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Stop right here if you want to read something that makes sense.

Stop here if you want to read something that is happy and light.


I’ve warned you.

This is an angry, p*ssed as H*LL blog that I need to plonk down before I flippin’ explode!

Is anyone else experiencing the friggen nightmare of VERIFYING your accounts?

I VERIFY when I sign in – up; WHY do you need me to do it EVERY TIME MICROF*CKINGSOFT UPGRADES???

I have no ZERO e-mail accounts I have access to. Yup: ZERO.

Well, okay, as of RIGHT now, I have TWO, and they exist because I created them not more than… well, probably an hour ago.

Am I happy about this? Oh yah, thrilled; tickled pink; couldn’t be happier… I’m a damn fine liar, aren’t I?

I now have the FUN of going into ALL of my accounts that used my e-mail and changing THEM; at least I can still do THAT… for now; I’m sure once Microsh*t reads this (cause, yeh, they’re going to… *rolls eyes*), I’m sure they’ll find a way to make me verify before I can switch.

I don’t know if this has to do with HeartBleed or not; frankly I don’t give a sh*t; this started with the download of 8.1 and has been the same nightmare that their ‘highly-touted’ Vista produced… anyone wanna bet that 8.1 is just VISTA re-packaged and shoved down our throats?

So, if you are trying to reach me, sorry, don’t have those accounts any more – and now? Now because I have to re-create new accounts, HeartBleed will INDEED have my information…

Anyone care to place bets that HeartBleed is a program developed by NSA??? (Yeah, I DO believe it.)

Well, sorry folks; not much to read except my frustration – yet again – of MS… can someone talk to my husband and convince him we don’t NEED MS??? There are LOTS of other options available, MS is soooooo outdated; even when it’s updated…

*deep breath*

Have a great week… I’ll keep my fingers crossed that WordPress holds my VERIFIED account better than MS does…



I sincerely wish I could just ignore Privacy Policies and ‘Terms of Use’ pages.

I really, truly do. It would make life so much simpler and would ease anxiety levels tremendously!

Perhaps the fact that they need to have a privacy policy in the first place is a bit unnerving.

I understand that sites need the privacy policy so they can exist because everyone is worried about what is going to happen to/with their information – and with good reason!

Does Privacy Matter?

It seems everyone wants a piece of us. Well, truthfully they really ONLY want a piece of our pay envelope, us they couldn’t care less about. It’s just that we, unfortunately stand between our pay packet and those greedily sucking it dry.

I wish I could find the Privacy Policy of a company I read a few years ago in which they declared, (I loved it!), TRUTHFULLY:

“We will do anything we want with any information you choose to share with us or that we gather from your computer during your visit. We do not intentionally infiltrate your computer, but what we find we will use in accordance with our policy outlined above. If you don’t like this, tough. Go away.”

I mean, sure, it’s blunt and would scare me away, but, it’s TRUTHFUL, unlike most of the policies which are mired in legalese and ambiguous statements.

But, when you hit statements, like the one below, from Google’s Privacy/Terms of Use Policies, you know there is no such thing as internet privacy.

“Google Play”: Special legal privacy protections for users may apply in cases where law enforcement or civil litigants ask Google for information about what books an individual user has looked at.

Yes, they have ‘special legal privacy protection’, but between you, me and the judge; they protect Google NOT us…

And, yup, they (Google+) store the last five pages of any book you read, as well as a complete collection of everything you’ve read or purchased. (I noticed they also collected information from ANOTHER website, not associated with Google+, I was logged in to, and recorded what I’d read THERE. Just thought you might find THAT interesting…) Not sure which part of the “Special Legal Privacy Protection” rule they invoked for that, but until they recorded it there was no issue…

This recording of our reading habits will help law enforcement, HOW? (Well, all right, if you are accused of blowing up a building and the last book you read was ‘How to Build a Better Bomb’? I can see the relevance, but I don’t see why Google should need to store that; re-creation Forensic Scientists can (easily) de-construct the computer and see what I last read without Google feeling the need to pretend it’s because of Law Enforcement, or so my account can be synchronised.)

BUT, it’s this statement below that makes my blood boil (and should ‘tick-off’ everyone).

“Add-ons developed and provided by Google may communicate with Google servers and are subject to the Google Privacy Policy unless otherwise indicated. Add-ons developed and provided by third parties are the responsibility of such third parties and may be subject to third party privacy policies. For example, a version of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in is preinstalled with Chrome. Adobe’s website at provides more information on Adobe’s privacy practices with regard to Flash Player, and you can learn more about disabling Flash Player or any other plug-ins.”

