Posted on: March 3, 2014

I have been able to read a few of the blogs I follow (Not all; I’m just gettin’ back, ya know; I’m moving as fast as I can! lol) and I have noticed the ad space they (WordPress) alerted me was now going to be attached to my posts and, presumably others as well.

Now, I’m not sure if the people who pay for these ads to be placed are actually getting their monies worth. I say this as the few blogs where I noticed the content of the ads did not fit with MY interests and I am QUITE CERTAIN did NOT fit with the blogger’s ideals either.

Not often you see “Girls Girls Girls – Cute, Sexy, blah blah” on a Christian site. (I say not OFTEN because, well, some are simply covers for their nefariousness…) But, still these particular blogs are not the type of site that leads me to even question their sincerity in their belief and walk with the Lord God.

So, now my question is this: If we click on those ads, does the company MAKE money, or is that when it must PAY WordPress for the placement? If the latter, I’m all for getting the word out that you should click the heck out of these ads without any intention of buying/viewing/or sending money to them in any way. That way, WordPress is being paid; the company who insists on presenting these ads is penalised (they believe if one-hundred persons click, 2 must surely spend) and usually the spending of those two persons will pay for another thousand or so ads. So, click a thousand times, the company has to pay WordPress, and hopefully, they will “PAY” closer attention to the placement of their ads!

If the former, and the company MAKES money and WordPress loses it, then don’t do this! We want WordPress to earn! (Or at least I do.)

I have never been a fan of ads, but the ones that are being delivered lately are all about sex. I am not against sex. I have a lot of fun with it. (You’ll find that most Christians (generally) have a very fulfilling sex life!) But I’m still against ads depicting young, naked girls strutting their birthday suits to a banner screaming ‘sluts r us’. They (WordPress) promised ‘tasteful, appropriate ads’; what they failed to include is that their idea of tasteful or appropriate is being judged by a 50-year-old perverted sex-offender still residing in jail for his last offences.

I noticed in the few groupings where I took the time to look, there are four ads in a checker-board style grid, each with a different ad. Three of the ads were for sex-offers, one was for another type of product. In at least four of the sites where this popped up the three ads were all the same, and the fourth is the one that changed. These were all found on Christian blogs. Maybe God is testing the weak?

Not a fan of the new ads unless we get an opportunity to, at the very least, choose ‘types’ we don’t want to see; ever.

Water Buffalo Lodge

Flintstone’s Water Buffalo Lodge

Ads: the bane of existence. We need them to inform us of products or services we might otherwise not use or meander through life without. Right back to the stone age, think about it – without signage (advertising) how would Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble be able to tell the Buffalo Lodge from the Bowling alley? And where would they park?

graphic depicting Flintstone's Bowling Alley with parking!

Flintstone’s Bowling Alley
with parking!

We need to have advertising; as obvious as that sounds. The difficulty is in the greed associated with the advertisement. If we can mitigate that, and be happy with a slice of the cake instead of all seven-layers, we might just strike a happy balance between my interest in viewing your ad and your insistence that I click it.


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