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I’ve been playing with Win 8.1 for a few days now. I am NOT a fan. (Maybe I just don’t like change?) I have been avoiding this upgrade for months now; I don’t know what caused me to accept the notices that kept annoying me… I suppose I don’t like change for change’s sake; if you follow.

They (MS) are so proud that they’ve offered us back our “start button” in the form of a link that drifts you to their new ‘charms’. 

Photo of desktop showing MS 8.1

This is the new ‘START’ button… Yup, yup it is…

Charms are what used to be known as ‘program shortcuts’; or possibly a better term would be ‘program folders’.
I find them, or rather the NAME, highly condescending.
‘Charms.’ Was it chosen to ‘charm’ us into thinking they were cute? Was it chosen in hope that we would be charmed by them? In my case, epic fail. In yours? Who knows; you may find the name ‘charming’. So, basically the same as Win 8; NO START BUTTON.
Oh! But when you upgrade, they, (MS), offers you many new apps that make the heartbreak of losing all your files and photos and programs much easier to handle.

Like a Recipe App. (Called ‘Food and Drink’.) Uh-huh. An app that includes ADS with your recipes. I want this WHY? It has all sorts of sections to categorise their stuff. Oh! Sorry, spoiler alert! Yah, it’s organised for the app not for you; sorry, should have mentioned there was going to be a spoiler. There’s oh, heck, check out ANY recipe program on the market, they’re all basically the same and MS doesn’t have anything new to offer with this app except their choice of ads. NEXT…

An app I MIGHT find interesting if I can get the bells to actually SOUND, is the Alarm app. An alarm; laps (???) and stopwatch. I seriously doubt I’m going to use a LAP timer, I suppose if it were in my phone it’s possible… OH! WAIT! I already HAVE one in my phone… Well, the alarm thing-y seem good; again, IF the bells will sound.

There were others. Let me think, (or cheat and peek). Right. The ‘Helps & Tips’ app.. Anyone have a good reason why this was included? I checked it out. I have to say that not even if you were the stupidest person on planet Earth could you find this app helpful. Really. Either that or I AM the stupidest person on the planet because I can find zero redeeming qualities for this app/program.

The Reading List. Can you say ‘redundant’? Say it twice and you’ll be approaching the waste of programming… ooops sorry…. waste of apping(since we don’t have programs any more, I suppose we don’t have programmers, but this is just a jump in logic that I have; not sure anyone else is on board yet…). I mean, find something you don’t have time to read now… Why were you looking for it for in the first place? But, still, I get it, you find an article you don’t have time to read, or want to reread and don’t want to bookmark the page, you can now stuff it into this app and it will hold it for you like an overstuffed trash can; and, as long as you install it on your PHONE (or mobile) you can share those bits that you saved. (Of course, if you are using your laptop, *sigh* or desktop *double sigh*, you can’t share. You’ll need to do it the regular way: bookmark the page and share the address…) App included, WHY? (They already have One Note to do this?)

Scan App. Not sure what this does at all. I have a scanner. Why do I need another one? Or an app that scans for me?

Sound Recorder. What’s wrong with the one I have already? If I am recording sound for any REAL purpose, I already have a sound recorder that is far superior to a ‘free one’ and, if I’m NOT recording sound, specifically, why do I need one? Another uselessly bundled prograpp…

(Like that? My newest word-invention. Prograpp… so they’d be prograppers… Hey! If MS can make up words, so can I!!!)

Printer Control. Uh-m… pretty sure I control my printers just fine, thank you; don’t see a need for an app to become the middle man.

Google something or other. Haven’t opened this one yet, just noticed it. I suppose I’m going to need it, right? Uh-huh. I’ll let you know… (waiting on pins and needles, aren’t you?)

And OH! forgot the Calculator App… so useless I deleted it first off! I mean, it didn’t even recognise the keyboard and only provided for the mouse… really? Really? *sigh*…

These apps and the trouble to traipse back through all the settings, because, OF COURSE! MS is CERTAIN I wanted all my settings reverted to their favourites, *sigh* (’cause it’s so much more polite than what I’m REALLY thinking…) drove me batty and are NOT helping the migraine I am still dealing with!

