Crest toothpaste should be sent this… maybe they’ll stop their stupid campaign with the woman driver using her cell phone and worrying over her teeth… c’mon guys, PULL OVER or PUT THE PHONE IN THE TRUNK…


This guy was texting while driving….they found the phone still in his hand.
They found his head in the back seat. Make sure all the young people you know see this.

I saw this on FB I shared it but thought it needs to be seen.  People especially youngsters need to see what the dangers of texting and driving are. The above photo which is now deleted is supposedly a hoax. NowI don’t know what to believe because the following link addresses this photo. She says   “Recently, I’ve been seeing a photograph* of a red car wedged under a wagon circulating. The story attached tells that the man had been texting and they found him beheaded but with mobile still in hand. This photograph and message have been so emotive that I’ve even seen other bloggers posting it to their sites to educate about the dangers of texting…

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