Cynic? Hmmm…?

Posted on: October 31, 2012

As defined by Encarta Dictionary: English (U.K.) (Same in the U.S. Dic..)

ancient Greek philosopher
a member of a group of ancient Greek philosophers who believed that virtue is the only good and that the only means of achieving it is self-control. The sect was founded by Antisthenes in the 4th century bc.

relating to Cynics
belonging to, characteristic of, or relating to the Cynics (Gee, that’s helpful…)

believer that people are insincere
somebody who believes that human actions are insincere and motivated by self-interest

somebody sarcastic
somebody sneering and sarcastic

Thesaurus: English (U.K.)
Pessimist; Sceptic; Disparager; Detractor; Doubter; Misanthropist

I use to think I was a cynic. I still think, in a lot of ways, I am. I wonder if there are white-hat’ cynics and ‘black-hat’ cynics? I would definitely like to believe I fall into the white-hat realm. I have a comment for everything and it’s usually flippant. You know, speech before brain has fully scrutinised the details?

Skimming the facts and finding something that strikes me as obvious; interesting or incongruous. I love to respond. I take about one-second to be sure (hope) what I’ve posted won’t offend anyone, and it is humorous or of the ‘duh!’ ilk. I even take a second to review it before I choose to let it stand and not delete. But, I have to say, using this definition, I would need to re-think this habit.


Well, it’s more in the way it’s used as a noun. I don’t want to appear (or BE!) or have others think that I am insincere, sneering or sarcastic, and I certainly don’t want you to think I think that YOU are not sincere. Simply NOT true. I trust, if you’ve taken the time to write it, it’s how you feel. And your feelings are as valid as mine or the next person’s! 

Then again, there’s a lot of good to be said for spontaneity! 

As defined by Encarta Dictionary: English (U.K.) (same in the U.S. Dic..)

unconstrained behaviour
behaviour that is natural and unconstrained and is the result of impulse, not planning

generation from within
the generating or provoking of activity from within, rather than as a result of external influences

Thesaurus: English (U.K.)
impulsiveness; naturalness; artlessness 

I now prefer to think I am spontaneous. I probably should curb my impulsive nature. I should think longer before responding. I could consider my response with less instantaneous action.

I should. I could.

But I am willing to bet I won’t.

(Okay, so I’m not really willing to bet; I don’t gamble… too much left to chance…LOL) Spontaneity is who I am and what I am. (Yeah, yeah, spontaneous is what I AM, smarty-pants! LOL)

I really do consider my words carefully, even when jotting a swift observation on an in-depth article. It may seem I skimmed and then flipped off a response, but I assure you, I skimmed every word and responded as my fingers and brain decreed.

(I don’t always control those two entities. Point-in-form, the newest novel I’m working on is set in Peru. YOU tell ME how it got to be Peru??? I swear it started on a tropical island. Then my fingers took over, next thing I know the characters are fighting cocaine trafficking. Really. It’s NOT where the synopsis and outline directed it, but there it is.) Quite frankly I’m annoyed. I wanted a vacation in the tropics, not hiking about in the mountains of Peru. (Still, I am grateful. The characters really don’t suit a tropical destination. Good thing my fingers recognised that…) 

Opps, lost my train of thought… anyone seen the conductor?

Just so you understand me. And I don’t offend you. If there are two ways to understand what I’ve said, and one is mean or hurtful? I meant the OTHER definition.

Now off to gather more research on Peru. *shaking head*: Peru? How did I get to Peru?

luv khrys…

PS: If there is anyone who is struggling with or knows anyone who is struggling with a cocaine problem? Forget the help hot-lines. Guide them to Wikipedia’s cocaine page. Once you read HOW it becomes cocaine? That should turn ANYONE off… the things ya learn in the name of research… GROSS! *shudder*.

PPS: For ANYONE who feels, or takes offense, that I should advise people NOT to seek professional help? Puh-leeze! Tongue-in-cheek. I would never suggest, FOR REAL, that people with addictions not seek professional counselling. (In fact, though, I think they’d do far better to pray, but where do I come off telling someone where their walk with the Lord should be??? I can suggest it strongly, though…*impish grin*)

  • VIDEO: Drugs incinerated in Peru ( (As long as you don’t mind the commercials they throw at you before the story…
  • There were lots of related articles about cynicism  but that’s not really what this post is about. It’s not really about cocaine, either, but good news is always welcome!



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Hey bff I’m a lot like you, I don’t know how that happened but I tend to be the same way. It’s great to know I’m not the only one that doens’t always think before I speak. lol. Luv you lots…Sharon.

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