Posted on: March 11, 2012

Do I like spelling errors? Well, they DO tend to drive me crazy! I get the shorthand way of abbreviating everything so it fits in a one-hundred forty word, pardon me, character message. I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about there; they’re; their. Those words. 

Ten Words You Need To Stop Misspelling

Ten Words You Need To Stop Misspelling

I have two interesting… ‘things?’ (The first, a ‘graphic’ by “The Oatmeal” I received through Pinterest; the other, a poster I’ve had since computers were born; which has no attributions on it at all.)  (Click on link to the Oatmeal to see graphic at full size…)

If I’ve discovered the secret to uploading photos… the graphic should reproduce; and we will have to rely on my cracked-and-leaking memory for the other, as the dogs have just eaten the poster… *sigh*… 

I halve a pea sea. So eye know my
well all way’s bee write. 

And… well… my brain farts here. That’s all I can remember; perhaps it’s still available somewhere in internet-land? Hopefully, you got the point? 

I dislike pigeonholing, but sometimes, a spade is a spade. If you continually use ‘there’…when you should be using ‘their’ I’m gonna continue to assume you aren’t very bright. Sorry. I don’t mean to sound superior. Oh, heck, I CANNOT claim superiority…but, if I’m diggin’ in the garden with it, it’s probably a spade. 

Now, Professors and English teachers out there are rolling their eyes, taking caps off their red-markers, scratching lines as they rearrange my sentences putting nouns, verbs and adverbs in their correct place. (You should use the red-line marker in your PC programme… it’s lot less messy!) But, I am not writing a technical piece. I am writing a piece that comes from my mouth; or as I speak. I tend to do that, that way I have a ready excuse for those who want to rip apart my work. Nevertheless, it’s true. Spoken words come across with their own set of rules. (Don’t believe me? Stroll through any *your language; mine is English* high school. Yup, its English…) Sure it is..

Still, if you want your work to be noticed, it needs to be readable. Who is your audience? (Or is that ‘whom?’) Pay attention to what they are asking of you. A blog, well, mine, is set up to satisfy MY needs to write and post… I LOVE IT when someone responds or follows; gives me a sense of accomplishment. I hope they have started following because they enjoy my quirky sense of writing. That’s WHY I’m writing it… 

Still, I don’t want to drive you away by posting first-drafts. Please don’t get me wrong, as much as I love you, I do not spend hours writing this; and I correct as I go, with one final check at the end…and an edit after I publish… and I pray it still makes sense. 

I write dialogue, mostly. (*grin*, sorry, you should have seen how my fingers mangled that spelling.) Consequently, my syntax probably flows differently than you’re used to. For writers, that’s a Godsend! *Sticking tongue out at my English Professors.* 

It’s true. While I can’t get away with:
                “She grewed her hare long causen she lik’d’it.” And, looking at it… of course I can! (Tell me who you SEE speaking that ‘thare’ sentence?) 

Still, normally? Spelling matters. Reading three-hundred-plus pages of that would hurt! 

I think I lost my point again… and, that IS my point. I do that. I wouldn’t in a book; article or review, but in my blog, it’s okay. If you’re writing dialogue, get inside your character’s head and write what HE says, not what YOU would. 

Pay attention to whom you are trying to attract and the style of writing/reading they tend to enjoy and you will find, your writing style will find you. Especially, if you are lucky enough to find one that you don’t have to learn, or fake. 

Try to use correct spelling or ‘approved’ hieroglyphics, *LOL* but please stop continually misusing words so you stop looking stupid… Or, I’m going to get MY red-marker out, and remove the cap… 

luv khrys… 

PS: Tomorrow: Answers from *hugs* as to WHY my photo don’t wanna post… OR, Celebration party, complete with strawberries and champagne: It posted!


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