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I’ve thought and thought and thought… until I felt like The Grinch, pondering until my ponderer wore out…

What is Valentine’s Day?


A day to share our hearts with our loved ones? Oh, wait, can’t give you a hug today, hun, gotta wait until Valentine’s Day…?

St. Valentine was a MAN, of that we are sure…ish. He was a Catholic priest, martyred in Rome in ‘maybe?’ the third century. (This is the one generally considered to be St. Valentine.) However… there were two others, (According to this Catholic Encyclopaedia). Not much is known of one (served in Africa) and the other wasn’t a priest IN Rome.

But that is NOT what I want to bloggle ya with.

I want to ask you, “Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?” Do you celebrate it ON February fourteenth, or, do you wait until a convenient evening/day around the fourteenth? (Ie: This year it is on Thursday, will you wait until Friday or Saturday?)

Do you include your children? Your parents? Your friends? Your pets? Your extended family?

Do you try and do something romantic with your significant other?

Is it a day of romance? Happy memories?

Or of love? Your pet; your friends; your…?

Or of painful reminders? Bitter disappointments?

Will you spend money you’ve scraped and saved?

Or will you whip out that nearly paid off credit card?

(Or will you be all corny and romantic and present a handmade craft?) Smile with tongue out

Will you go traditional, flowers, candy, dinner, wine? Or something off the wall; heli-picnic; trip to Paris; base-jumping hand-in-hand?

It’s strange that we have just left a season of time filled with (supposed) joy, happiness and love and now we enter a day reserved again, just for that purpose. And not even recognised as a stat-holiday, either! Sad smile

We’ve already been given the greatest love gift of all. EVERY single one of us. We just have to have faith, take hold and unwrap it.


The ultimate gift. The ultimate love. Don’t let it sit in the box on the shelf; open it, enjoy it, SHARE IT!

luv khrys…

PS: I don’t have the flu… I am testing cold-remedy products… so far they all make me feel like I’ve got the flu… *see you in a week or 7-days; can’t hurry these things ya know…*

PPS: Being stuck inside all day has left me stir-crazy… IF I did it correctly, the above photo SHOULD take you to… Just don’t want you to panic if I’ve done everything horribly wrong and it warns you your computer is being taken over by mind-numbing zombies or something…

PPPS: I went ‘insert-delirious’… now to see what it looks like after posting… (I’m tryin’ Live Writer again… don’t want to spread my germs too far afield… Sick smile )


Me again… Did you miss me? LOL…

I keep wondering how to increase the size of my plate. Or decrease the size of my order. One or the other requires slimming down. I am certain I have A.D.D…. and it’s adding up!

My newest thing this week (actually its all related to the new computer…) is testing this feature. (“What feature?” you ask looking around…)

Well, if I’ve done everything correctly, and you SEE this post, then THAT’S the new feature! “Huh?”

Oh, c’mon, it’s so simple…can’t you see it? *grin*…

Okay; okay… I’ll stop teasing. (Of course, if you read the title…)

Yup, trying this Windows Live Writer (or kinda). According to the information I found on it… which, ironically I had to use GOOGLE CHROME to get ANY useful info about it, all MS tells you is, ‘awesome program, you need it NOW!’ Yeah, that’s informative…

I open a program in my computer, type what my gripe… err information is today and click post… and (again, if I’ve done it all correctly) it posts for me!

I am dying to post this and then come in and see what it looks like! (and what bit of advertising they’ve attached, cause if I see ANY out this program goes!)

So, a bit of a useless post, just really testing my new toys… hope I didn’t bother ya too much…

Oh, BTW, if you could let me know if YOU notice any icky stuff… I’d appreciate it…

God bless,

luv khrys…

PS: What I don’t like: It’s impersonal. I don’t have to come in and peek around; read your creations. I don’t like that at all. (and this is before posting…. wonder what else will fail?) (PPS: This is the SECOND post… I checked the first, it didn’t handle the font too well… trying again…)

~ …Dreams are gossamer threads bound with iridescent rainbows and reflected in golden clouds; they let us reach for the unattainable and believe we will touch it… they hold our spirit and remind us to chase the vision… We admire those who attain greatness and strive to follow in their footsteps… ~ krd…

(You may have seen that before… it’s in my WordPress profile as well… thank you for remembering!)