So, Google installs this program during PRE-installation of a product and they (GOOGLE) are NOT responsible for their (in this case ADOBE’s) privacy policy???

You give me a ‘freebie’ I don’t ask for and tell me my computer experience will not be as enriching if I choose NOT to use it and yet don’t GUARANTEE the product is safe; DON’T guarantee it’s conducting itself in a way that is inline with your policies; and suggest Icheck out their policy’ before using the product???


Sorry for yelling (and swearing) but I’m hoping program developers (particularly Google’s) are listening.

I know they are not and don’t care about my concerns – heck, if you want to be private, don’t use the internet, right??? Such a cop out.

They don’t want to create programs that don’t let NSA, CSIS, SIS (or MI5), keep careful tabs on us so they dress it up under the disguise of “personalised ads”. (PO Personal Opinion.) At least I am still ahead of them on that and have not seen a single ad that even ‘kinda’ interests me…

I must be doing something wrong…

Human Element

Or they’ve already got enough cookies and markers stuffed in my computer to track me any and everywhere. I’m thinking this is probably the correct response. (PO)

Have fun and say “hi” to the authorities as you pass them lurking along the information highway greedily misdirecting traffic; tell them I say ‘hi’, too… ‘cause I’m not speaking to them!

What policies have you come across that make you scratch your head and say, “What’s the point? Here’s my first born, blood-type, DNA sample and link to everything I MIGHT EVER ‘like’…”





I’ve been playing with Win 8.1 for a few days now. I am NOT a fan. (Maybe I just don’t like change?) I have been avoiding this upgrade for months now; I don’t know what caused me to accept the notices that kept annoying me… I suppose I don’t like change for change’s sake; if you follow.

They (MS) are so proud that they’ve offered us back our “start button” in the form of a link that drifts you to their new ‘charms’. 

Photo of desktop showing MS 8.1

This is the new ‘START’ button… Yup, yup it is…

Charms are what used to be known as ‘program shortcuts’; or possibly a better term would be ‘program folders’.
I find them, or rather the NAME, highly condescending.
‘Charms.’ Was it chosen to ‘charm’ us into thinking they were cute? Was it chosen in hope that we would be charmed by them? In my case, epic fail. In yours? Who knows; you may find the name ‘charming’. So, basically the same as Win 8; NO START BUTTON.
Oh! But when you upgrade, they, (MS), offers you many new apps that make the heartbreak of losing all your files and photos and programs much easier to handle.

Like a Recipe App. (Called ‘Food and Drink’.) Uh-huh. An app that includes ADS with your recipes. I want this WHY? It has all sorts of sections to categorise their stuff. Oh! Sorry, spoiler alert! Yah, it’s organised for the app not for you; sorry, should have mentioned there was going to be a spoiler. There’s oh, heck, check out ANY recipe program on the market, they’re all basically the same and MS doesn’t have anything new to offer with this app except their choice of ads. NEXT…

An app I MIGHT find interesting if I can get the bells to actually SOUND, is the Alarm app. An alarm; laps (???) and stopwatch. I seriously doubt I’m going to use a LAP timer, I suppose if it were in my phone it’s possible… OH! WAIT! I already HAVE one in my phone… Well, the alarm thing-y seem good; again, IF the bells will sound.

There were others. Let me think, (or cheat and peek). Right. The ‘Helps & Tips’ app.. Anyone have a good reason why this was included? I checked it out. I have to say that not even if you were the stupidest person on planet Earth could you find this app helpful. Really. Either that or I AM the stupidest person on the planet because I can find zero redeeming qualities for this app/program.

The Reading List. Can you say ‘redundant’? Say it twice and you’ll be approaching the waste of programming… ooops sorry…. waste of apping(since we don’t have programs any more, I suppose we don’t have programmers, but this is just a jump in logic that I have; not sure anyone else is on board yet…). I mean, find something you don’t have time to read now… Why were you looking for it for in the first place? But, still, I get it, you find an article you don’t have time to read, or want to reread and don’t want to bookmark the page, you can now stuff it into this app and it will hold it for you like an overstuffed trash can; and, as long as you install it on your PHONE (or mobile) you can share those bits that you saved. (Of course, if you are using your laptop, *sigh* or desktop *double sigh*, you can’t share. You’ll need to do it the regular way: bookmark the page and share the address…) App included, WHY? (They already have One Note to do this?)

