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Posted on: March 25, 2012


I DON’T THINK THIS WILL GET FINISHED TONIGHT; AND I know IT’S GONNA NEED REVISIONS … esp. since I see it started in caps… *sigh*… 

We were challenged by M.M.C. to create an ambulance scene… (WWE…WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENTAlthough I am taking Wikipedia and Google’s word for this; nowhere on their (WWE’s) front page does it ‘un-acronym’ (like that? new word today) WWE.) 

I am not sure that I can do an ambulance scene justice, but, as one never to shy away from a challenge, (esp! a writing one; no matter how ridiculous!) I shall give it my best effort and try not to leave you gapping or gasping or scratchin’ your head… 

I will appreciate feedback so I know what or how one of these should/could go and exactly what I may do wrong so the next one will actually, maybe, make sense… (If continuing a wrestling match into an ambulance can be said to make sense… LOL) (errr… this apparently needed clarifying: I will NOT be writing more… unless for the game itself… *hint-hint*) 

Let’s see…who was it he (M.M.C.) wanted fighting?…

Well, for the sake of argument, let’s just call them Wrestler One (WO) and Wrestler Two  (WT)WO and WT… (You can substitute whomever you want…) 


“Whoa! Ladies and gentleman, we have WO lifting WT…IS he? OH my GAWD! He’s tossing him off the top of that ladder… Oh Folks! This is serious! WT is lying there… he’s not moving! Here come the first aid guys… WHOA! did you see that! WO just booted WT in the head! Folks someone has to grab that man and pull him outta there! WT is haemorrhaging!” 

Fans watch, in shock as WO is held back by six, big guys… Paramedics work like crazy on WT

“Let’s see if we can get a mic in there… Is he okay? Is he gonna be okay?” 

WO: “F*ck YOU! WO you are a dead man! As soon as they let me off this thing!” 

WT responds in a taunt: “Baby! You wanna piece of me, get off that thing and fight like a man! Sissy!” 

CAMERA PAN:   The paramedics push and strap WT to the stretcher. Six OTHER big guys, dressed in black, looking like undertakers, carry the heavy, heaving wrestler out to the ambulance as we follow along, announcers trying to get their interviews. WT shouting: “WO is a wuss…”

Suddenly we hear a mammoth shout; mixed cheering and jeering. A figure comes flying through the curtain and down the loading bay ramp. WO shoves the paramedic to the ground and grabs the luckless WT by the throat, his fingers clutching as several people are now entering the fracas attempting to pull WO out… 

We see WT rip the leather restraint as his arm flies up knocking WO to the ground. WT wastes no time in pulling the other restraints free and comes up swinging! The two race up the ramp; back flip up and on top of the sturdy ambulance… toppling off…

Silly; silly; silly...


“Oh folks! We gotta brawl in the parking lot… no, WAIT! WT has jumped into the ambulance! WTF? Now WO is in there too; hang on as we get the cameras around here…” 

Cameras move to show: Interior of cube-van ambulance and we see…WTF? Two wrestlers, shooting themselves full of drugs? 

WO: Yeah, you wait WT, in another minute I ain’t gonna feel no pain and then you’re in for it!” 

WT: “Not if I can shoot faster!” 

LMFBO… an ambulance match… again, why?
luv khrys… 

PS: This was written; tongue-in-cheek, as my opinion on Ambulance Matches (in a certain video game.) It was supposed to show the absolute absurdity of these types of ‘events’. It was NOT written with the belief the wrestlers (PRO or amateur) shoot drugs or anything of the sort. Simply take it for what it is… a filler of space on a Sunday morning… (And showing how dumb some video game ideas can get… (To be fair, I believe it was ‘blown-out-of-proportion by a real-life incident?)) 

Okay… happy Sunday… my brain had a good time last night!


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