Beautiful Artwork...

Beautiful Artwork…

I am female, which means as all males of this era will insist I am the weaker sex. Ha! These men would be nothing if their mothers hadn’t taught them to be brave, heroic, honest and honourable and their fathers taught them skills. They, or at least the ones raised up in a caring environment, will doff their cap or come to the aid of a lady in distress…

Then there are those whose upbringing was of a more personal nature: eat-or-be-eaten. The world is filled with these miscreants, who will smile at you and, when you lower your eyes, they’ll shove a carving knife through your heart…

Still I am in charge of my smallholding; a pittance of the Grande Kingdom, to the North of Wolcast, where I was born. Removed to the plains South of Wolcast when my uncle seized power, his blade still dripping with my father, the King’s blood. Many, who stood bravely by my side, refusing to surrender or pay allegiance to the usurper of the throne, paid with their lives, their screams still haunting me; their homes burned, their families murdered.

Offered the holding in the region of Norweld, a small stone hovel, really, I grasped at it. Determined to re-build and make my uncle pay for his treachery…

I wish to build my Master City, Iridescent Rivers, into a rich and thriving merchant hub, where squabbles and petty crimes are intolerable. Where news can flow and persons can find respite. Join me in my quest… for you will find I am loyal, trustworthy and generous; but woe to the traveller bent on destruction and harm, for no quarter will be shown…

*the plot begins to churn…*

luv khrys…

Soooooo… whatcha think? LOL… I imagine I will be toast in 5-days… but the novel idea (or maybe simply a story) shall grow for many sleepless nights, drats and double-drats!

I wish to give credit for the photo, unfortunately the details appear to be locked in my other computer… if its yours and you object, please inform me, I will delete!


  • don’t know why this bullet will not go away… Probably punishment for my shameless promotion… lol


This is late for two…three reasons… one, still having technical difficulties… two; I wrote and saved in a different file folder, therefore ‘mis-placed’ it…and three…I needed time to remove myself from it… *hugs* (PS: I posted it at my Google (khrystle-raine-drops) Blog as well; as soon as I figure out where that is I’ll share the link…)

Bryan Adams - ChristmasTime



I am fully and completely depressed now.

“Somethin’ about Christmastime; Something about Christmastime makes me wish it was Christmas everyday… See the joy in the children’s eyes; the way that the old folks …(love?) says that Christmas will never go away…”

Sometimes something hits you and you are not ready for it. This song completely brought me unglued.

I had the privilege of meeting and spending a few hours with Mr. Adams a very long time ago. It was a brief encounter and a pleasure in my otherwise humdrum life.

I don’t know why this song brought out tissues and set me off on a crying jag that is spiraling into a good old-fashioned depression. Normally it doesn’t. Normally I’m dancin’ about when this song plays, singing… (which will depress anyone within a square mile…) but today, this just has drawn a terrible sadness inside me…

The loneliness in the crowd of revellers. The kid who gets chosen last. The outsider looking in.

Oh, it will pass; it only remains because I give it root…and wings…

The moment when it really hits you that Christmas isn’t about family, friends, food or greed…

Happy Birthday Jesus…

May God continue to bless you,

In Jesus’ name, amen.

luv khrys…

PS: It IS about perfection; but a perfection we can never achieve, only strive for… And HE is willing to overlook the failures….

PPS: This version of the song was the only one I could locate on YouTube that I felt I wanted to share… I felt it even more appropriate as I watched the video…


Now, I was gonna spout something pithy/pious about Christmas. I typed the title as it occurred to me, and, then, just cause it’s what I do, I ‘looked up’ “beacon”. (Maybe I was hoping it would lead me to the missing manuscript, I dunno.. – Oh, great! Now a new deliciously evil plot is lurking on the fringes of my brain… The Missing Manuscript…)

Aside from the normal meanings and thesaurus (anyone else wonder what a The Saurus was? I think it might have disappeared with the unicorns…) additions there was reference to a BELISHA BEACON.