The single thing that has me worried though, is the little blurp, when you are finally allowed to take YOUR computer back; about not being able to ‘sync’ your files until you provide a security code. I screwed up and entered the wrong e-mail address for the code to go to and MS, in all its wisdom assumes that a mistake is as good as an attempt to circumvent procedures and does NOT provide for a correction. I have a double protection on my e-mail; do they ask for the secondary security measure? NOPE… they go straight to, “You “F’d” up go to jail, go directly to jail; do not pass go; do not collect $200.” (I wonder if my ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card will work here?)

As far as I understand things, because it won’t permit me to change the BACKUP address (not that I’m changing it; just correcting the one I entered) I have one option: Let MS shut my account down for 30-days. This apparently ensures that no one else is using my account.

It also ensures that I won’t be using my account. And, since MS insists that my computer be strangled… errr… tied to a hotmail/live/outlook/something they can trace… I am not at all certain if the warning; something to the effect that I would have 7-days to complete this directive before Bill Gates send minions to infiltrate my computer and render it useless until I comply with their extortion demands…; will actually render my computer useless for 30-days, something to which, I assure you, had it been included in the warnings before I downloaded 8.1, would NOT have resulted in my downloaded of the fascist operating system. (I don’t even really know WHAT 8.1 IS.)

To this end, I think I have one, maybe two days left before the proverbial stinky-stuff hits the spinning apparatus and flings odoriferous-pucks throughout the land, infecting everything with the unpleasant odour of bully-ism…

Fingers crossed…


PS: I’ve also just noticed that when I try to comment, occasionally the window freezes and I am forced to shut down and start again. I’ve no idea if this is a WordPress issue or a Win 8.1 issue; or, could it possibly be, something else???

So, once again I tediously try and figure out why my computer hates me… Enjoy your day! *smile* 

Insanity: When the law is so far from reality you shake your head and throw your hands in the air.
(Thanks to Tech Thoughts Daily Net News for this.)


Okay, I got a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card today. (My husband wrote it for the Doctor; tellin’ him not to worry ’bout my BP.)

My blood pressure was spiking; I have a migraine that is ready to take the top of my head off and I had an appointment with the Doc.

I’m not sure WHY I did it yesterday; I really ought to have known better. When you have a Dr’s appointment, NEVER do anything to raise your blood pressure before going to see him or all he’s going to do is focus on THAT! *sigh*

(Of course, I have the type of blood that, as soon as it knows the Doc is going to put that cuff on me, shoots up and may as well become a flippin’ volcano!)


Today’s blood pressure fiasco actually began yesterday (I started to tell you this…) when I, for some reason unknown to mankind, decided that FINE! If MS isn’t going to stop PESTERING me to upload/download/install 8.1 I might as well as get the deed over with.

(I seriously think the blood pressure cuff and MS are in cahoots; should check into what they donate to…)

So, I BACKED UP my computer. (Yeah, learned my lesson from the LAST update!) Then I backed it (EVERYTHING in my computer) up (again) to a removable drive. Then I disconnected the drive and told it to behave while I messed up the system; I hope it was listening.

Then I closed everything; performed the ‘checks’ as suggested. Found only one issue (or so it SAID.) Searched, the only way to mitigate the issue 8.1 ‘discovered’ was having to purchase a new program; not happening on my finances. The one I have works perfectly well and does not require updating or replacement as far as I am concerned.

Everything happy? Okay, read the agreement and policy.

Why do they bother? A simple,

“We will do whatever the h*ll we want with your information and if you want to continue using your computer just click ‘I agree’ and be prepared to have your life put under a microscope. Or leave; we don’t want you if you’re not willing to hand over your first-born,”

would suffice. Honestly, just reading what I was going to be giving away boggled my imagination! It’s not much WONDER MS is attacked so often. Maybe if they’d just STOP trying to be EVERYTHING?

So, yup, blood squirting from my ears, I pressed update. It tells me I can use the computer while the update is taking place and it won’t affect the download at all… SURE…

I chose to go lie down and relieve the pounding in my brain. Migraines are really no fun.

I peeked after two hours; four hours; six hours… At least my head was resting and I stopped vomiting. (TMI?)

After NINE hours it was shouting at me that, “if I didn’t hit the restart button NOW, it would do it for itself in 6:59; 58, 57, 56…” I clicked restart, then went back and laid down for another two-hours.

YIPPEE!!! It’s ready…

Or notNow it wants to VERIFY me as being the same person who created the e-mail address and has been the ONLY person using the computer for the past year. REALLY? (First-born gone, now they’re aiming for the second?)

