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You may well wonder with the number of ‘ghost-written’ blogs being presented. You know, ghost-writers? People who will, for a fee, write an article on any subject for another person to take credit for. Ghost writer.

There’s nothing wrong with this, per se, sometimes we go on vacation or are hospitalised and we don’t want our readers to be aware of our ‘disappearance’, so we hire a writer to bring a subject to life and dazzle our readers; the difficulty I have in this, is it’s not being honest.

Our readers think we are brilliant (do so!); they have come to enjoy our take on life not just to read for reading’s sake! (Or, at least I HOPE that’s how you come to read my stuff…) I’m not speaking of guest bloggers, those are awesome and bring a different outlook, (usually); a refreshing view, if you will. No, I’m speaking of those who, with a little manipulation and understanding of algorithms and ‘key-words’ pay writers to come up with original content to wow or impress their readers, only it’s not THEM who is/are doing the impressing.

It’s cheating, and I’m not a fan. I read blogs because I want to hear other opinions and get new ideas, not to get ‘high ranked words’. I like to hear a ‘voice’ come through, and having ghost-writers avoids the personality and just spits out regurgitated mumbo-jumbo.

Oh, most of those blogs are interesting, sort of, but they’re usually flat, because the ghost-writer has no ‘stake’ in the content. The fees paid, typically don’t equate to a high-level of intellectual involvement, just a quick jotting of words; and often times don’t ‘sound’ like what we’ve come to expect. (Although, with a few blogs being totally ghost-written, one may never become aware of this.)

I have recently taken on a few of these assignments, to ghost-write blogs for those without the time or ideas to fill their daily requirement and I must say they are a rude lot!

They demand a certain length for a paltry fee, and let you know that it will be unacceptable if it comes in at this length. They actually want it longer, but aren’t willing to cough up extra pennies to pay for the work.

They also are cagey about requesting the use of ‘key’ words. This is when you are aware you are writing for a client who is a taker. Someone who has figured the system out well enough to earn an income off of people simply clicking ad buttons on their blog that only reflects the top 100 ‘key’ words, although, the content might be great.

Again, it’s not that I’m against people benefitting from a flawed system, (how do I jump onboard?) it’s that I despise someone taking credit for something they haven’t done! Or, maybe I hate the fact that we can be duped so easily. (I say we; even though I am guilty of writing some articles, I still don’t know for WHOM I wrote them…)

So WHY do I (and other good writers) do it?

The money. I need the extra income due to some interesting developments in my personal life. (Nope still married, sorry dudes…lol). Others may want a vacation and sales give them disposable income; others may find expenses mounting and need the income; or an unexpected bill (my case). I’m not knocking the practise; just …why not admit: Written by… For…; would it be so wrong?

So, enjoy well written blogs but don’t despair over not being as ‘perfect’ or as ‘awesome’ as some – chances are it’s a community effort…

Me? I’ll keep writing whatever pays, (yup, willing to prostitute my writing – I like writing too much not to), I’ll just remember what I read may not be what the blogger actually wrote…

Now to look at these reviews and see which products I’m going to pretend I’ve used and write a glowing, or scathing, report for…

preferring the truth,

PS: Yep, I wrote this… think I ought to hire someone else?



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I’m optimistic it satisfies a simple reading niche in your day and you do not put much pressure/expectation on me to deliver a weighty, pious or staid piece. (Sometimes it happens…)

I never know what the topic will be; I really tried to categorise so readers will be able to discern if this article might interest him or her, unfortunately I find myself consistently writing about the topic du jour; and not necessarily the ‘world’s’ topic. No more often than not it is something that has irked me or caught my attention and I feel like weighing in with my puny opinions.

I thought about an ‘opinion’ blog, but that could get very depressing, very quickly. Or quirky; quirky I could handle; persons not accepting my opinions? Not seeing things from my perspective? Refusing to accept what I write as fact? That would be just unconscionable… *smile*

The Closet is too Small!

The Closet is too Small!

 What I need is that secretary I fired a couple of years ago to resurface. She was pretty good; I mean she did lose that one life-altering file, but well, accidents happen… She keeps trying to remind me that she truly is a decent person and the closet I’ve locked her in is getting cramped, what with all the work I keep feeding her under the door.