Hmmm? thinks I, what is a ‘Belisha beacon’? (And how does it differ from a regular beacon?)

So, naturally this curious kitten clicks the link, (more curious than brains sometimes…)

Turns out a Belisha beacon is a sign at either end of a Zebra crossing, consisting of a flashing light inside a yellow-dome on top of a black-and-white striped pole… (source: Encarta Dictionary, UK)

My first question is a rather confused… “Huh?”

My second question, a little more articulate, is… “Do the Zebra’s know this?”

My third question, completely out of left field, is… “Why do I research this stuff???”

I have a cartoon vision of a train choo-chooing down the tracks, nearing the crossing and the little amber light starts blinking and the stampede, running from the Wile E. Coyote, breaks into two groups as half screech on their brakes stopping while the rest, already through the crossing, continue. The train chugs past and the lights stop blinking and the Zebras continue their fear filled flight…

Now, apparently I am the last person on the planet to know that a CROSSWALK is called a ZEBRA-CROSSING.

A CROSSWALK WITH said Yellow-Domed Poles is a BELISHA CROSSING. Which begs a WHOLE lot more questions that need answering (2-to be exact…ly wrong).

  • Who or what was Belisha?
  • What occurred that he/she/it were bestowed the honour of being singled out for name calling? (Me need coffee…)

For that matter, Crosswalk? Why not Acrosswalk, as in, they walked across. Or Walkacross? (Or RUN cause that car ain’t slowing down ACROSS!) Who decided crosswalk was the term? And is it any ‘better’ than Zebra/Belisha Crossing? (MHO: Yes… STILL don’t know who/what Belisha is/was…) 


Belisha BeaconOkay, I did a little (very little) more digging.) Britain’s Transport Minister (1934-1937) Leslie Hore-Belisha (1893-1957) was/is given the honour of having his name used. 

You can read an interesting brief recount of the history of the Belisha crossing here, along with lots of other goodies. Here is their home page.

Still I beleaguered-ly ask: What happened to Christmas???
Getting that coffee now…

luv khrys…

PS: Please forgive me Michelle… I didn’t stay any where NEAR one topic per paragraph… but I do appreciate it in ‘real’ writing…s… *smile*


Jack cards of all four suits

Jack of Suit – Photo Credit Wikipedia


You don’t know JACK
But, you DO know JACK-sh*t.
Alas not JACK-all…
You can JACK it up
JACK it out
(You can even wear a JACKet)
You can JACK a vehicle
JACK up a car
using JACK stands
JACK studs
JACK walls
HighJACK a plane
You can do JACK diddely
We’ve JACK Russels
JACK in the box and JACK in the Box…
and JACK of all trades
JACK of diamonds, JACK of hearts, JACK of clubs or JACK of spades
Black JACK
JACK Sprat
JACK and the Beanstalk
JACK B. Nimble
and JACK B. Quick
and then there’s that JACK what jumps candlesticks
JACK and Jill
and L’il JACK Horner
JACKson and JACKman
and plain old JACK something
We have JACKasses
or you can be a JACK ass
There’s JACK cheese
Monterey JACK
and Cracker JACKs
You can buy JACK
Feel JACK,
Smell JACK,
Play JACKs
or JACK off
there’s JACK Frost
and, lastly, we cannot forget Jumpin’ JACK Flash 

Yup, JACK is quite the versatile part of the English language…
It fills nouns, verbs, adverbs, potbellied pigs… ok; ok… *grin*
WHY JACK? ‘Cause the thought popped in my brain and wouldn’t stop until I exhausted the possibilities… WHICH JACK’S have I missed?

luv khrys…

(PS: I did NO research for this… (shudd-up…*giggle*) so if you have extra JACKS for me… NO FAIR INCLUDING REAL JACK’S…that would BE JACK…and take years to compile… lol)


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I did it! PRAISE GOD!

