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To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to address this issue of plastic grocery bags. Every time I hear a report about them, the unified agreement shout seems to be a derogatory, “ONE USE BAGS”.

Pile of plastic Bag Garbage - white and light tan.

White and Tan Plastic Bags Just LOOK Worse...

Then the dangers of continuing to use them are touted out; They don’t decompose fast enough; Are a real and present danger for wildlife; Wind up littering our streets; etc…. All of these concerns are extremely valid. But no more so than ANY other plastic/Styrofoam article out there.

What never seems to be reported is the fact that many (and I’m guessing probably 70 – 80%) are recycled and reused several times before they find their final use, as a trash bag.

Recycled Plastic Bag into Fashionable Purse

Crochet those White and Tan bags into something FASHIONABLE!

I personally reuse mine until they are plastic-thread-bare. They keep the kids feet dry when put over their socks and into their boots (which are only, at best water resistant!); I carry books and papers in them when the weather looks like ‘liquid-sunshine’; I take them with me when we go on a walk, to pick up sticky, wet, tossed-out beverage cans and bottles; I use them to put lunches in; I use them to carry food items to potlucks and shared dinners; I use them to scoop our dog’s “business”; I cut them into strips and knit (or crochet) them into purses, bags, placemats and other items; I transport crafts and other odd bits in them; I take them with me on holiday to put wet or dirty clothes in; I take them with us when we go swimming, to hold wet bathing suits and towels; I use them as an instant rain-cap when caught unprepared; I use them to hold garden plants, bulbs and tools; etc….

ONE use bags? I think NOT!

Now, if you want to discuss ONE use bags, let’s take a look at trash bags. Their single use is to line the (plastic) garbage bin, dump ‘trash’ into, tie up the top, and toss to the curb for pick-up.

Oh, sure, a few of them are used to hold large sleeping bags or blankets, but for the most part (again, I’m guessing, 80-90%), they are simply ONE USE PLASTIC BAGS.

Mountain of plastic bags...

Black and Green garbage bags just LOOK like the 'greener alternative'

Maybe it’s just the sheer volume of them or, quite possibly, it’s the fact that they (grocery bags) are mostly white, whereas trash bags are mostly a black or dark green. (The company’s attempt to hide them and make them look  “green”? Hmmm…).

In any event, if plastic grocery bags are going to be ‘outlawed’, then we ought to be absolutely fair about it and toss ALL plastic bags. (Don’t forget the sandwich bags; they come in many sizes and are made to be ONE USE. And what about plastic wrap?) Is it possible that PLASTIC is the culprit?

Oil-cloth bags do the same thing, only they tend to smell a little. Maybe the innovation of plastic, wasn’t such a great step forward? (and maybe, before we invent other ‘great’ things, we ought to figure out how that item is going to affect the world’s environment over the long-haul, and how it’s going to be disposed of when its usefulness is at an end?)

Cloth garbage bag


Oh, one last thing, those ‘permanent’ cloth bags, that are being brought out by every grocery company, (with their logo plastered in large print), aren’t being made to last either. Does anyone know the ‘life’ of these bags? I know the few I’ve bought haven’t even lasted as long as some of my plastic ones, and I really resent being forced to BUY these bags that advertise for a company. The best I’ve found so far come from a large automotive company. They are larger than the grocery store ones and they DON’T advertise any company, so I can feel comfortable carrying them around with me! Just don’t lose your receipt. The store has no way to prove you haven’t just stolen that bag… 

luv khrys…

PS: Told ya Friday was different… I put that headache to good use… Saturday and Sunday are play days… wonder what I’m gonna play with tomorrow… if you have any ideas I’m all ears! The ELEVATOR is coming along nicely… well, slowly… Should have something new to offer possibly even by the end of the week… (Unless it just starts getting too good, then you may have to find it online at an e-reader place…*grin*)


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