spotted a few months back has been snagged by someone who must have heard me! Dang it! Now I’ve lost it… *sigh* Another golden opportunity… let’s see… that’s …*adding up all the land deals I’ve spotted that…we haven’t taken advantage of… (Anyone want to be wealthy? Just follow where I determine is a good area to buy in, I haven’t been wrong yet… *seriously*) 

Whistler Village, BC

Whistler Village, Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains, BC

*Still adding up that money… Anyone know Whistler? Yep, I suggested buying an acre… (well, I suggested 10-acres…) at $5,000 an acre… Yup, “No, it’ll never amount to anything…”



(The particular piece I wanted… Downtown Whistler now…) This one I truly have to say it was hard for anyone to believe I knew what I was talkin’ about, I was only 12. Next… Oh, I dunno… Let’s see. Kamloops? Kelowna? (Across the border in Birch Bay…) Mexico. Oh, come on, how did I know? I didn’t. I just felt it.  Just as a ballpark figure, I suppose… easily a few million have slipped through my fingers ‘cause no one would believe me… Such a drag. I wanted that Power Station! Dang dang dang!!! *shakes head* Maybe someday my dream will be realised… 

Okay, back to writing for now… I’ve babbled enough about crap all… (No, sorry/happily I’m not drunk or on drugs…This is the everyday me…) 

luv khrys

Comience como usted desean continuar…

Suffering the mother of all headaches, she threatened everyone within hearing distance to, “Be quiet or else!” with the lights dimmed and a cold cloth on her forehead she closed her eyes and prayed for relief. 

It was not to be, the story continued churning in her mind the nuances she thought she’d captured, now elusive as they worried themselves free of constraint. 

“I’m not working on you today, leave me be!” she cries, shaking her fist in the air, determined to rest. 

Slowly the darkness claims her as the magic little pills begin their job of dulling the senses. The pain lessens and she closes her eyes, her breathing slows and her muscles relax as she drifts into a restful slumber… 

And, with the headache hanging on now for 72-hours, it’s time for me to do something about it… I am debating using the shotgun to blast my head off or choosing an axe to chop it off…any preference? I will spend the next few hours rewriting in my brain; only to be frustrated when I sit in front of the screen later to forget what I’d so cleverly decided to do… 

Wine & Cheese

Wine and Cheese

Sorry that today’s offering isn’t really an offering at all; more a whine and belly-ache session… (wine and cheese anyone?) 

luv khrys…

PS: Tomorrow… will come whether I have a headache or not… and it will be Friday…Friday’s offerings are always interesting…to me at any rate…lol

Angel is hungry… she has had a taste …a small taste… 

Chaos is circling, sleek, muscles rippling. Claws sheathed, snorting, white puffs blowing in the icy cold… silver-eyes narrowed… watching… 

Angel & Chaos

Chotic Angels

Erin shivers and gazes out the third-floor window. Something is strange tonight. She can sense it. Shrugging, trying to shake it, she turns back, into the room, pushing her long mane of auburn hair behind her ear… A shadow crosses between the moon and house; she turns back to the window… 

“NO… not tonight…” a voiceless whisper escapes her throat. Shaking, she gazes on the fine powdered sand beneath the window… 

She’s here… Her scent is thick, cloying… dark. 

Another scent? 

Another shadow… moving slowly; curving gracefully past barriers… 

“No,” Erin pleds…

The wind rises; leaves start to shake on branches that are swaying…

A heavy thump… She looks up… a floor board creaks in the empty attic overhead… 

A low rumble shakes through the timbres… rising in strength, like a locomotive running out of control; rattling the glass…

The wind dies suddenly. 

A soft padding comes down the hall… 

A loud yeowl…

Turns her blood warm… A slow smile curves her deep-red lips, her hands clenching… 

She watches the door, the handle turning slowly… she waits…

luv khrys…

 Not what I was thinking I was bringing… enjoy it anyway… I’m not sure what to do with it, it grabbed me in an elusive dream and spun its way into consciousness, but it refuses to reveal itself further! I do not know what will become of this snippet in the fabric of the novel. Or, will it take over and become the novel? Stay tuned…

Organised Chaos

The Archival Dungeon…

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