Posted on: March 10, 2012

A sleepless night. Or, to be more precise, a restless night. You know, where there’s no REASON you shouldn’t be asleep. You’re tired. You’re eyes are closed. But your brain refuses to leave that last chapter; paragraph; sentence. You replay the scene and yup! There it is! The sentence you should have used. Now, if that sentence goes there, then that changes the timing of the accident; which means that chapter two will need to be re-written; and then the end of chapter one… 

Do I really need to change that sentence?  

Sleep would come a lot faster if we’d just get up, go to our word processors, (Okay, pull them off the night stand), change that sentence and realise it was the right one after all. It’s chapter two that has to go! 

We’re afraid to erase a thousand words, as if, once gone, we’ll never be able to use them again! It’s true that they’ll never fit together the same way they did the first time, but trust me, those words still exist and can be used over and over. (Yes, even I’m sitting here not quite believing myself…)

It’s frustrating to have an idea, and be so eager to get it down that we pay little heed to where the idea is going, just write… Then, with a hundred-thousand words staring at us, we sit back, scratch our (thankfully, now) empty little heads and wonder, “Where the heck was I going with this?” 

Unfortunately, every story needs an exciting beginning, a meaty middle; and the all-elusive, dramatic end. Beginnings are easy. Middles? A breeze! Endings? Tying all the loose ends together? Making sure that Uncle Percy really WAS in the vicinity of the bathroom when that stink bomb went off? THAT’S the hard part. And, sometimes starting from the end just confuses things… 

Even well established authors and editors miss important little things. They’d like you to think they don’t/didn’t and it must have been re-done at the printers. They’d like for you to believe that. Just, to use ONE example, of a well-known novel and best-seller, “Robinson Crusoe”

Anyone remember when he swims, naked, to the ship to get supplies? Anyone remember where he puts those supplies he needs to bring back? Yup. Big glitch here. He puts them in his ‘britches pocket’. You remember; the ones he left on shore? For years this has gone unnoticed; or at least, unremarked upon. How embarrassing as it now comes to light? 

And that’s why writers lay awake at night wondering if we really did think of everything. Or if we are strong enough to delete the, now one-hundred forty-thousand word epic novel, or maybe, if we just broke it here…and here, and add a bit on either end, possible a trilogy? Is that ending strong enough? Do we really need for the hero to lay waste to the whole village? Does the evil villain need to die, or can he disappear, ready to reappear should readers clamour for book four? 

So many fickly-prickly little nuances; and with the hope of selling a million or more copies of your work; you’d better pick every nuance and make it perfect… 

That’s what I hate most… critiquing my own work… 


luv khrys… 

PS: Tomorrow…grandmer…gramer…grammer…an’ speeling…


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