Fuzzy Brain…

Posted on: March 22, 2012

I have Fuzzy Brain…

I want to say that it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling. I really do. But lying is so very hard for me. Well, unless I’m writing a story, then, well, I guess it’s not really lying, I’m caught up in another world; another time space continuum; a place I believe exists and, therefore does. So, what happens there is not really lying, because it’s what is expected… if you follow. Yeah. I didn’t expect you would. *sigh* 

Back to topic… do I really want to? WAS there a topic? LOL… Damn! *pardon my French*… (I wonder if the French say, “Pardon my Anglais?” LOL) 

Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot - Condition Critical, 1984, CBS Inc.

The bells they are ringin’;
Or is it in my head?…

Oh, no… some call it paranoia…
Oh, no…I don’t see it that way…

Whips and chains don’ feel no pain…
What’s gone wrong? 

I think I’m goin’ outta my
Head over heels… 

*Quiet Riot CONDITION CRITICAL… Yeah, I don’t have their permission to post that, I hope they don’t wanna sue… (I ain’t worth nothin’)… 

Black And White Falls

Tell me, who puts a viewing platform BEHIND the trees?

Walked up to the falls a few months ago. Long, vertical… *gasp gasp gasp*… then they (being the Park Board, I guess) puts the “Viewing Platform” right BEHIND a large Cedar tree… *Whose bright idea was that, Homer?* And it’s MY fault? How…? *sigh*… Still, an hour in the fresh air and forest was… nice… (Great walk, spoiled by a little white ball…) 

(SEE, too hard to follow my train of thought, eh? That’s okay, it eventually glides to a stop at the right station and everyone gets off safely…) Usually… 

Wonder if there’s a limit to how long a note can be? Must be. Wonder if I’ll hit it? LOL 

Hope, BC.

Site of the 1965 Slide, Just North of Hope, BC.

The sun poked out around noon. For a brief visit. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to the sun, so the cloud cover was a blessing for me. The pile of rocks looked suspiciously like the mountain we climbed twenty years ago… Just as desolate. (Although, then we found, after traversing the monumental mountain… there was a fricken path that we could have taken… no climbing required! *Fudgicles ‘n Ice Cream!* We weren’t fooled this time. We stayed on the tarmac and just looked!) 

Dead Fish

Mother Nature at her worst...

The dead salmon along the lakeside I could have done without. I thought animals in the wild ate EVERYthing? *GROSS* 

The perfect property I spotted a few months back has been snagged by someone who must have heard me! Dang it! Now I’ve lost it… *sigh* Another golden opportunity… let’s see… that’s …*adding up all the land deals I’ve spotted that…we haven’t taken advantage of… (Anyone want to be wealthy? Just follow where I determine is a good area to buy in, I haven’t been wrong yet… *seriously*) 

Whistler Village, BC

Whistler Village, Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains, BC

*Still adding up that money… Anyone know Whistler? Yep, I suggested buying an acre… (well, I suggested 10-acres…) at $5,000 an acre… Yup, “No, it’ll never amount to anything…”



(The particular piece I wanted… Downtown Whistler now…) This one I truly have to say it was hard for anyone to believe I knew what I was talkin’ about, I was only 12. Next… Oh, I dunno… Let’s see. Kamloops? Kelowna? (Across the border in Birch Bay…) Mexico. Oh, come on, how did I know? I didn’t. I just felt it.  Just as a ballpark figure, I suppose… easily a few million have slipped through my fingers ‘cause no one would believe me… Such a drag. I wanted that Power Station! Dang dang dang!!! *shakes head* Maybe someday my dream will be realised… 

Okay, back to writing for now… I’ve babbled enough about crap all… (No, sorry/happily I’m not drunk or on drugs…This is the everyday me…) 

luv khrys

Comience como usted desean continuar…


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