51,651…THE END!

Posted on: November 25, 2012

I did it! PRAISE GOD!

I completed several things, actually…

I took up the NANOWRIMO challenge November first and I completed it, OFFICIALLY November 20th. I did not like the ending and stewed and lost sleep over it. (I haven’t become close to these characters and I was finding it hard to ‘end’.)

I sat down on Friday and opened a new file. I called it ROUND TWO. Into it I began downloading my brain. Literally. Well, okay, figuratively. But every thought was emptied. I held NO thought captive.

I decided that I was going to attempt the impossible. I was going to write 10,000-words per day for five days and have a SECOND NANOWRIMO challenge book to hand in.

My brain emptied. I was feeling the pressure as the day drew to a close to complete the first ten-thousand words. Still I struggled, clawing my way through brief moments of snoozing, my chin in my hands, headed toward the keyboard for another face-plant. I was determined, before I went to bed there would be 10,000 words, or more, written by me, that day. I almost quit at just under 8,000. A quick jaunt on the elliptical, and my brain cleared, or re-filled, one or the other. I returned to the keyboard and punched out a further 2,596 words completing my goal. I ‘saved’ (not as permanent as Jesus…) and shut down.

Not only did I shut down the computer. I closed my mind. I showered and crawled into bed, kicking four dogs from my side; they were less than pleased. They hold to the rule: first come/first served. Funny how it’s always MY side of the bed they evoke that rule to. I didn’t care. Out they went and I crawled under the covers, my head touched the pillow…

My husband commented in the morning that I must have done something right – I slept like a dead-decaying log…ALL NIGHT! OMGosh! I felt WONDERFUL! I was not achy, cranky, confused, or talking crazy! I SLEPT! It might have had something to do with the penicillin, but generally that does nothing to help you sleep… (I have an infection bordering on the ‘super-bug’, BUT (the doctor assures me, after testing,) is not. It’s just stubborn, like me.)

I cannot tell you how liberating it was to eliminate all of the crazy words floating round my head…”Let us out! We want to be in NANOWRIMO too!” Praise God that He steered me to this way of clearing the cobwebs (because I dislike spiders… and dust…).

His next gift was an ending to the novel. Yes, after dumping five-thousand words, THREE-TIMES, I was finally able to hear the end and follow it, dumping those five-thousand words yet again and adding an epilogue. As always, I have left the door open for future use of these characters and to either continue, flesh out or delve deeper into any or all of them. I guess I should say He has…

Praise the Lord. It has been challenging as that wily Satan through up road blocks like mad this past week. We were INCREDIBLY busy all week. We had a major virus that we traced and wound up needing to contact ALL of our clients to inform them what symptoms to watch for. (Not connected with MY personal virus…) Very disconcerting to the two new clients who started this week… Interestingly, not so worrisome for the clients who contacted wishing to start, but willing to wait three-weeks until this virus’ contagion is gone… Praise God!

Among other general, day-to-day stuff. I think a cold started to touch down… banished that in a hurry… Praise God…

Now, if I could only figure out HOW to post this thing into ‘The Office of Light and Letters’ or ‘Letters and Light…’ and have it validated… I’d like to post before my computer breaks… (I have a crack in the housing, noticed it this week… yep, challenges all round…)

Well, dawgs are staring at me like: “Hey, lady, feed us, or your leg looks tasty…” guess I’d better put some chow in the dishes, there are more of them than me…

I did it… and I’d like to offer up a pray that those who are struggling to reach the end of NANOWRIMO find their ‘ending’ and the time to get it written. I also pray for those who don’t finish, that they still feel fired up and not discouraged. That they don’t cheat to ‘win’, and that they join next year, prepared to TRY again! Praise God, and thank you Jesus… In Jesus name. Amen…

luv khrys…

PS: the house is still clean and we only had take out twice! Yep… forgive me for bragging… (waiting for the lightning strike… you might wanna stand over THERE for a bit… *grin*…PTL!!!)


4 Responses to "51,651…THE END!"

Hey, good for you. I have never tried the NaNo writing thing, but if I do, I will know where to go for encouragement. By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog and adding to your related articles!

thanks! I dunno if I’d have any encouragement… I barely peeked outside until I finished! LOL… and you are very welcome!

What a marvelous accomplishment you should be proud and brag, it is tough to do I tied once and couldn’t finish but maybe one of these days. But to do it 22 days is a miracle and you def had the Lord above guiding you and giving you strength and stamina. Praise the Lord!!!

Bless you ! Thank you for your kind words! I’m STILL in awe that I actually found an ENDING! God bless you and yours!

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