Posted on: December 14, 2012

Where do you seek God in the midst of a horrific, senseless tragedy?

Where was He? Didn’t He see this unstable gunman? Didn’t He anticipate his evil thoughts? Why didn’t He step in and stop this?

How can a loving God allow innocent children and adults to become the pawns in some sick person’s mind?

Sadly, a loving God allows such tragedies for His own purposes.

Many of us are crying; never having set foot in the state, county or school. We never knew these children, or their families. We never will. Our hearts still break with disbelief, shock and horror. Our tears still flood our cheeks as if everyone of those children were ours. We cry for the families and wish there was something concrete we could do for them. We wonder about our own kids and, yes, some of us have headed to our children’s schools to pull them out for the day, the week; forever!

We fear the sicko’s in this world.

There is NOTHING that will bring peace or comfort to these families. Nor the response team who has had to go through the school collecting bodies and confirming there are no more dangers lurking, ready to leap out and create panic and chaos as things are starting to settle down.

What will ease the pain, and bring some comfort is prayer. Our prayers, offered to God on behalf of those too close to have any coherent thoughts right now.

Belief in God, that, somehow He is watching and understands the pain and heartache of losing their child. He has been there. His child also suffered an unfair death. He understands. Trust in His plans; somehow, somewhere, these children’s deaths shall serve a greater purpose.

Right now, as humans we don’t care! We want our kids back.

That pain, too, shall ease. We DO care.

We just don’t want someone telling us that, “It’s okay. God has a plan.”

That will only serve to drive those teetering on the edge away. They will not seek God’s comfort and strength to guide them through this senselessness. They need Him.

Don’t ride in all sanctimonious. Crawl in; offer tissue; offer your shoulder; offer your prayers; OFFER yourself, and LISTEN. Just listen. Let their tears, their heartache, their anger bubble up and flow out. Don’t tell them it’s wrong or that time will heal their sorrow. Later, when they’re ready, God will speak with them. He will wait, and so should we.

Just offer love and LISTEN.

To the families; friends, coworkers, fellow-students, teachers and staff, and response teams I offer up a prayer. That God will hold them, comfort and protect from retribution or copy-cat killers. I pray that, although this Christmas is ruined for all involved or touched by this, I pray they will not continue to hate Christmas and it will become a centre of joy for them. For the deceased I pray God is watching over their souls. I pray the adults and those old enough to have made a decision for the Lord, have done so and they now reside comfortably in His arms. I pray this tragedy will remind us of the precariousness of life and how fleeting time is. Please, Lord, comfort those in the midst of this event. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


luv khrys…

PS: I wrote this as my initial response as I heard of this insane calamity. I am in shock so forgive me if this sounds as inarticulate as my thoughts swirl in chaos.


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No words to share on this such a heartbreaking tragic incident 😦 😦 Why why is this?? why man always does end up like such a brutish animal 😦 😦

But, the US government also should wide open their eyes N minds against to their own….

*hugs*… completely understand… senseless… this and all murders… keep strong… luv khrys…

WOW !! – Even in the UK (and Spain where I am now) we hear this far too often from USA. We do not understand the gun laws in the USA! It shocks us every time. – why schools?

Your piece is a bit chaotic but well written with passion. I read it all. It’s great but sad. Writing from the heart … I like.

*hugs*… thank you. I don’t understand it either. I come from a country with stricter gun controls as well, but as one person put it, this person had been planning for sometime to commit this travesty; would a no gun policy have thwarted him? I would like to think yes; sadly, I’m forced to consider no. luv khrys…

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I love the way you write it moves me. I love you Khrys, blessings.

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