Sorry to burst your bubble…

Posted on: October 30, 2012

I almost don’t need to add anything further. (But, ya all know me…)

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These two e-mails (in quoted form below) arrived in my work inbox today. I really have to laugh. Firstly because I am not deceived. Nor am I enticed.

You see, In the first ‘urgent plea for my help’, he says he’s done his homework and he wants me, AS A CITIZEN OF INDIA, to assist in his fraudulent scheme…errr I mean assist in getting his late “Father” money. (We all know India ain’t my home…) What a shame that India now says no to foreign investments. Maybe I should assist ‘his’ help in removing my investments? OH! Wait! I don’t live in India! Drats, now we’ll BOTH have to find someone to remove our money for us. What a shame. I could really use 25% of 3.2 million. (Oh, I’ve left his number intact, along with his name, just in case you’d like to contact him and arrange to relieve him of that burden.)

Dear sir/madam

To Whom It May Concern, I kindly want to put in notice before you, my names Mr.Katala Justice, A citizen of South Africa, I am in India presently seeking for a reliable and trust worthy fellow to assist me of my late Father money, which I transferred from Barclays Bank London UK. To Reserve Bank (RBI) in India, for An investment purpose.

The said amount is Three million Two hundred Thousand U.S Dollars ($3.2Million) I have done a reasonable research and find out that is not easy for Foreigner to have an account for such a huge amount, so I want you as a Citizen of India to assist me by transferring this Fund into your nominated Bank account, and Twenty five percent (25%) will be offer to you for the Work well done.5% for Any expenses that may arise, please if you are interested do contact me as soon As possible.

Thanks for your co. operation.
Mr. Katala Justice.

This second one is such a JOKE!!! I mean, really, if you’re going to try and scam someone, at least use spell check! I have left this letter intact as well, (with the exception of removing the hyperlink to the *most likely* fraudulent website that will cause anyone DUMB enough to use it major headaches and frustration.)

You see the problem with my win, (other than poor spelling) is that MY e-mail address has been chosen as the winner… uh-huh. And WHICH address would that be? Nowhere in the letter do they ever mention my name; or the e-mail that is supposed to have won. Only a bunch of “Specail” numbers supposedly attached to my e-ticket. Uh-huh. And WHICH e-ticket would that be? And did you KNOW there was a World Lottery Regulation Act??? Gosh, neither did the world! (And I do speak on “behalfk” of the world when I say this…)

Then again, don’t you usually have to ENTER contests before you can win? What a shame. I could use $130,000 too. 

Airasia Exclusive Program
Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters
Kota Kinabalu International Airport
Old Airport Road Tanjung Aru 88100
Kota Kinabalu Sabah

The 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus program selection has been performed at our Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters here in Sabah, Malaysia. The 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Specail Bonus program is registered and organized in accordance with the Asian Gaming Board (A.G.B.) and the World Lottery Regulation Act (W.L.R.A.).

We are therefore pleased to officially notify you of the status of your Winnings. An official notification of AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus is hereby issued to you as your email ticket number; AirAsia-09-0-96-10, with serial number; AirAsia /01/2012, and ref no; AirAsia /019/2010007 in batch A /6183 randomly drew for the lucky numbers 000-31-0584 which selected your email address as a winner of our Exclusive Special Bonus program selection. You have therefore consequently won the 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus in its first batch. 

As regards the above, we have officially approved a sum payout of $130,000,00 (One Hundred and Thirty Thousand United State Dollars) only to you as our Exclusive Special Bonus winner, The 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus program’s Organising Commitee (L.O.C.) will immediately commence the immediate dispatch of your cheque of $130,000,00 (One Hundred and Thirty Thousand United State Dollars) as soon as you have contacted them. You are therefore adviced to contact the 2012 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus program’s Organising Commitee (L.O.C.) immediately as stated below; ================================================================

Contact Person: JK Allen
Dispatch Officer in Charge
2012 AirAsia lottery program’s Organising Commitee (L.O.C.)



1.Full Name:…….
2.Residential Address:…..

Your’s Sincerly,
Jimmy Chan
(c)2012 AirAsia lottery program’s Organising Commitee (L.O.C.) For and on behalfk of AirAsia, Asia Pacific Regional.

So, when these e-mails enter your in box, don’t get too excited. Hit delete and move on with your day, cause, chances are, the fellow in India is part of a convoluted gang that earns its income from such scams; (I cannot believe people STILL fall for these pleas!) and the ‘WIN’ is simply checking out my greed; will I fall for this scam? (Most likely the same gang!) 

People wonder how their identity is stolen or compromised everyday! Responding to e-mails such as these, or banking ones that INSIST your account will be declared a terrorist account and police will come knocking at your door arresting you and anyone else they find, are what give scammers the tools they need to destroy your life. You think the cops coming knocking is a scary thought? Wait until your identity has been used for nefarious purposes and you have NO WAY of proving it WASN’T you!

Don’t be DUMB. Don’t be GREEDY. Don’t be NAIVE. God will NOT use one of these methods to beg for your help to save a loved one from persecution; nor will He beg you to save the church by forwarding your banking details.

Wise up folks, grow a brain. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS. IF IT SOUNDS TOO FISHY TO BE TRUE, IT MOST CERTAINLY IS. IF IT’S MISSPELLED AND IMPROPERLY ADDRESSED AND YOU DIDN’T ENTER THE CONTEST? IT’S A SCAM. Do not think YOU will be THE ONE who gets the REAL e-mail “advicing” you of your win. Trust me. No, wait, trust the MILLIONS who’ve already deleted that e-mail; YOU AIN’T GETTIN’ NOTHIN’ ‘CEPT A HEADACHE!

Your’s Sincerly
luv khrys…

PS: There IS apparently a seat sale going on with the REAL AIR ASIA, and thus I assume, e-mails of this nature will increase. Please watch yourself carefully and confirm through PROPER CHANNELS before clicking a link that is going to ruin your holiday, and many more days; weeks; YEARS to come!


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thanks for the tip …

You are welcome… now, don’t go spellin’ everything right and sendin’ out one of your own…*grin*

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