New Year… New Challenges…

Posted on: January 12, 2013

2013… yep, starts right off with a bang. BOOM!  

AFTER fireworks… and for those who don’t know, my birthday falls on New Years Day… (I’m so lucky, eh?) So I get a double whammy! (No Whammy; No Whammy; No Whammy; STOP!…lol… that’s for those who’ll get it… lol)

I survived turning {mumble-mumble} and the earth turning 2013… my computer however decided ten years was enough of my mishandling and abuse. It broke. Normally, if something breaks we fix it or toss it. (Or practise our foul-language shouting at it…) and, usually, when things break I just move on, if I don’t have a replacement no big deal. WELL, let me inform you, this is NOT the case this time!

I have become addicted to my computer! I had withdrawal symptoms… (You know, where you sleep-walk to your computer and fire it up, typing away on it even though NOTHING is actually working…*grin*)

It’s true though, I feel lost if I can’t write daily. (I might not post what I write… but believe me at least two-five thousand words leave these fingers daily… (English teachers hated me) or DID until my ‘puter broke…)

Then, just for good measure, our internet and phone lines went dead… oh, joy… that took a WEEK for the phone company to discover the issues and FINALLY send someone qualified to repair them! (It’s a big deal to us; we operate a business and our debit machine was affected costing us big-bucks all week…) My only worry was I was missing reading the blogs! Forgive me…

Anyway… I apologise for being absent. It’s going to take me a week to figure out all the safety measures etc… in this new electronic beast. (But, PTL, yet again! My son used to sell computers so he was invaluable at choosing the ‘right’ one! Who knew a stint at a box store would result in expertise of a useful kind?!)

A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU (& CONGRATULATIONS) to Shazza for her gracious blessing offering me a nod as a nominee for “A Very Inspiring Blogger”, I’m very humbled and hope only that what I write gives you, precious reader, what you want, need or came for… I will be following the rules very soon… *hugs*

So, I will be in and out as I discover things about WINDOWS 8; which ain’t easy!!! I feel like I’ve been sent back to kindergarten and I’m the one without the paste! So, please, a prayer will be gratefully coveted; that I might not get frustrated. I have a personal unspoken prayer I’d like prayer for as well, but don’t worry if that’s not your thing… but if it is… *thank you…*

OH OH OH!!!! I FINISHED THE NOVEL THAT MY COMPUTER ATE!!!! PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD!!!!! Now, back to the beta for a confirm it’s still somewhere near as good as the first time round! The computer crash/breaking DID NOT affect the completion! PTL!!! Oh, can you tell, I’m PDH!!!!!

I’d like to share my play list from YouTube… it’s a real MIX of styles, and stuff… it’s NOT for everyone, I listen to it… well, I made it (about two years ago? one year? six months? lol) but I couldn’t listen to it at the same time as I did anything else… (ten-year-old computer, ‘member? (okay, so I discovered it was only 6-years old, it just acted 10!)) It’s really kewl, I can now! I’m typing and listening to it play. (Wow, is it eclectic!) I have seen some of these bands in person… really incredible to sit with tens-of-thousands… *shiver* ONE of them, if you listen REALLY REALLY REALLY carefully, you MAY hear my completely off-key voice belting it out with the artist(s)… *smile* I also dare ya not to jump up and start dancin’… even if it’s only ‘bum-dancin’ (where yer butt stays on the chair but the rest of ya is wriggling… *giggle* ENJOY!)

Of course it does make it hard to get any work done…well, except for housework; can’t sit still anyway…

Enjoy (If I link correctly…)

PlayListOneUnDun  I‘m looking forward to adding new ones from a new blogger I am now following (I hope; if I did things right…ack!) (Yeah, the music is older than dirt, but it is better than what we got!)

On those notes… *grin*… I will be here again! God IS my witness!

luv khrys…


5 Responses to "New Year… New Challenges…"

Very Nice! Thanks for the interaction with our post my fellow lady blogger. You do have a way with words and expressing yourself, may God continue to bless that craft of yours..Also, continued blessings on completing your literature and a very radiant new year/belated birthday to you my new online connect!! 🙂

Thank you! You are very kind to say so! *hugs* …luv khrys

Well a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! SO GLAD THE OL’ WHAMMY is gone. PTL you now are able to get up and running as a wordsmith, you were missed by this blogger. god Bless and keep you love and hugs ((xx))

*hugs*… I will be able to if I can figure out Windows 8… I am clicking and learning through mistakes… I’ve already rebooted twice… I’ve truly missed reading your insights (and if I can figure out WHY WordPress has decided to change my Reader ) God bless you too! luv khrys

oooo now that is major problem if you can’t get me and mine !!

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