Posted on: November 29, 2012

My spelling list. These are words that I usually contrive to develop an entire new language for. It’s not that I cannot spell them, it’s that I can’t spell them correctly when I want without first referring to a dictionary…

Call it mind block. Words like ‘antidisestablishmentarianism‘? No problem! (I know you won’t believe it, but I really did spell that without looking it up and without misspelling it first…*Scout’s Honour*; & I was a Scout Leader, so I can say that! LOL)

  1. Wizened
  2. Flaccid
  3. Groused
  4. Forgeries
  5. Pompous
  6. Anteed
  7. Churn
  8. Welsh / Welch
  9. Tumultuous
  10. Peignoir
  11. Diarrheoa / Diarrhea
  12. to
  13. for
  14. the
  15. if
  16. of
  17. and 

Now, you may be wondering WHY the last six are on this list… (you may wonder why ANY of them are on the list!) it has NOTHING to do with my inability to spell them; it has to do with my fingers inability to hit the keys in the correct order!

It has come to the point where I am willing to agree ‘to’ has two different ways of spelling, both of which are correct?

To may be spelled either to (so those with no imagination will not be perturbed) or ot… as this is the way my fingers INSIST it is spelled.

There are other words that have insisted on my brain to the point where I am happy to leave the non-popular spelling in place and just assume you can figure out what I was referring to.

Groan has been graon for years… Spell? pishaw… speelWords? werds… NOW you’re catchin’ on…

There ARE few words I INTENTIONALLY created new spellings for.

God is one. I cannot take the Lord’s name in vain and, years ago, when others had no compunctions about it, I would spell the word ‘gawd’ in my head, it made the same sound, but has a totally different meaning… I feel WAAAAY more comfortable hearing or saying this new word.

I do feel correct spelling and pronunciation is critical in a young child’s life, but, once they’ve grown-up (grup…) as long as they CAN spell and pronounce and write legibly, I see NO reason to follow the pre-conceived rules… make some up of your own! Confuse the masses…

Just remember YOUR rules… Or come and play crazy eights with me… I can show you rules you never even CONSIDERED… LOL…

Crazy tired… trying to convince my brain to shut down… I’m brain dead… drained… fried… Hmmm…? wonder what’s for supper?

luv khrys…

PS: D’ya think it’s okay to serve hot water and call it soup? I mean, I’ll even add a few crackers if you insist…


4 Responses to "SPEELING WERDS TOW…"

OMGosh I am rolling with laughter and yes those are tears on my ankles!!! I didn’t think anyone else had the fingers that work like mine on a key board…ot, fo, fro yes all new words for me. I think my favorite is amother now why is it so hard to hit that ‘n’ instead of the ‘m’?? thank you for the laugh!

*hugs*… I think it’s a conspiracy… *grin* luv khrys…

(PS: I can’t seem to comment on your posts… I don’t think it’s your fault, I’m SURE it’s something on my end) I just wanted you to know I’m reading and enjoying them! (& praying for you…)

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