Still, she has been more focussed and far less forgetful lately. It is possible SHE will know how to make sense of Win 8.1. There is the possibility I may release her to resurface and talk some sense into 8.1… (The more I think about it the more I wish she was a separate person so she COULD make sense of 8.1…LOL)

So if I can divert your mind for even a few minutes and leave you with a smile; a ‘ponderance’, some useful advice or an opinion, I feel I’ve done my job…

How about you? Do YOU feel you have gotten something worthwhile for wasting 5-minutes of your valuable time reading my babble? I hope so; I do intend to continue…


Tomorrow will be a little different; I have compiled a list of articles I’d like to share all in one spot, just in case you have nothing better to read!

My apologies for extending the boundaries of good manners. I have left this for far too long and wish to apologise first and to second, again express my surprise at such an honour…

Thank you so much to Shazza for her extension to include me as one of fifteen blogs that ‘inspire’ her. I am truly honoured to think that something I have written has encouraged anyone.

To accept this nomination, (or award, I’m not sure which…) we are to link back to the person who has nominated us, (Shazza). God bless her.

Then we are to post the award on our blog, (I hope I can figure out how to do that; new computer and all…)


Then we need to tell seven random facts about ourselves. Are they kidding? Seven, eh? Okay, but you/they asked for it…


  1. I adore colours… ALL of ‘em. Rainbows have only seven…God just showed us where to start…
  2. I am intrinsically sensitive and abhor quarrels… (I also express my frustration and like a boiling teakettle, once the steam escapes, I cool down…)
  3. I am fond of thesaurus…usususus’(Isn’t that a new dinosaur exhibit?)
  4. I’m not perfect… *gasp*… I KNOW! Came as a shock to me too!
  5. I exercise daily in our home gym… I pretend to enjoy myself…
  6. I have a wild past, that shouldn’t inspire anyone…
  7. I am a writer… stubbornly, tenaciously and, unfortunately, occasionally arrogantly…

Next, we’re asked to ‘nominate’ 15-other blogs that inspire US. (It doesn’t mention if we can reciprocate; but then, it doesn’t say we can’t either…) It also doesn’t mention what to do if we/you don’t have fifteen blogs, (or feel constrained to ONLY include that number), to nominate; I guess we’re on our own in that/those case/s. 

Firstly, I’d like to state that the rules request fifteen so please dear friends, if I have not chosen yours it does not mean I do not find your blog as inspiring or respect your work as an author… It means the rules said fifteen so I tossed the names in a hat and chose fifteen at random… please believe me, if it were possible I would nominate each blog I follow as I only follow blogs because they inspire me. Whether by kicking my butt to look at something differently, teaching me new craft skills or sharing their heartfelt pain so I can share in the blessing of praying with them for change; EVERY blog I follow feeds my brain and reaches into my heart. I wish only the best for each and every one of you…

Now, the nominee’s for VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Ashley Jillian… Just a wonderful quirky writer who sends a tickle up my funny bone as I read her work…
  • Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts… Want to find out what’s happening in the dizzy-paced revolving-evolving world of technical gadgets, new viruses, hoaxes and understandable advice? Take a peek at Bill’s links! (forgive me for misspelling his name in previous blogs… bad me; bad!)
  • Chris Martin Writes… Inspiring tales from those who have every right to shout out their achievements!
  • Citizen Plain… Not all opinions expressed reflect my thoughts or views, but it does inspire me to thinking!
  • Live2Eat.Eat2Live… a tasty trip through Hawaii and the off-the-path eateries as well as well-known ones by a chef who is as creative as she is unpretentious! Eat before reading.
  • Marjorie MARA Whitley… Creative, talented and using what God has gifted her with to generate sounds that move, inspire, indulge… 
  • MyOwnHeart.ME… Inspiring me with insight and provoking issues as I read this woman’s struggles and pain… Bring tissues, and get to know her quirky side; the tears aren’t always sad!
  • Nail Your Novel… If this doesn’t inspire you to write that novel betterclearer… with a compos mentis point of view…
  • Rantings of an Amateur Chef… He rants pretty good grub… advise eating before reading here too. Inspires me to check out my pantry more often… 
  • RetireeDiary… mostly GORGEOUS photos that will leave you breathless, inspiring much thought on the beauty that is all around us…
  • Roger Tharpe… Inspiring words to provoke thought and create personal experiences, connecting Bible concepts to current moments in life…
  • SoliDeoGloria… More insights that refresh renew and inspire thought…
  • The Better Man Projects… Evan Sanders is one man striving to be a better man, and offering advice and insights along the way. He inspires me to be a better woman…
  • Victoria Elizabeth Barnes… humour abounds and along the way tips on how to repair your Victorian Manor, improve your holiday décor or just peek in to see if Paul survives…
  • Unctions of The Spirit… Inspiring persons to push forward, through adversary and reach for what God has given…

That’s fifteen… but, please, if you don’t see yours listed remember, it’s because I didn’t draw it from the hat… And do remember my method of choosing does not in any way water down their right to be here, each one of these blogs deserves to be recognised for their inspiring reflections and for imparting their ideas and expertise so we can all grow, learn and laugh… thank you for sharing yourself…

Thank you humbly for this honour, and may you each enjoy the same thrill of being recognised for your awesome inspiration! God bless…

luv khrys…

Do I like spelling errors? Well, they DO tend to drive me crazy! I get the shorthand way of abbreviating everything so it fits in a one-hundred forty word, pardon me, character message. I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about there; they’re; their. Those words. 

