Excuse me, I’m not disturbing you, am I?

Posted on: October 17, 2012

candlestick phone

“Hello, have you got a minute?”

Have you ever taken a survey? You know, the kind they catch you at dinner/supper? Just about to sit down to a hot meal and ‘brrrrrrrrringgg’.


“Hello you’ve been specially selected…”

Yeah, me and anyone else who happens to be at home and answers the phone. Those survey’s are simple to stop from reoccurring. (Really!)

Tell them they have five minutes. (They’ll never get through the list in five-minutes, not because they can’t but because they insist upon reading the answers to EVERY question.)

C’mon people, use some common sense. It won’t alter the survey, if after the third question, I get that you are going to go down the same list of answers and I just need to pick one. When I say ‘none’ before you’ve finished the question, it means, “Your time’s almost up, if you want to finish this survey, speed it up.” It also means, I GET IT, no matter how many times you run down that list, my answer is still the one I chose BEFORE you finished the question!

ANYWAY, how to get rid of them, and prevent more calls? Watch the clock. At 4-minutes, forty-five seconds, interrupt if you must, (and you will), and say, “Thank you, I’m sorry your five-minutes are now up, better luck next time.” HANG-UP.

The survey will need to be discarded and the more you do this, the less your number appears on their list to call. Why? Because you’re an ‘unfriendly’… ooOOooO!

I know these people need to earn a living – go out and get a real job, thank you very much. OH! Wait! They can’t because they have no common sense and no ability to think for themselves. If you are a telephone-surveyor, I apologise, I probably shouldn’t lump you all together; but you make it so damn easy!

What REALLY drives me up the wall, are OPINION polls. I’ve just finished one for news1130, and I’ve got to say, I’m not sure WHAT they expect to learn about the people they survey’d. (Other than we get our name entered into a draw to win a weekend getaway at some ‘supposedly’ romantic bed and breakfast (I can’t get into a B&B being ‘romantic’ but more on that another day).)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if it’s an OPINION poll, shouldn’t I be allowed to offer my OPINION? Don’t you think there should, at the very least, be a choice marked ‘none of the above’?

I answered at least 10-questions that, really, ‘none of the above’ was appropriate but, because they did not offer that choice, they now have FAKE survey answers. I cannot be the only one who blindly chose at least some of the questions. (It was a 100-question survey) and, sorry to say, because of those ten being so utterly NOT my choices, I decided the rest of the survey didn’t deserve my full attention so I just chose randomly.

I especially liked my answer that I do not commute, and, yet, I spend all my money on gas, commuting.

Or the one where they ask what I do with my weekends? “Lie around? Drive the kids frantically everywhere? or clean the house?” EXCUSE ME??? NONE OF THE ABOVE. I WORK weekends. I work 24/7, my choice, I know; I’m self-employed. (I know it don’t look like I’m working right now, but, understand, if I’m getting paid, I’m working.) So, I answered, “Drive the kids crazily everywhere.” Next q, “Do you have kids at home?” Answer: “No.”

See what I mean? If’ you want truthful answers you HAVE to allow either a ‘write in space’, a ‘none of the above’ space; an ‘other’ space, or an ‘all of the above’ choice, (that last one just speeds things up).

YOUR choices will result in YOUR answers. If you follow me.

For the ‘What I do with my w/e’, their choices and one extra choice, ‘none’ would have given them a correct answer. If they were REALLY concerned with how I spend my w/e, a write in option would have been the way to go.

I love to do survey’s. Although I often wonder why? Why do I like them? Why???

I generally get angry and frustrated doing them. (I am super sensitive to EVERYTHING… I have a thick skin, but deep inside, yeah, it BUGS me. Say a hundred nice, honestly and ruin it with one mean remark and that’s what I focus on. I think it’s natural. We, or I, want to please everyone, and rationally we, (I) know we (I) can’t; irrationally we (I) expect to. So answering a survey that DOESN’T allow me to express my REAL feelings and steers me to the ‘answers the survey needs so their product looks good’ really disturbs me.)

That’s how toothpaste products get those, “4 out of 5 dentists recommend…” promotions. They ask dentists, “For your patients, would you recommend they brush their teeth with: A) motor oil?; B) dog excrement?; or C) OUR BRAND of toothpaste?” Gee… and one dentist chooses A or B??

So, if you’re planning to fill me up and set me loose on a stack of survey’s, PLEASE include a ‘none of the above’ or a ‘write in’ space for each choice. Unless the answers don’t matter and you’re just having fun with it, then enjoy my answers… Thank you.

luv khrys…

PS: Did you read to the end? □ YES (Click correct answer; leave a comment to ensure your vote is registered…) *hugs*


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