I completed several things, actually…

I took up the NANOWRIMO challenge November first and I completed it, OFFICIALLY November 20th. I did not like the ending and stewed and lost sleep over it. (I haven’t become close to these characters and I was finding it hard to ‘end’.)

I sat down on Friday and opened a new file. I called it ROUND TWO. Into it I began downloading my brain. Literally. Well, okay, figuratively. But every thought was emptied. I held NO thought captive.

I decided that I was going to attempt the impossible. I was going to write 10,000-words per day for five days and have a SECOND NANOWRIMO challenge book to hand in.

My brain emptied. I was feeling the pressure as the day drew to a close to complete the first ten-thousand words. Still I struggled, clawing my way through brief moments of snoozing, my chin in my hands, headed toward the keyboard for another face-plant. I was determined, before I went to bed there would be 10,000 words, or more, written by me, that day. I almost quit at just under 8,000. A quick jaunt on the elliptical, and my brain cleared, or re-filled, one or the other. I returned to the keyboard and punched out a further 2,596 words completing my goal. I ‘saved’ (not as permanent as Jesus…) and shut down.

Not only did I shut down the computer. I closed my mind. I showered and crawled into bed, kicking four dogs from my side; they were less than pleased. They hold to the rule: first come/first served. Funny how it’s always MY side of the bed they evoke that rule to. I didn’t care. Out they went and I crawled under the covers, my head touched the pillow…

My husband commented in the morning that I must have done something right – I slept like a dead-decaying log…ALL NIGHT! OMGosh! I felt WONDERFUL! I was not achy, cranky, confused, or talking crazy! I SLEPT! It might have had something to do with the penicillin, but generally that does nothing to help you sleep… (I have an infection bordering on the ‘super-bug’, BUT (the doctor assures me, after testing,) is not. It’s just stubborn, like me.)

I cannot tell you how liberating it was to eliminate all of the crazy words floating round my head…”Let us out! We want to be in NANOWRIMO too!” Praise God that He steered me to this way of clearing the cobwebs (because I dislike spiders… and dust…).

His next gift was an ending to the novel. Yes, after dumping five-thousand words, THREE-TIMES, I was finally able to hear the end and follow it, dumping those five-thousand words yet again and adding an epilogue. As always, I have left the door open for future use of these characters and to either continue, flesh out or delve deeper into any or all of them. I guess I should say He has…

Praise the Lord. It has been challenging as that wily Satan through up road blocks like mad this past week. We were INCREDIBLY busy all week. We had a major virus that we traced and wound up needing to contact ALL of our clients to inform them what symptoms to watch for. (Not connected with MY personal virus…) Very disconcerting to the two new clients who started this week… Interestingly, not so worrisome for the clients who contacted wishing to start, but willing to wait three-weeks until this virus’ contagion is gone… Praise God!

Among other general, day-to-day stuff. I think a cold started to touch down… banished that in a hurry… Praise God…

Now, if I could only figure out HOW to post this thing into ‘The Office of Light and Letters’ or ‘Letters and Light…’ and have it validated… I’d like to post before my computer breaks… (I have a crack in the housing, noticed it this week… yep, challenges all round…)

Well, dawgs are staring at me like: “Hey, lady, feed us, or your leg looks tasty…” guess I’d better put some chow in the dishes, there are more of them than me…

I did it… and I’d like to offer up a pray that those who are struggling to reach the end of NANOWRIMO find their ‘ending’ and the time to get it written. I also pray for those who don’t finish, that they still feel fired up and not discouraged. That they don’t cheat to ‘win’, and that they join next year, prepared to TRY again! Praise God, and thank you Jesus… In Jesus name. Amen…

luv khrys…

PS: the house is still clean and we only had take out twice! Yep… forgive me for bragging… (waiting for the lightning strike… you might wanna stand over THERE for a bit… *grin*…PTL!!!)

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