Posted on: April 20, 2012

Rain Umbrella


Rain Rain go away…
Come again another day…

Except on Saturday, d’ya think you could hold off? We have that big event scheduled…

Oh, maybe Sunday as well? You know, church and family picnics and stuff…

Maybe you could avoid Monday too? We’re all pretty depressed having to go back to work after only two days off…

Tuesday would seem like a good day for you, but alas, the kids are planning their Annual Sports Day, so, if it’s not too inconvenient…?

Colourful Umbrellas

Go Away...

Then Wednesday, but that’s hump day – we’re all so excited that the week is almost over, it would just be mean to fall on Wednesday!

We could see our way if you visited on Thursday, but not for too long, or the links will just be too wet to play tomorrow…

Well, now Friday? No, Friday just won’t work at all! Golf games galore! No, no rain on Friday… 

but, please, feel free to choose any day that suits your plans… Just not any day of the week… 

Thank you so very much!

Rain, clouds and sun

Come again...
Another day!

Now, on to your brother, the Sun… 

Happy GOLFDAY everyone! 

luv khrys…


2 Responses to "Rain…rain…"

We Californians are sensitive to the weather. I am sympathetic to your inconvenience. Shew rain, you’re bothering her picnic! 😛

*hugs*… thank you! I think it worked! (The sun is peeking through as I write…)

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