Something about Christmastime…

Posted on: January 1, 2013

This is late for two…three reasons… one, still having technical difficulties… two; I wrote and saved in a different file folder, therefore ‘mis-placed’ it…and three…I needed time to remove myself from it… *hugs* (PS: I posted it at my Google (khrystle-raine-drops) Blog as well; as soon as I figure out where that is I’ll share the link…)

Bryan Adams - ChristmasTime



I am fully and completely depressed now.

“Somethin’ about Christmastime; Something about Christmastime makes me wish it was Christmas everyday… See the joy in the children’s eyes; the way that the old folks …(love?) says that Christmas will never go away…”

Sometimes something hits you and you are not ready for it. This song completely brought me unglued.

I had the privilege of meeting and spending a few hours with Mr. Adams a very long time ago. It was a brief encounter and a pleasure in my otherwise humdrum life.

I don’t know why this song brought out tissues and set me off on a crying jag that is spiraling into a good old-fashioned depression. Normally it doesn’t. Normally I’m dancin’ about when this song plays, singing… (which will depress anyone within a square mile…) but today, this just has drawn a terrible sadness inside me…

The loneliness in the crowd of revellers. The kid who gets chosen last. The outsider looking in.

Oh, it will pass; it only remains because I give it root…and wings…

The moment when it really hits you that Christmas isn’t about family, friends, food or greed…

Happy Birthday Jesus…

May God continue to bless you,

In Jesus’ name, amen.

luv khrys…

PS: It IS about perfection; but a perfection we can never achieve, only strive for… And HE is willing to overlook the failures….

PPS: This version of the song was the only one I could locate on YouTube that I felt I wanted to share… I felt it even more appropriate as I watched the video…


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