Some days I just can’t get going. I feel like nothing I do is right; like everyone is judging me and I’m falling far short of the imaginary line.

Today appears to be such a day. 

Very Rainy Day

Another ‘Wellingtons’ Kinda Day…

Nothing seems important or interesting. My mind can’t focus on anything except mindless numbing of TV. (Which, really, can be a valuable source of information; just not so much when Looney Toons is the subject portrayed.)

I want to be fed today. I don’t want to create. My creative has flown the coop along with the proverbial chicken. 

Usually when I am like this there is either so many ideas running around that my head can’t contain them all and they start colliding; or there is simply nothing I can clasp; nothing that has a structure (beginning; middle and end).

So, I think I will just do nothing today. Nothing permanent is going to appear anyway, so let’s just stop kidding ourselves and send me back to bed…

Funny, usually I enjoy the rain… 

Find the sunshine…



Fantasy… and children… winners all the way!


We skipped down the sidewalk towards the waterfront. A long green lizard skittered across in front of us. Expecting to see only the beach, and hoping only for sea shells, my son noticed a red pyramid in the distance.

We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and sped up. up a bit. Soon, we heard music, it must be a carnival or festival!

“Gosh,” gasped my son, this sidewalk didn’t look THAT long!”

“Everything seems to take longer when we are excited, “ I said, rushing to keep up with him.

“Race ya, Mom!” He smiled.

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And it wouldn’t surprise me to learn…

Go Fish Ministries, Inc

I’ve seen one of these things and it was smaller than a grasshopper!

“From the skies: Absolutely nothing will escape the government’s all seeing eyes, especially when drones take to the skies in 2015. These smart devices, ranging from the size of small aircraft to as small as a grasshopper will have the ability to see through the walls of your home, and be capable of tracking your every movement. ”

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You probably knew this already, right?

Go Fish Ministries, Inc

If you have one of these XBox 360s, you need to get rid of it!

During that same period, NSA and its British counterpart, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), also considered using the popular gaming system, Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect camera.In Orwellian fashion, this surveillance system was used for experiments in facial recognition; to monitor existing targets and for discovering new targets to be surveyed.Microsoft’s Xbox system with the Kinect camera allows users to control the system, play games, and scroll through the menus using only hand gestures. What Microsoft did not reveal? The fact that the system cannot be powered on without the Kinect,  which is designed to detect heartbeats and eye movements, and requires  positioning yourself in front of the camera to be activated.There are an estimated 10 million of these systems in homes today.

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