There ARE worse things that could have happened…

Posted on: December 10, 2012




Don’t get all paranoid about it, but save.

And then back up. Not as in ‘away’, but as in additional, uncorrupted copies.

And then back up the copies.

And then, if you trust them, or understand how they work, sign-up for/to a ‘cloud’ service and save it at least twice in each one.

And then, just to be sure, e-mail yourself a copy to EACH of your e-mail addresses. If you only have/use ONE e-mail, open one with Google;; Yahoo ‘whatever’; and anywhere else they offer free e-mail and send a copy to each of them.

While you are at it, PRINT a physical copy and store it at the bank in a safety deposit box, or at least your personal banker’s ‘save’ box.

Then, and only then can you be reasonably sure it isn’t gone forever.

Reasonably, because, should a massive catastrophe occur chances are you won’t really care if your manuscript is gone. Earthquake; tsunami; fire… but really, it should take Armageddon to destroy all the backup copies you created to protect you from:


I am really trying to be upbeat and not lose heart. I am counting on data recovery to work their incredibly nimble brains and pull off a miracle not seen since December 25, 0000. (Okay, so MY personal miracle will NOT be as world changing… not even CLOSE; but, at this particular point in time? It is consuming my entire focus!)

By now, you may have guessed that I have lost a valuable (to me) document. I have been working on it for two-plus-years; it is the basis for a fourteen-series book deal; fifteen including the original; must have this one or the others kinda lack the full insight. They work without it, but they are so much richer WITH it.

IT is an epic manuscript between 130,000 words and 140,000 words. (Follow-up novels are between 45,000 and 75,000 words.) I say ‘between’ because I cannot recall the exact word count. I do know it is an awful lot of inspiration, perspiration and research. I also know it was finished. Complete. Done. All the facts checked; all the formatting re-formatted; all spell checks and passive voice dealt with. DONE. Ready for publishing. READY.

It’s not hiding. It’s not misplaced. It’s GONE.

It is NOT on the memory stick (any of ’em). It is NOT on my hard drive (ANYWHERE). The printed copy is at least ten COMPLETE revisions past. The bits and pieces left in various research folders leave me with a migraine as I stare and wonder HOW I am ever going to figure out my bibliography again.

What is almost worst is the ‘facts and figures’ file, the one that holds all the pertinent information about this novel, (and from which I would stand a chance of recreating the entire fallen-house-of-cards) is also gone.

I am demoralized; disheartened and downright depressed!

I knew this could happen one day. I am aware that ‘the worst things can and usually do happen when you are least expecting them to.’  Which is why I save. And save often. And save in a variety of ways. To avoid this complete meltdown.

None of the others in the series can be published now until the first is painstakingly recreated. Too many facts could shift and new thoughts and ideas occur as I write, which could alter facts or figures in later books in the series. Of which, two are ready to head to the printer… and now; now it’s even hard to pick my fingers high enough to hit the correct keys to write.

I am hoping by sharing my gloominess will dissipate, not by adding to YOUR burdens, but by showing and reminding me: THERE ARE WORSE THINGS THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED.

It doesn’t help me right now, but as time shifts, and I begin the impossible task, I’m sure it will fold into perspective. Sorry if I can’t think of anything beyond the end of my nose right now. I am consumed with my own grief and misery as I check yet another folder, hoping that maybe, just maybe I slipped it in here by mistake and called it something different. (A rose by any other name… would to me at this moment smell just as fragrant if all the other missing roses lined up neatly behind the first…)

Are you like me? When you write, as the words hit the paper with the original enthusiasm you relieve your mind from the concern of having to readjust that thought or even remember it any longer?

What I mean, (see? I’m MUDDLED!) is, well, if I write a quick note to a friend, or a lengthy letter to an agency, once I commit the words to paper, my mind feels free to move on. I can re-read the article/note and make revisions, but the original ‘spirit’ has flown from me and I find it nearly impossible to re-create my creativity… I have NO IDEA if you can follow that or not…

I want my manuscript back!!!!

