How’s Chrome workin’ out?

Posted on: October 6, 2012

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Okay, it’s been a week.

For those who may not have read my article, Praise Those Helpers in the Help Forum!!!, you will be forgiven for not knowing what the heck I’m talking about.

Last week I listened to two-bloggers (TimeThief and MacManx) who were kind enough to TELL me to switch browsers. In doing so, I was able to see my reader and visit all the wonderful blogs I had been forced to live without while IE had a hissy-fit. (Bless them both!) As they didn’t say which browser to download, I chose to get the three top-rated ones and test to see which I could live with.

I decided to start with Chrome. For two-days, I did NOT allow it to be my ‘default’ browser. Why? ‘Cause I wanted to know if I could deal with it before I let it handle my life.

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The initial hours were terrifying. (I see you, stop rolling those eyes.) EVERYTHING was in the wrong place; or worse, NOT there at all!

After two days, I decided to install Chrome as the default browser.

Now, when it WASN’T the default, it searched and returned choices before I’d pressed start; after it had full authority to flaunt IE? It slowed and bogged down just like IE, except I could/can still see my reader. 

What I like about Chrome.

  • The ‘delete browsing history since the beginning of time’ feature is nice.
  • About the only other thing I liked about Chrome is that I can view other blogs on WordPress again.

What I’m not fond of, but it’s a design feature, so really, that’s taste, not functionality; still important, but not critical.

  • The slide and HUGE button-like configuration on the history profile. (I think it’s to mimic IE8?) I do not like. Personal choice, I get it. 
  • The address bar and search bar are one and the same. UGH!!!
  • Finding the ‘delete browsing history since the beginning of time’ feature. Would be convenient if it were located on the browser ‘bar’ and not hiding behind a button. 

What’s broke.

  • Delete history; it still assumes I want to have access to Google and to the Apps Store. MAYBE I do, but I want it to be MY CHOICE.
  • Junk mail in my inbox has risen a trillion-fold. I don’t know if I should blame Chrome or my e-mail scanner, but, the scanner always worked before.
  • I don’t like how Chrome blocks me from commenting on sites that, with IE I had no issue connecting to. (Except WordPress) (Maybe it’s a good thing, but, as I’m already on the page, the fact that I would like to comment and cannot bugs me.)
  • It also blocks certain video or content from playing. As I am not a tech-y myself, (I only read the articles to look smart – it ain’t workin’), I don’t know what to allow and what to block. IE was clear about this. (Was too!) I assume I have the same settings in Chrome (I did search high and low and I think I found all the spots that they hid the settings.)
  • The ‘incognito’ button. Excuse me? It hides me, but not from the site? How is that incognito?
  • The size of the search bar. You know; the place you enter the address you wish to go? It’s way too long.
  • I really dislike the way Chrome chooses whether it’s going to open a new window, or a new tab or use the one it’s in. Even though I have set the guide to open in a new tab and NEVER re-use the window.
  • Now, the possibility that I may like Chrome more exists, if I didn’t have to download an app for every/anything. 

What I despise and am willing to purchase a Jericho (Israeli weapon) or a Smith & Wesson to force the developers to remove/add if they wish me to consider keeping this browser.

  • Add a zoom button.
  • “Delete all” even delete’s what the developers consider crucial to my life. If I don’t want it. Delete it, thank you. 

Chrome rolls out very little indeed. If you want to do practically anything except search, you’d better ‘search’ their ‘apps’ to locate one that will do your biding. Over all, I’m not impressed. I think WordPress did something to the reader to make it incompatible with IE, but that’s just a conspiracy theory; right? 

If it’s a duck, stop calling it dinner. 

On to Firefox…if I can remember where I stored it…

Let ya know my initial reactions tomorrow. (If you care; guess what? I’m gonna let ya know even if ya don’t care! But I’m hoping you will…)

luv khrys… 

PS: Can ANYONE explain the reason Chrome needs to open THREE programs for me to have my ONE window? (all three called Chrome on the Task Manager; why?)


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