Ten Words You Need To Stop Misspelling

Ten Words You Need To Stop Misspelling

I have two interesting… ‘things?’ (The first, a ‘graphic’ by “The Oatmeal” I received through Pinterest; the other, a poster I’ve had since computers were born; which has no attributions on it at all.)  (Click on link to the Oatmeal to see graphic at full size…)

If I’ve discovered the secret to uploading photos… the graphic should reproduce; and we will have to rely on my cracked-and-leaking memory for the other, as the dogs have just eaten the poster… *sigh*… 

I halve a pea sea. So eye know my
well all way’s bee write. 

And… well… my brain farts here. That’s all I can remember; perhaps it’s still available somewhere in internet-land? Hopefully, you got the point? 

I dislike pigeonholing, but sometimes, a spade is a spade. If you continually use ‘there’…when you should be using ‘their’ I’m gonna continue to assume you aren’t very bright. Sorry. I don’t mean to sound superior. Oh, heck, I CANNOT claim superiority…but, if I’m diggin’ in the garden with it, it’s probably a spade. 

Now, Professors and English teachers out there are rolling their eyes, taking caps off their red-markers, scratching lines as they rearrange my sentences putting nouns, verbs and adverbs in their correct place. (You should use the red-line marker in your PC programme… it’s lot less messy!) But, I am not writing a technical piece. I am writing a piece that comes from my mouth; or as I speak. I tend to do that, that way I have a ready excuse for those who want to rip apart my work. Nevertheless, it’s true. Spoken words come across with their own set of rules. (Don’t believe me? Stroll through any *your language; mine is English* high school. Yup, its English…) Sure it is..

Still, if you want your work to be noticed, it needs to be readable. Who is your audience? (Or is that ‘whom?’) Pay attention to what they are asking of you. A blog, well, mine, is set up to satisfy MY needs to write and post… I LOVE IT when someone responds or follows; gives me a sense of accomplishment. I hope they have started following because they enjoy my quirky sense of writing. That’s WHY I’m writing it… 

Still, I don’t want to drive you away by posting first-drafts. Please don’t get me wrong, as much as I love you, I do not spend hours writing this; and I correct as I go, with one final check at the end…and an edit after I publish… and I pray it still makes sense. 

I write dialogue, mostly. (*grin*, sorry, you should have seen how my fingers mangled that spelling.) Consequently, my syntax probably flows differently than you’re used to. For writers, that’s a Godsend! *Sticking tongue out at my English Professors.* 

It’s true. While I can’t get away with:
                “She grewed her hare long causen she lik’d’it.” And, looking at it… of course I can! (Tell me who you SEE speaking that ‘thare’ sentence?) 

Still, normally? Spelling matters. Reading three-hundred-plus pages of that would hurt! 

I think I lost my point again… and, that IS my point. I do that. I wouldn’t in a book; article or review, but in my blog, it’s okay. If you’re writing dialogue, get inside your character’s head and write what HE says, not what YOU would. 

Pay attention to whom you are trying to attract and the style of writing/reading they tend to enjoy and you will find, your writing style will find you. Especially, if you are lucky enough to find one that you don’t have to learn, or fake. 

Try to use correct spelling or ‘approved’ hieroglyphics, *LOL* but please stop continually misusing words so you stop looking stupid… Or, I’m going to get MY red-marker out, and remove the cap… 

luv khrys… 

PS: Tomorrow: Answers from *hugs* as to WHY my photo don’t wanna post… OR, Celebration party, complete with strawberries and champagne: It posted!

Okay, now… What do I want this blog to be about? Why am I writing it?

I would have gotten around to this sooner, only I thought I’d figured that out. I think I know how to install photos and pictures now. Use the Z-gadget; they choose legal ones so I don’t have to worry any more. I have thousands of graphics, but I’ve had them for years and I have NO IDEA where they came from or if I’ve made them or not! So, IF this works… I’m okay with it. IF. (So far, I’m not impressed, it’s been ‘loading’ for ten minutes… I’m not waiting any longer. We’ll see with the next post what happens…)

So, again. Why am I writing? Other than the insatiable need to force my thoughts down your receptive-sensors…

What do I hope to convey to you?