This is going to leave a rather large hole in what I’d hoped would be a small cash flow for the coming year. (Okay, I’ll be honest, I’d hoped it would be a large cash flow…)

Dang it! ~Stomping feet and waving fists about like a lunatic.~

Well, nothing to do but keep looking; or begin re-creating… Putting the coffee on; see ya in a couple of years…

luv khrys…

13 Responses to "There ARE worse things that could have happened…"

Oh my god, that absolutely SUCKS. I am SO sorry! I can only imagine what you’re going through right now. Just spitballin’ here, but … did you by any chance email it to anyone for them to beta read? *crosses fingers* GOD that sucks. Um … well, keep on smiling and hope the data recovery wizards find it?

Yeah, unfortunately not. I am so upset! It is as if the world decided this book was not meant for publication and has flown the proverbial coop. I still have my fingers crossed on data recovery can at least find it! Just putting me about a year behind the deadline… *sigh*… yup… Merry Christmas… *hugs*

Merry Christmas to you too 🙂 Data recovery teams have done wonders for me in the past. Just emphasize that you will LITERALLY MURDER THEM IF THEY CAN’T RECOVER IT. Or don’t, lol.

I’m already thinking up the synopsis… lol (I HAVE recovered some important bits that will aid me in rewriting…baby steps…)

[…] ask this because I just read this post, in which my blogger friend explains that she lost her manuscript. Lost, as in, her computer […]

*hugs*… thanks! luv khrys… AND CONGRATS! Woohoo! Rising Star! That’s gotta feel really good! save save save…

I would quickly write out a timeline, a rough scene by scene and anything else you can remember by heart of your novel. It’s fresher now than it will be in the upcoming weeks.
Also I only have mine on my four memory sticks and a early hard copy in my room. Unless there was a fire.. and hopefully I was home so I could grab them, I should be ok. I can’t imagine losing it though. I don’t save it on my computer. Have no idea why but it always bothers me being online and my prize and joy sitting there.
This has gotten me to think it is about time for a new hard copy. It will be well worth it.
Hope everything turns out ok and maybe, just maybe, the writing godmother’s (or whoever helps us) will spark new life into your creative side. It might be a twist to the story you end up loving and your readers adore! Of course, getting your novel back would work too!

*hugs*… I am way ahead of you there… I am writing EVERYTHING I even think I remember. (& got lucky found my bits and pieces file, so I have a little more to go on…) But thank you for the great suggestions! I thought one memory stick and several files would do… I think I am going into overkill now… *hugs*… luv khrys…

I have an external hard drive and back up there I don’t send email I have 3 accts so that should help and I do print out but have in file box at home..I think I will start butning to disc and stick asap. not that I have any big novel just short stories but still….I pray yours will miraclously appear I mean it has to right? right!

I was referred here by Michelle Proulx’s blog, which I follow, and now that I’ve read your post I have to say… Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I really hope you have some luck with your data recovery, and that you start to feel better soon. It will be all right. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but you will be all right. Be kind to yourself!

*hugs*… thank you… As a wise writer once wrote…”Tomorrow is another day…” I shall rise from the ashes and rebuild… I may have only matchsticks, but they are made of wood! khrys…

Bad News indeed … That reminds me of my Uni’ Student friend who last minute stayed up ALL night (typical) to type up his 3000 word essay… not once saving it – he needed a break and so got up to make some tea and toast and tripped over the mains cable pulling from the socket – COMPUTER SAYS NO !!! (This was a while ago before autosave and USB sticks !!) GOD WAS HE MAD !!!

Anyway a helpful tip – join a “CLOUD” service – like Google Drive or Microsoft’s SKY DRIVE ( there are loads ) whereby your PC automaticcaly backs up your work in the “cloud” – it sends it via the Internet to a secure server – that way you can just forget about it … (although if you are the cautious type, then still do a USB back-up everyday you write)… (Caveat : Of course any technology can fail or break – like I dropped my external hard-drive once – it smashed inside AHHHHHHhhhhh !!)

That would NOT have been fun! I tried joining a cloud service, they don’t like me… 😦 For some reason it continually says that it can’t use the folder IT created… And I’m anal about backup… I THOUGHT I had saved it in three different locations… alas… I am rebuilding it; I just pray it reads the same when I’m done! *hugs* Thanks though, luv khrys…

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