  1. Okay, fine.
  2. Enter e-mail.
  3. Request “code”.


Wrong e-mail for recovery. I know that; but it is too late, I’ve clicked okay already! Sh*t!

You know what? It’s nearly eleven pm; I started this sometime around 6:30 this morning; I have a raging migraine and damn it, this can wait until morning! How do I shut the thing down?


Finally spotted the little, “I’ll do this later,” link and clicked it. Then, instead of just shutting down, as I KNOW I should have, I HAD to test to see what this 8.1 had done to my computer. Changes were/are everywhere. I tested one program; more by accident than design, and thought it was going to start up and everything would be fine. Then it stopped, refusing to continue without the disc; NOT the program I had been warned wouldn’t cooperate when the update was complete… What other surprises await?

After bleeding out (yeah, red computer now…) I couldn’t take the shock. I found shut down; shut down and went to bed, tears hovering. (Yeah, sensitive and EASILY upset… my head hurts, back off… *smile*). I decided there was nothing I could do. If everything was gone; it was gone. I have a backup. I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry over spilt milk. (But I swear I was ready to empty the damn cow!)

Today, my blood pressure has been riding the cusp of explosion and raging. I have managed to restore MOST of my settings and delete the new apps MS decided I MUST want. (Yeah, no thanks; well, maybe that alarm one…)

Nearly fall off my chair when I see the request to save everything to the web. MS’s ‘secure’ – yeah, right, space. I read the notice twice to be sure I was reading it correctly. The default selected to save everything to the web, NOT my computer. (Yeah, YOU are probably aware of this, I was not.) I chose the other option. I don’t require my documents to follow me around. I work on them using ONE computer. I don’t trust web-based storage. Too easily compromised. For now it’s free; what about after they’ve got all your documents and you cannot live without it? Yep, not going to get caught in THAT web.

So, now I have most of my computer back the way I like it. Still unable to do some things and it does p*ss me off. Especially when it tells me I don’t HAVE admin permissions. I AM THE ONLY PERSON USING THIS COMPUTER – WHO ELSE WOULD HAVE THE DAMNED ADMIN. PERMISSIONS?!? (Yeah, I know; I don’t operate in the admin. account all the time, but when updating or installing? I HAVE TO.)

Now, if I understand the world correctly, I have seven days before MS again gets its panties in a bunch and threatens to cut off my left arm. At this point, from all things I can understand and have read, I shall lose the use of my e-mail address for 30-days while they confirm my identity to use the account. Again.

I updated to 8.1, WHY?

THESE are the things I need to know before deciding to update. Not how much ram and whatnot. I’d feel far less stressed (and my doctor would be much happier) if updates would give HONEST, clear directions as to what the update is going to do.

I now have a prescription for happy-pills… they should knock me out, taking care of the migraine – unfortunately not MS! My blood pressure was surprisingly low… the doctor didn’t scold – much… (I’m keepin’ my get-out-of-jail-free card for next time…)

Anyone else have a horror story for MS 8.1I pray not…


Me again… Did you miss me? LOL…

I keep wondering how to increase the size of my plate. Or decrease the size of my order. One or the other requires slimming down. I am certain I have A.D.D…. and it’s adding up!

My newest thing this week (actually its all related to the new computer…) is testing this feature. (“What feature?” you ask looking around…)

Well, if I’ve done everything correctly, and you SEE this post, then THAT’S the new feature! “Huh?”

Oh, c’mon, it’s so simple…can’t you see it? *grin*…

Okay; okay… I’ll stop teasing. (Of course, if you read the title…)

Yup, trying this Windows Live Writer (or kinda). According to the information I found on it… which, ironically I had to use GOOGLE CHROME to get ANY useful info about it, all MS tells you is, ‘awesome program, you need it NOW!’ Yeah, that’s informative…

I open a program in my computer, type what my gripe… err information is today and click post… and (again, if I’ve done it all correctly) it posts for me!

I am dying to post this and then come in and see what it looks like! (and what bit of advertising they’ve attached, cause if I see ANY out this program goes!)