Scan App. Not sure what this does at all. I have a scanner. Why do I need another one? Or an app that scans for me?

Sound Recorder. What’s wrong with the one I have already? If I am recording sound for any REAL purpose, I already have a sound recorder that is far superior to a ‘free one’ and, if I’m NOT recording sound, specifically, why do I need one? Another uselessly bundled prograpp…

(Like that? My newest word-invention. Prograpp… so they’d be prograppers… Hey! If MS can make up words, so can I!!!)

Printer Control. Uh-m… pretty sure I control my printers just fine, thank you; don’t see a need for an app to become the middle man.

Google something or other. Haven’t opened this one yet, just noticed it. I suppose I’m going to need it, right? Uh-huh. I’ll let you know… (waiting on pins and needles, aren’t you?)

And OH! forgot the Calculator App… so useless I deleted it first off! I mean, it didn’t even recognise the keyboard and only provided for the mouse… really? Really? *sigh*…

These apps and the trouble to traipse back through all the settings, because, OF COURSE! MS is CERTAIN I wanted all my settings reverted to their favourites, *sigh* (’cause it’s so much more polite than what I’m REALLY thinking…) drove me batty and are NOT helping the migraine I am still dealing with!

The single thing that has me worried though, is the little blurp, when you are finally allowed to take YOUR computer back; about not being able to ‘sync’ your files until you provide a security code. I screwed up and entered the wrong e-mail address for the code to go to and MS, in all its wisdom assumes that a mistake is as good as an attempt to circumvent procedures and does NOT provide for a correction. I have a double protection on my e-mail; do they ask for the secondary security measure? NOPE… they go straight to, “You “F’d” up go to jail, go directly to jail; do not pass go; do not collect $200.” (I wonder if my ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card will work here?)

As far as I understand things, because it won’t permit me to change the BACKUP address (not that I’m changing it; just correcting the one I entered) I have one option: Let MS shut my account down for 30-days. This apparently ensures that no one else is using my account.

It also ensures that I won’t be using my account. And, since MS insists that my computer be strangled… errr… tied to a hotmail/live/outlook/something they can trace… I am not at all certain if the warning; something to the effect that I would have 7-days to complete this directive before Bill Gates send minions to infiltrate my computer and render it useless until I comply with their extortion demands…; will actually render my computer useless for 30-days, something to which, I assure you, had it been included in the warnings before I downloaded 8.1, would NOT have resulted in my downloaded of the fascist operating system. (I don’t even really know WHAT 8.1 IS.)

To this end, I think I have one, maybe two days left before the proverbial stinky-stuff hits the spinning apparatus and flings odoriferous-pucks throughout the land, infecting everything with the unpleasant odour of bully-ism…

Fingers crossed…


PS: I’ve also just noticed that when I try to comment, occasionally the window freezes and I am forced to shut down and start again. I’ve no idea if this is a WordPress issue or a Win 8.1 issue; or, could it possibly be, something else???

So, once again I tediously try and figure out why my computer hates me… Enjoy your day! *smile* 

Insanity: When the law is so far from reality you shake your head and throw your hands in the air.
(Thanks to Tech Thoughts Daily Net News for this.)




Don’t get all paranoid about it, but save.

And then back up. Not as in ‘away’, but as in additional, uncorrupted copies.

And then back up the copies.

And then, if you trust them, or understand how they work, sign-up for/to a ‘cloud’ service and save it at least twice in each one.

And then, just to be sure, e-mail yourself a copy to EACH of your e-mail addresses. If you only have/use ONE e-mail, open one with Google;; Yahoo ‘whatever’; and anywhere else they offer free e-mail and send a copy to each of them.

While you are at it, PRINT a physical copy and store it at the bank in a safety deposit box, or at least your personal banker’s ‘save’ box.

Then, and only then can you be reasonably sure it isn’t gone forever.

Reasonably, because, should a massive catastrophe occur chances are you won’t really care if your manuscript is gone. Earthquake; tsunami; fire… but really, it should take Armageddon to destroy all the backup copies you created to protect you from:


I am really trying to be upbeat and not lose heart. I am counting on data recovery to work their incredibly nimble brains and pull off a miracle not seen since December 25, 0000. (Okay, so MY personal miracle will NOT be as world changing… not even CLOSE; but, at this particular point in time? It is consuming my entire focus!)

By now, you may have guessed that I have lost a valuable (to me) document. I have been working on it for two-plus-years; it is the basis for a fourteen-series book deal; fifteen including the original; must have this one or the others kinda lack the full insight. They work without it, but they are so much richer WITH it.

