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Posted on: September 30, 2012

Why you should ALWAYS give yourself a day or two before sending off an angry letter… 

Below you will find two things: FIRSTLY, MY APOLOGY FOR A LETTER I NEVER SENT; secondly, the letter I never sent. It is more to show how we can be led to believe just about anything if the source is trusted. Funny, as that’s what the report is warning against…

I hope you enjoy my embarrassment…


FIGHTING FOR FIDO (not the phone service)

Chose not to send because, with further investigation on my part, I discovered that the report unfairly pointed out Purina’s participation and that with over 2000 deaths reported; to say that Purina was the culprit, hands-down, when only 3-dogs can be definitively linked to the same Purina product is being grossly unfair and sensationalistic.
Purina; Milo’s Kitchens; Chewmasters; Normerica; is/are guilty of not responding empathetically to owner’s concerns.
Brushing this off as something that will be swept under the carpet, or that will blow over, is to pretend we are not in the age of the internet. (Or my favourite term for it, “The Tower Of Babble”.) The former trend of ignoring black-marks, truly is archaic and will lead to a steady decline of your consumers in favour of candid, conscientious producers.

If this is your goal, job well done. Otherwise, get out there; show us you’re sorry; not guilty, sorry!

Unless you intentionally created a formula that destroys dog’s kidneys, you are innocent; instead, you bury your head and pretend dogs are dying because of an unusual, mysterious phenomenon and not a potentially harmful product being used incorrectly against your control or knowledge.

That’s not how you show you care about my dog. Not at all.

So, while I have checked the bags we own, “MANUFACTURED IN CANADA” means WHAT? 

Thank you,

Companies who responded with a form letter; links to these responses here: CBC – COMPANY STATEMENTS



Dear Sirs/Madams

This is to inform you that your refusal to speak on camera and only give a written statement to CBC’s MarketPlace, regarding the Chicken Jerky Treats, Waggin Tail, your company imports from China has spoken volumes.

LOUD and clear.

Message received.

Thank you.

It makes the decision to trade many years of loyalty to a different brand much easier. I no longer feel that I am being disloyal at all. Whew!

After the last Chinese debacle with dog food, you would think your company would be far more concerned with the POSSIBILITY of contamination and would pull the product until far more stringent controls could be put in place. You have clearly stated you cannot do this. The financial loss would be staggering.

You are unable to provide a safe product consistently and this is something most Canadians find abhorrent. Apparently, not all, as the government’s inspection agency seems to agree that there is no clear link either, only sporadic failures in quality control that can’t be guaranteed so can’t be tested consistently.

I am very disillusioned and disappointed. Our dog day care will no longer tout your products as ‘the only ones we would ever feed our or your dogs.’ Too bad, we have turned many towards the time-honoured name that used to be Nestle Purina. We shall now mount a campaign to rectify our misplaced trust.

It would seem that your decisions from this moment onward will determine whether the 100+years of luxury you have enjoyed at the expense of our dogs will continue, or if your continued silence, for fear of lawsuits, and hiding in the dog house, unable to say, “We’re sorry, we had no idea and have ceased production of this food in that country until a clear case can be made that there is NO relation to the kidney failures in otherwise healthy dogs and OUR product.”

Now, would that be so hard to say?

How many more, loyal, customers do you think you would draw if this were to be your stance? A multi-million dollar company that actually takes a small dip in profits to keep their consumers, (Yes, the DOGS), safe? I’d be willing to bet thousands of NEW puppies would be inhaling Puppy Chow, especially if they felt the love and assurance that was supposed to be in there. But you have chosen the short-sighted route. Good luck with that, eh?

Your refusal to speak in fact leaves us creating our own statements on your behalf, namely, “Yes, we are Nestle Purina and we make pet foods and some of them might be good but we really don’t know, or care. We’d rather err on the side of ‘until a definitive link can be proven between our foods and the deaths, we shall assume owner error and not our product.’ Have a nice day.”

This inability to take leadership is disgusting.

As I’ve said, have a nice day. We shall be informing everyone we contact to watch the report; passing along the link to the episode in question, FIGHTING FOR FIDO, and your response, Nestle Purina Statement and make their own INFORMED choice.

As for us? We’ve made our choice and unlike with Maple Leaf, who owned up to their error, which in fact, wasn’t their fault at all, we won’t be coming back. {ULP: EATIN’ KIBBLE…} 

Khrystle Raine Duste
(other names withheld to protect my innocence…)
Proudly 100% Canadian; Owner operated.
Willing to stand behind OUR brand.

SEE??? Always wait a day and confirm facts. I would have been horrified to have delivered that letter to the folks at Nestle Purina. I still stand behind my remarks and agree the company should have spoken up, but that was NOT the issue. Well, it is a side issue at best. 

The CBC Report is well done, but, as with the product they tried to malign, only part of the truth was revealed. Understandable as they found 3-pretty sure-fire cases that linked to the product. But to not say the names of other products clearly makes them guilty of the same shadowy, “packaged IN CANADAlabeling… 

Overall a great show, MarketPlace. Hits hard and deep; and generally asks the right questions. They don’t always resolve the issue, but they certainly make you aware there IS an issue to be made aware of! Catch it if you can. C.B.C.’s MarketPlace.

IN CONCLUSION, as there have been two serious threats from China to our dog population, it is MY opinion that we would do well to avoid sourcing the least expensive brands, and start searching for the products made with stringent controls and an accountability path already in place. North American does not necessarily mean better; it usually means accountable.


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