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wpid-edocenaheader.jpgToday, it was suggested to me that I should not produce any Plays this year. I was crushed.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was talking with Stef, and we were discussing the future of Azure Lorica, and our personal endeavors. The Tea Mixer came up, and we described our Associates as our armies in this new movement we’re taking the company towards — I as the King, her as the Queen, and each group representative as our Generals. We were practically playing chess with each rising champion from these aspiring groups, allowing us to strategize how each one will advance in their place, and soon…victory!

(…we were talking business…)

When all was said and done, I continued on to ask how we’re going to manage the company’s mission statement? I confessed that Grants may not be possible this year, as the requirements are way above our ability at the moment…

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Thank you for reblogging! I really appreciate the enthusiasm in these productions, looking forward to this project starting 🙂

Blessings…wish I was closer to finishing a screenplay, I’d be all over this… *grin*… You’ll get to where you’re going… just sidetracked this year…but sidetracking brings rich insights…good luck!

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