IT is an epic manuscript between 130,000 words and 140,000 words. (Follow-up novels are between 45,000 and 75,000 words.) I say ‘between’ because I cannot recall the exact word count. I do know it is an awful lot of inspiration, perspiration and research. I also know it was finished. Complete. Done. All the facts checked; all the formatting re-formatted; all spell checks and passive voice dealt with. DONE. Ready for publishing. READY.

It’s not hiding. It’s not misplaced. It’s GONE.

It is NOT on the memory stick (any of ’em). It is NOT on my hard drive (ANYWHERE). The printed copy is at least ten COMPLETE revisions past. The bits and pieces left in various research folders leave me with a migraine as I stare and wonder HOW I am ever going to figure out my bibliography again.

What is almost worst is the ‘facts and figures’ file, the one that holds all the pertinent information about this novel, (and from which I would stand a chance of recreating the entire fallen-house-of-cards) is also gone.

I am demoralized; disheartened and downright depressed!

I knew this could happen one day. I am aware that ‘the worst things can and usually do happen when you are least expecting them to.’  Which is why I save. And save often. And save in a variety of ways. To avoid this complete meltdown.

None of the others in the series can be published now until the first is painstakingly recreated. Too many facts could shift and new thoughts and ideas occur as I write, which could alter facts or figures in later books in the series. Of which, two are ready to head to the printer… and now; now it’s even hard to pick my fingers high enough to hit the correct keys to write.

I am hoping by sharing my gloominess will dissipate, not by adding to YOUR burdens, but by showing and reminding me: THERE ARE WORSE THINGS THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED.

It doesn’t help me right now, but as time shifts, and I begin the impossible task, I’m sure it will fold into perspective. Sorry if I can’t think of anything beyond the end of my nose right now. I am consumed with my own grief and misery as I check yet another folder, hoping that maybe, just maybe I slipped it in here by mistake and called it something different. (A rose by any other name… would to me at this moment smell just as fragrant if all the other missing roses lined up neatly behind the first…)

Are you like me? When you write, as the words hit the paper with the original enthusiasm you relieve your mind from the concern of having to readjust that thought or even remember it any longer?

What I mean, (see? I’m MUDDLED!) is, well, if I write a quick note to a friend, or a lengthy letter to an agency, once I commit the words to paper, my mind feels free to move on. I can re-read the article/note and make revisions, but the original ‘spirit’ has flown from me and I find it nearly impossible to re-create my creativity… I have NO IDEA if you can follow that or not…

I want my manuscript back!!!!

This is going to leave a rather large hole in what I’d hoped would be a small cash flow for the coming year. (Okay, I’ll be honest, I’d hoped it would be a large cash flow…)

Dang it! ~Stomping feet and waving fists about like a lunatic.~

Well, nothing to do but keep looking; or begin re-creating… Putting the coffee on; see ya in a couple of years…

luv khrys…

I almost don’t need to add anything further. (But, ya all know me…)

Mail symbol

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These two e-mails (in quoted form below) arrived in my work inbox today. I really have to laugh. Firstly because I am not deceived. Nor am I enticed.

You see, In the first ‘urgent plea for my help’, he says he’s done his homework and he wants me, AS A CITIZEN OF INDIA, to assist in his fraudulent scheme…errr I mean assist in getting his late “Father” money. (We all know India ain’t my home…) What a shame that India now says no to foreign investments. Maybe I should assist ‘his’ help in removing my investments? OH! Wait! I don’t live in India! Drats, now we’ll BOTH have to find someone to remove our money for us. What a shame. I could really use 25% of 3.2 million. (Oh, I’ve left his number intact, along with his name, just in case you’d like to contact him and arrange to relieve him of that burden.)

Dear sir/madam

To Whom It May Concern, I kindly want to put in notice before you, my names Mr.Katala Justice, A citizen of South Africa, I am in India presently seeking for a reliable and trust worthy fellow to assist me of my late Father money, which I transferred from Barclays Bank London UK. To Reserve Bank (RBI) in India, for An investment purpose.

The said amount is Three million Two hundred Thousand U.S Dollars ($3.2Million) I have done a reasonable research and find out that is not easy for Foreigner to have an account for such a huge amount, so I want you as a Citizen of India to assist me by transferring this Fund into your nominated Bank account, and Twenty five percent (25%) will be offer to you for the Work well done.5% for Any expenses that may arise, please if you are interested do contact me as soon As possible.