So, a bit of a useless post, just really testing my new toys… hope I didn’t bother ya too much…

Oh, BTW, if you could let me know if YOU notice any icky stuff… I’d appreciate it…

God bless,

luv khrys…

PS: What I don’t like: It’s impersonal. I don’t have to come in and peek around; read your creations. I don’t like that at all. (and this is before posting…. wonder what else will fail?) (PPS: This is the SECOND post… I checked the first, it didn’t handle the font too well… trying again…)

Windows 8…

I just wish they had offered the choice! This may work well for their purposes, not so much for the general masses. (I have mass, and I consider myself a general (pain/nuisance…))

I am using Windows 8 because it arrived preinstalled. I don’t have the brains to figure out how NOT to use it and choose another operating system. (IS there another operating system?) That and I swore to myself I was GOING to learn it. Maybe ‘swore’ is a little strong… I determined that I could learn this. (I’m not sure WHY I decided this…)

It’s snowing outside and here I sit, inside, trying to figure out why this program or that program isn’t where it is supposed to be. Oh, gee – D’UH…gotta install it first… *sigh*. I should be making snowballs…

I REALLY do appreciate that I can listen to music now. It does make writing a lot harder, (listening to music)

(So does this flippin’ keyboard! Ack! Have to learn a new placement of keys and a different pressure to hit the keys with… That and figure out WHY the @ symbol is where the “ is supposed to be…???) REALLY, IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME FIX THAT I’D REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Thanking you in advance… (Update: between writing that and getting extra-cranky, I have managed to build a work-around for this issue… Clever when I need to be, ‘eh?)

I have discovered how to turn off “live-view”. Apparently, Windows-8 assumes I want to have everything open and constantly moving. I think they also want me to click the tiles to reach the pre-installed programs. I want to figure out how to DELETE e-Bay. For the rest, well, they are okay. I’m not deleting them yet. I haven’t figured out WHY I’d want them; but for now they can stay in the grid.

As I said I figured out how to turn off ‘live-view’, and how to make all the boxes the same size so it fits into a smaller space. (I also figured out how to make the Trash Bin HUGE… LOL… it’s the only thing on my desktop and it’s enormous! You could see it from space!)

What do I like about my new computer? From the time I press ‘Power’ until I type my password? TEN-seconds. From Password to ‘ready-to-go’? FIFTEEN-seconds. Yep, definitely an improvement over the other; power on, go make coffee, empty dishwasher, wipe counters – password time… take the dogs for a walk, make a coffee, fix breakfast… hit e-mail… 30-minutes of exercise… return; downloads and upgrades? Ahhh…fudgicles & ice cream! Go back, finish another hour of exercise (gotta get it in somewhere!) hit download e-mail, go shower… FINALLY I can start to work…well…after deleting the gagillion spam-mails…

But, is speed a good compensation for not being able to find or work with any files? Can someone please find those 65-photos I downloaded? Or wait… no, I can find them – I want to work with them and upload the video to YouTube (sorry, private access only) but all I can do is view it! I could do that before I downloaded it!

Now, now, now... what else do I LIKE about my new computer…? The screen is huge! 23-inches… or something, cause it’s wider than tall. But I can’t figure out how to turn down the brightness… (I figured out how to turn the overall brightness down to the lowest setting but white pages still nearly blind me! – can’t figure out how to fix that and still see the screen…)


The speakers are awesome! I can drown out the rest of the noise in my office… including the phone if I’m not careful…lol! I can say I’m looking up one particular story that I’ve been working on for nearly ten-years… maybe longer? Some of the songs in my play-list have re-opened the ‘wounds’ and I think I’m ready to finish it.

Like… I have been able to set up a cloud… (watch and see if it don’t rain…) I need to transfer certain documents from the previous computer here… I’ll let you know how that goes. (Don’t expect a miracle… Unless you’re expecting me to be alive at the end of the transfer, then by all means expect away… *smile*)

LIKE... I have a wireless keyboard and mouse now… Still debating the mouse but the keyboard is a big step up…

LIKE... Not sure what else. Too early for a full evaluation. Haven’t yet been able to access everything… I DO have a long list of dislikes, but I am TRYING to keep an open mind. I REALLY don’t want to make a replica of the old computer; I WANT to embrace the newer…albeit crappier…interface… So far? All I want to do is “enter” FACEPLANT

See you in a week… I should have reset all the passwords and permissions by then… And, Mr. Mullens? AVG? 4-hrs, still whipping through files… Really hope that’s different on/in here…

luv khrys…

PS: Drowning in permission slips… (Do you read every privacy statement and all the terms and conditions…? Maybe you should… or not, do you REALLY want to know what you’re going to eventually end up clicking, “yah, go ahead, put a monitor on my head and follow me around, if it means THAT much to you…”)

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