Random bits of insight?

Crazy rants?


Well. Yes. 

“And?” You ask. (Aww c’mon…) 

And? …and what? Hmmm, not going to be happy with just that, eh? I was including random stories, but I think they will do better on a page of their own. I think they could …will get lost in here. So, and‘, eh? 

How about we go with that to start with, ‘n when you want to know ‘and’, you shout at me, okay? 

What do I hope to get from you? (ha! Weren’t expectin’ that, were ya?)

I want feedback. If you like; if you hate; if you just don’t give a darn! I especially covet criticism…constructive criticism… 

Subjects I intend to touch on are probably eclectic. (Probably? Who are we kidding here?) Whatever catches my attention in the morning; or guides me throughout the day. Or bugs me. OooOOoo! I have some of THOSE! (NOT bugs… *shudder*

I am still amazed by all the things you can do with a blog…space. I’m still waiting to be able to use that SocialVibe ’cause’ thing. I click and it says its generating new content; check back later. Hmmm… I’d be okay with old content until the new stuff was presentable. I might remove it and check back in a few months to see if it’s available, ’cause it takes a lot of space at the top of my blog and looks messy. 

Okay… Going to focus… Focus focus… Hocus-focus… LOL… 

Question: Can YOU focus on your blog-writing with distractions such as loud, unexpected, un-evenly intermitted, piercing noises? Next blog: HOW I CRAZY-GLUED THE DOGS LIPS TOGETHER…OR, DO EARPLUGS WORK? Decisions… decisions… 

So, shall I go east? (Everyone goes west…) EAST IT IS… (Did you fill the tank?) 


luv khrys…

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Okay… I’ve decided to blog…AGAIN. Some of you might remember past fiascos… With any luck, this one will finally be able to stick. Apparently, once I add the information into the little boxes in my WORD program; all I have to do is press ‘publish’ and viola! You get the new updated thoughts roaming around inside my head that manage to creep their way to the front, and down through my fingers to the keyboard. 

To faithful followers of my past blogs I sincerely apologise. It was my lack of computer knowledge that disappointed you, not my lack of enthusiasm. I simply COULD NOT find my way back to the spot where I started. I STILL don’t know the way. So, we try again. If you see nothing for a few days… call the paramedics. 

Now, to start, and because of losing my way so often, just in case the promised connections fail yet again, this first blog is: 


I GOOGLED “blog”. Up came the lists. I knew a few from recent encounters. I checked out the offerings. I THINK WordPress is going to be my saviour. In addition, yours, if you enjoy my inane ramblings… *smile*. 

This is how I got from, “Okay, I’m gunna try again!” to “Oh, my gosh! It worked!” 

I started at ‘Wordpress’. Off to the left-side of the screen is, well, if everything works right, you should see a photo of what I saw. The logo and stuff. I clicked the Learn more link, and was transported to a page (Features– beautifully laid out) describing the experience I could hope for. Or that I could deliver to you

I really would have liked to show you the photos I painstakingly took and cropped and added arrows to; but apparently they’re only available on some weird and wonderful planet that after you sign-up, no longer exists. (That issue with getting lost again.) 

After drooling over the features that I might be able to figure out, I made my choice. Yes, WordPress is where I want to launch myself, because I feel that, if I can’t succeed to find my way back here, I am going to give up. So, here we are. Sort of. 

Obviously, I’ve had to do a lot more. Choose a ‘theme’; pick widgets (still luv that name); choose fonts and sizes and colour and…sign-up! Can I prove I can find my way back? We’ll save ‘DID I FIND MY WAY BACK?’ for my second blog, where I’ll let you know, how I chose what I did and why. (If it shows up, we’ll know all’s well in polyglot-land for another night…) (OH, errr… where’s the exit…? I wanna go home…)

You can let me know your thoughts or insights below in the little comment thingh-y. I’m expecting a rocky start…but, rocks ARE solid… Learn with me as I build the stepping-stones to blogging; who knows? I might say something useful! (And, if nothing else, I’ll have a roadmap I can follow.) (OR NOT, apparently…) Still, as long as the posts work through my programme, I’ll be back… if not… I’m lost again and have given up… Check the ocean for a bottle; my last post will be curled inside.)


luv khrys…

(PS: How do you save a draft?)

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