Thanks for your co. operation.
Mr. Katala Justice.

This second one is such a JOKE!!! I mean, really, if you’re going to try and scam someone, at least use spell check! I have left this letter intact as well, (with the exception of removing the hyperlink to the *most likely* fraudulent website that will cause anyone DUMB enough to use it major headaches and frustration.)

You see the problem with my win, (other than poor spelling) is that MY e-mail address has been chosen as the winner… uh-huh. And WHICH address would that be? Nowhere in the letter do they ever mention my name; or the e-mail that is supposed to have won. Only a bunch of “Specail” numbers supposedly attached to my e-ticket. Uh-huh. And WHICH e-ticket would that be? And did you KNOW there was a World Lottery Regulation Act??? Gosh, neither did the world! (And I do speak on “behalfk” of the world when I say this…)

Then again, don’t you usually have to ENTER contests before you can win? What a shame. I could use $130,000 too. 

Airasia Exclusive Program
Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters
Kota Kinabalu International Airport
Old Airport Road Tanjung Aru 88100
Kota Kinabalu Sabah

The 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus program selection has been performed at our Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters here in Sabah, Malaysia. The 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Specail Bonus program is registered and organized in accordance with the Asian Gaming Board (A.G.B.) and the World Lottery Regulation Act (W.L.R.A.).

We are therefore pleased to officially notify you of the status of your Winnings. An official notification of AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus is hereby issued to you as your email ticket number; AirAsia-09-0-96-10, with serial number; AirAsia /01/2012, and ref no; AirAsia /019/2010007 in batch A /6183 randomly drew for the lucky numbers 000-31-0584 which selected your email address as a winner of our Exclusive Special Bonus program selection. You have therefore consequently won the 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus in its first batch. 

As regards the above, we have officially approved a sum payout of $130,000,00 (One Hundred and Thirty Thousand United State Dollars) only to you as our Exclusive Special Bonus winner, The 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus program’s Organising Commitee (L.O.C.) will immediately commence the immediate dispatch of your cheque of $130,000,00 (One Hundred and Thirty Thousand United State Dollars) as soon as you have contacted them. You are therefore adviced to contact the 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus program’s Organising Commitee (L.O.C.) immediately as stated below; ================================================================

Contact Person: JK Allen
Dispatch Officer in Charge
2012 AirAsia lottery program’s Organising Commitee (L.O.C.)



1.Full Name:…….
2.Residential Address:…..

Your’s Sincerly,
Jimmy Chan
(c)2012 AirAsia lottery program’s Organising Commitee (L.O.C.) For and on behalfk of AirAsia, Asia Pacific Regional.

So, when these e-mails enter your in box, don’t get too excited. Hit delete and move on with your day, cause, chances are, the fellow in India is part of a convoluted gang that earns its income from such scams; (I cannot believe people STILL fall for these pleas!) and the ‘WIN’ is simply checking out my greed; will I fall for this scam? (Most likely the same gang!) 

People wonder how their identity is stolen or compromised everyday! Responding to e-mails such as these, or banking ones that INSIST your account will be declared a terrorist account and police will come knocking at your door arresting you and anyone else they find, are what give scammers the tools they need to destroy your life. You think the cops coming knocking is a scary thought? Wait until your identity has been used for nefarious purposes and you have NO WAY of proving it WASN’T you!

Don’t be DUMB. Don’t be GREEDY. Don’t be NAIVE. God will NOT use one of these methods to beg for your help to save a loved one from persecution; nor will He beg you to save the church by forwarding your banking details.

Wise up folks, grow a brain. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS. IF IT SOUNDS TOO FISHY TO BE TRUE, IT MOST CERTAINLY IS. IF IT’S MISSPELLED AND IMPROPERLY ADDRESSED AND YOU DIDN’T ENTER THE CONTEST? IT’S A SCAM. Do not think YOU will be THE ONE who gets the REAL e-mail “advicing” you of your win. Trust me. No, wait, trust the MILLIONS who’ve already deleted that e-mail; YOU AIN’T GETTIN’ NOTHIN’ ‘CEPT A HEADACHE!

Your’s Sincerly
luv khrys…

PS: There IS apparently a seat sale going on with the REAL AIR ASIA, and thus I assume, e-mails of this nature will increase. Please watch yourself carefully and confirm through PROPER CHANNELS before clicking a link that is going to ruin your holiday, and many more days; weeks; YEARS to come!

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