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English: "Elk Bath" – A wildfire on ...

English: “Elk Bath” – A wildfire on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River on the Sula Complex in the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana, US. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, so that’s my topic today. Or right now. That’s because I’ve just witnessed (albeit via TV) another large explosion and fire in our province. PTL no deaths at this one, just LOTS of black smoke; not as spectacular as the recent Winnipeg fire, but then, it’s not really a contest. It has my attention.

It’s one of the reasons our businesses insist on conducting fire drills. Some think we’re nuts (but those are squirrels and we just show them the oak trees). But, if you don’t know that every employee has cleared the building; or if all the animals are out, how GUILTY would you feel as a boss?

It takes five whole minutes for a drill. You can’t take FIVE-MINUTES out of your month to make sure everyone goes home every night? Now, sure our business operates from our home, so?

Surprise drills are the most fun. (Actually, they’re all WE do. I mean, really; how many times have you heard a fire-victim say: “Well, the fire asked if now was a convenient time to destroy my business, and, as we were all feeling a little overworked, I said sure; now’s as good a time as any…”) I’ll tell you how many: ZERO! A fire will surprise you, so occasionally someone shouts “FIRE DRILL” and everyone reacts. (it’s REAL important to add drill, or someone’d call the fire dep’t and THAT gets expensive for false alarms.) When you have to do this with 25-35 dogs? It’s a hoot! And it works. 

Some fires all you have time to do is RUN. In that case, my advice? RUN!

Here are a few of the fires that have affected businesses, where mostly everyone lived. Not all; and some very tragic. RIP to those who didn’t survive, and prayers to their families and friends. 

  1. Maple Ridge Sub-Division, 4-houses crispy. Cause: Probably a roofer’s torch.
  2. Dawson Creek’s Historic Alaska Hotel gone forever. Cause: Not apparently suspicious.
  3. Cranbrook fire, destroys four businesses. Cause: Investigation underway.
  4. Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, 2-businesses gone. Cause: Undetermined.
  5. Family home up in flames, family escapes. Cause: Probably the wood burning stove or chimney.
  6. The second of two sawmills in B.C. to play with fire. Cause: Most likely sawdust particle build up.
  7. The first sawmill to explode in spectacular fashion. Cause: Most likely sawdust particle build up.
  8. Trucking company’s storage building toast. Cause: Too early to determine.
  9. 1970’s Floating Fishing Lodge goes underwater. Cause: Undetermined.
  10. Flames destroy many businesses. Cause: Undetermined.
  11. House, cars and neighbours house sizzle. Cause: BC Hydro denies it could have ANYthing to do with the work they performed on the house the day before it burned to the ground. Read the article; let me know if you believe them.
  12. Forest fire is a necessary evil. Cause: Unknown.
  13. Always hard on firefighters; not to mention the community. Cause: Not yet known.
  14. Fire Sale? Cause: Suspicious.
  15. Spelling is atrocious, but video is frightening. Cause: Unknown.
  16. Smoking a little too much? Cause: Electrical in nature.
  17. Butt out? Cause: Improperly extinguished cigarette.
  18. Hero, because he didn’t have to risk his life. Cause: Not mentioned. 

Okay. I’m sure there are thousands more in our province alone. My point was to illustrate the importance of a fire drill. Of knowing what to do and practising it. Develop a fire drill for home and work and anywhere else you go. One day, calmly marching the route to safety, you’ll be damn glad you didn’t wait. And so will your local fire department.

Stay safe, or who will read my blog?!?
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