Posted on: March 9, 2012

Some days, no matter what you try to accomplish, your mind keeps churning the plot line repeatedly in your mind. . .

You’re standing in line at the grocery store, when, “that box of cereal! Yes! It could solve the food shortage on Planet XRZ!” People look at you weirdly and take a wide path around you. On the other hand, they usually let you go to the head of the line, as if talking to yourself is a catchable disease. Or they alert the store manager that there’s someone standing in the frozen food aisle wondering how to slip poison into an unopened package? That ensures a fun day! 

Writers are always ON. Our minds look at every scenario and wonder, “How far can I take that idea? Will it fill a chapter? A whole novel?” What you see as an old man walking from the counter to sit at a table in the crowded restaurant; we see as a love story; a story of loneliness; or a struggle to make ends meet; or a million other ‘ideas’. (Such as he’s not an old man, but a shape-shifter from that Planet XRZ.) 

What starts out innocently enough, becomes fodder for our imaginations and takes flight as our fingers try to find the correct keys on the QWERTY board to put it together into something someone, somewhere, wants to read. An innocent child, walking down the street, on his way to school with a large backpack; is that a homemade bomb peeking out the top? Now the school is in lock-down because of an excitable, nosey old lady who sees everything; except what is right under her nose as her own child sets in motion a terrible terrorist attack on unsuspecting co-workers at a metal plant...

Writer’s try to confuse and bamboozle; they/we want you to wonder ‘who dun it’ until the last page. We want you to be sure it was Aunt Enid with the revolver in the drawing room. We want all the clues to aim toward the unexpected twist, when, you, our reader finds out it was Uncle Percy in the bathroom with a stink bomb. (We like humour, too…

We want you to feel the heartache of losing your one true love to a devastating fire; sure you’ll never love again. Only to have said love’s brother or cousin appear and sweep all the tears and heartbreak away; or the loss of a child to a wasting disease. And the confirmation another child will be unwanted; only to watch as the heroine goes through a difficult and unexpected pregnancy. Will this child survive? Will her child have the same disease? Will she terminate the pregnancy? Stay tuned… 

There are as many ideas for stories out there, as there are people in the world…maybe more ideas then people! 

Writers write. Not everything we say makes sense; is published; or even leaves our desktops. Much of our writing is little more than exercises in keeping our brains and fingers nimble! Occasionally we produce a scrap that we are very proud of, and they find their way into the mainstream. Sometimes we even get paid for writing it! *smile* 

And so, for now, I write, and hope you read… sooner or later the journey continues and I hope you are enjoying the many sights, sounds and stops along the way and that you will continue to purchase your ticket and join me… maybe you’ll even let me know how to improve or write about what interests YOU!


luv khrys… 

PS: Tomorrow… is the day after today… and so, I write…Maybe from Planet XRZ…



I do the same thing. That’s why I always have a small notebook in my purse. I have to write it down immediately because sometimes my awesome ideas don’t come back. Sometimes, I will find a notebook that I haven’t seen in years that is just bursting with ideas I forgot about. Now that’s a golden moment!

I’ve finally broken down and purchased a mini-recorder; I look a lot less like an idiot speaking to it, then just muttering to the air…LOL (I hear ya on the ‘lost and found’… PRICELESS!!!

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